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Who’d want one if anyone could have a Rolex or a Rolls Royce?

Most of our fears were instigated by the media. 

There’s very little truth in a one-sided conversation. 

One of the many falsehoods I was taught as a pup was, “If you work hard, the company will take care of you.”

Radio listeners have no idea what they want, but they know it when they hear it.

Is it true that the new pitch clock in Major League Baseball has sped the game up by 40 minutes?

The Trio of Truth; “Tolerance  leads to entitlement; not complaining sanctions incompetence, and familiarity breeds contempt.”

I find it interesting that Democrats and Republicans only notice irregularities in each other.

So, hey, what if there is an afterlife, and you commit suicide? How’s that gonna go for ya?

Unfortunately, even though it wasn’t financially shrewd, I only answered to those I respected.

How come folks can’t wait to tell us the consequences of doing something new that could go wrong but neglect to mention if it goes right, then what? 

Why do criminals live in bigger houses, drive fancy cars, and have better lawyers than the rest of us?

I’m against war, but I’m also against anybody who wants to hurt America. Didn’t Muslims do that?

You don’t earn a piece of the rock; you demand it.

It’s easier to be a star in the NBA than become a rock star.

During the Jet’s first playoff game, Morgan Barron took a skate to the head, which required 75 stitches before he returned to the game. I doubt you’ll ever see that kind of toughness in the NFL, NBA, MLB, and especially not in the World Cup play.

Even when you’re losin’ you’re winnin’ cuz you’re learnin’.

The only person who has a shot at changing a man’s mind is a beautiful woman.

Remember when Radio Stations had huge staffs yet still managed to put 45% to the bottom line?

Without rules, we’re all just animals.

What I like about the John Wick movies is he’s always reloading his gun, unlike other movies where they seem to have an unlimited supply of bullets already loaded.
If it can be done anytime, you’ll probably choose later.
I understand why women who aren’t beautiful want to be equal, but why would beautiful ladies want any part of that?
If you think you can, you can; if you think you can’t, you can’t; it’s as simple as that.


Buzz Barnett: Good Night, Detroit! Dave McBride snapped that photo you showed of me. BTW, coming from Dallas to WPB after a 5-year battle with Kiss & Kraddick, I complimented everything that Chapman was doin’, completely unaware of the George Johns PHENOMENON not only in Big D but in South Florida!!
And, You & Morley give Me a “buzz” driving thru Mobile into the Florida panhandle regarding my air name! I was somebody ELSE before I even knew who I was!! Hilarious!
However, the best thing about getting that ocean-front condo on Palm Beach was going to lunch in that cozy Lake Worth diner with Jim Hilliard, his Son, Ric Hindes, Matt Greeney, and of course, YOU, Radio Geo!! That’s Where the real “consulting” was goin’ on. It was like “Cheers” with Norm, except everybody shouted George!
All You characters, including Tim Reever, had been together in Boston! How else could I get a jet ride, hotel & tickets to see Clemens return to Fenway in pin-stripes? Holy Hell, as I sat front row along 1st base close to My Beloved Red Sox!
Hilliard & Hindes & You eventually ditched little Ole Buzzy for that $86-million sale to some Boston group. I was very sad, but what you showed and told me in a short period carried Me thru decades of delivering remarkable ratings’ for life on that island. Sweetness, indeed. And then the Boston Red Sox won the World Series in 2004 as if “Moneyball” had already been released!
Outside of My Dad, Mom, and Sister, You, George Johns, have made the greatest impact on My Life & Career. God’s Abundant Blessings to You & amp; your Daughters. (Character!)
Geo: So good to hear from you, Buzzy. It’s been a minute, huh? What a ride, Man!

Hugh Whaley: Very sad news indeed about Buster’s passing, George. He was a very good man, husband, father, and grandfather. May he RIP! (Questions)
Geo: Hugh, I had the honor of working with Buster for almost ten years. What a talent, and what a shock that he’s gone. 🙁
Wendy Holmes: Oh, your poor knees!! (Questions)

Geo: Pretty embarrassing moment, Wendy.

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