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The Republicans are about more money; the Democrats, more laws.

What’s more powerful, beautiful breasts or guns?

Contrary to popular belief, most men don’t want to sleep with every woman they meet, just most of them.

Father Time is not a friend of mine.

You’re probably only one person away from happiness.

The only women we call bitches are those we care about.

If there were big money to prevent Global Warming, it would cease to exist.

If you knew the date of your death, who would you like to spend your final days with?

Is there any better motivation than revenge?

Lobbyists are the root of all evil.

Have the words trustworthy ever been used to describe the CIA?

So, what did the record companies do for the artists again?

The greatest gift God gave women was man’s desire for them.

Very few countries give a shit about the common man; lucky for you, you happen to live in one of them.

Why the fuck do we care about the whole world becoming Christians?

I think all laws should be color and gender-blind.

Women need to realize that it’s even worse out here than they imagine.

So, do you think the Royals should give up thousands of years of tradition to accommodate Mehgan?

So, what politician doesn’t accept lobbyists’ money?

The only people who will be remembered are those who broke the rules.

Why do we forgive women who do us wrong but not men?

Is it just me, or is there a disproportionately amount of films starring black folks?

Speaking of racism, do we have any stats on how many minorities became successful from preferential treatment?

I doubt that women will ever understand locker-room friendships.

My happiest days were being with my children, but my responsibility was to protect them. Unfortunately, to do so, I couldn’t be at their side as often as I would have liked.

If Christian Bale’s in a movie, I’m watching it!

In radio, like all of show business, you need a star. If you don’t have a star, you have to create one.

Speaking of stars, back in the day when the press asked Katherine Hepburn if she was a lesbian, her response was, “Fuck off.”

How come accountants don’t understand that eventually, expenses flat line, but the potential to make money never does?

Only in the movies do people answer their phones.

While dreaming and you’re reading a newspaper, who wrote the article?

People may forget your comments and actions, but they’ll never forget how you made them feel.

Why do they keep trying to feature black acts on Country Award shows? It makes as much sense as featuring white acts on a Rap Award show.

Making money is easy; making a living is what’s hard.

Today’s politicians have been caught doing things much more scandalous than Watergate, yet Nixon had to pay; how come these jerks don’t?

Who would you rather receive a dollar from, the people who listen to the radio or those that don’t?

You only grow by doing something you’ve never done before.


Wendy Holmes: I really like my comment from above and still stick by it!
Also, the story about hearing your Dad’s voice speaking to you as you flew above the clouds is very touching and believable. One day, when my husband was in care, one of my daughters asked him to come to her as a bird after he passed. Astonishingly, the morning after he passed, she heard a bird chirping. She went to their front veranda and saw a sparrow trapped therein. She believes her dad was reaching out to her even though he was physically gone. Other things have happened to our family, and the most recent occurrence was astounding, but I will not share. Take care, George, and be healthy and happy!! (Psychic)
Geo: Thank you, Wendy: next week, two more similar experiences.

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