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Living in San Diego for eight years was a magical experience. I’d grown up in Transcona, a suburb of Winnipeg, where I spent a lotta time dreaming of living in California someday.
It was even better than I had dreamed about when that day finally arrived.

Imagine this if you can, a prairie boy from Manitoba, now living half a block from the beach, palm trees everywhere, mountains behind me, and, best of all, no snow.
Hell, It took me two years to realize I wasn’t on vacation.

I’d moved to San Diego to start my consulting career, and KOGO/KPRI was my first client.
The magic was everywhere, including a very magical night with Ed Shadek, the company President, his wife, Bevy, and my wife, Lana.

I’ll never forget that night. It began with a delicious dinner at a nice Bistro before seeing the award-winning Broadway play “Evita.”
It was wonderful, and afterward, we popped into a small piano bar for a nightcap where the piano man was playing an assortment of Broadway tunes.

Suddenly, the whole cast of Evita burst through the door and took over the bar and the piano.
Wow! Not only did they do all the Evita stuff, but it turns out that most of them had been in “Hair” and “Jesus Christ Super Star,” so they sang all those tunes too and encouraged us to sing along.

What a magical night, or I guess I should say magical morning because we never got home till three.
Still love ya, San Diego!


In my world, the day begins with a script or a song.

Grief is the final way you get to show your love. 

Don’t drag yourself back there if you didn’t have a good past.

As arrogant as the French are, I wonder how they’re handling the fact that the Arabs are taking over their country.

Things aren’t black or white; they’re mostly gray.

Most parents think they did a good job raising their children, but their kids may disagree.

You learn with your ears, not your mouth.

The greatest black/white respect occurred during the first Dream Team Olympics when Michael said, “I’m gonna play defense; Larry will shoot for me.”

How come women don’t condemn other women?

If you can do something whenever, when do you do it?

The Republicans are all about money; the Democrats are about new laws. They’re both wrong.

If you can hold on until the lady drags you to bed, you’ll have the most exciting night of your life.

How many, do you suppose, would march if the cops killed gang leaders instead of ordinary thugs?

If we looked at life through our rearview mirrors a little more often, maybe, just maybe, history wouldn’t repeat itself.

Only when Lobbyists are eliminated will America be great again.

I wonder why our founding fathers thought that although religion caused most wars, they could coexist in America.

For you to succeed, someone must fail.

Does anybody know where the Democrats stand on Pedophile’s rights?

Scammers are going to be the first to take advantage of AI

If radio ever wants to become important again, it has to put the characters back on the air.

Who does the CIA protect, us or a few rich guys? Stupid question, right?

Speaking of the CIA, who decides what world leaders we should assassinate?

It’s impossible even to hear half-truths while talking.

Everything’s racial now, even if it ain’t.

I find it ironic that most of the people demanding respect don’t even come close to deserving it.

I find it intriguing that even though they have a huge workforce, the government produces no revenue.

Everything we’re told is probably just an opinion, not a fact.

Successful people are those who can resist temptation the longest.

The smartest man in the room is the one who not only hangs out with smart people; he hires them.


Doug Thompson: Very sad to hear Buster Bodine (Michel D. Hanks) passed away. His political views were definitely not mine, but he was an incredible voice talent.   I hired BB to be the promo voice of CHUM’s Canadian radio sports network, The Team, and he was MAGNIFICENT. Hit it out of the park every time (sports metaphor for those paying attention)  Loved, loved, loved working with him.  We finally met up for lunch in LA after The Team was over. It was at Nat’n’Al’s in Beverly Hills, and we had a great time. I’ve now worked with 2 of the Hanks brothers (I don’t know if there were any others).  Buster was a whole lot easier to work with than his brother Chuck.  But I wouldn’t have missed working with either of them for anything. Rest easy, Michael.
Geo: I worked with Buster as a jock for almost ten years, and not only was he very talented, but he was also very different than his big brother.

Humphrey Kwena: Thanks for the ward of love, my God bless you and your team, your business, and your family.(Tunawapenda)Swakili Ward (we love you ).(Psychic)
Geo: Thank you, Humphrey.

Dick Robinson: Top Of the Mornin George. God Bless You! THANK YOU! Let us read this thoughtful Epistle… ONE MO TIME!! (Psychic)
Geo: Wow, the legendary Dick Robinson checks in. Thanks for the read and the comment, Dick.

Dave Charles: To the long-suffering Leaf fans.’to play a sport you must be one’ (Psychic)
Geo: It ain’t over yet, Dave; the fat lady hasn’t sung, and the pros like to coast.

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  1. Humphrey Kwena: Thanks for the ward of love, my God bless you and your team, your business, and your family.(Tunawapenda)Swakili Ward (we love you ).
    Geo: Thank you, Humphrey.

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