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I wonder why, after our parents raised us with so many rules and restrictions, we thought that if our children didn’t have any, it would be better for them.

Hey guys, something to think about before you trot down the aisle; when you have children, unfortunately, the woman you love will always love your children more than you.

I wish I could be man enough to be like Rip in the Yellowstone series and be able to say to the woman I love, “I don’t care who you fuck, I only care about you. Never gonna happen.

Why do the lost ballots that show up at the last minute always seem to favor Democrats?

Most people only like change if they don’t have to change.

Being smart ain’t enough; you’ve gotta be ambitious too.

You don’t miss being young until you’re old.

We’re all liberal until it gets personal.

The folks who understand the Grassroots tune “Let’s live for today”  the best, unfortunately, are alcoholics and druggies.

Other than killing them, how do you handle a person who tells you why they did something before they even tell you what they did?

The two words nobody wants to hear are no and never.

Interesting how Florida has become a Republican state just like California is a Democratic state. However, I prefer the tax structure in Florida much more.

When you’re arrogant enough to bad-mouth America, you better not need her help.

Just because you have the right to say it doesn’t mean we have to listen.

As you grow older, you start to lose some of the people you love, but unfortunately, they will also lose you.

There are still more good guys than bad guys, but unfortunately, the bad guys don’t have any restrictions.

When you’ve got to make payroll, your standards have a tendency to deteriorate.

How come Trump gets the blame for the lack of the red wave, but Biden gets no credit? When did you realize that hearing, “Can I help you” really meant, fuck off?

No doubt I’m a better Grandfather than I ever was a father, but then again, I have fewer responsibilities, so it’s much easier.

You are who you are when you do what you do when nobody’s watching.


Bobby Hatfield: After more than 40 years, I often thought, and now, I finally know why I was hired and promoted to a full-time midday position at WNAP. There I was, sandwiched between Chris, Freddy, Bo, and Smash, WTF…you didn’t have to watch Sesame Street to ask the question, which piece doesn’t fit. Thank you, George, I sincerely appreciate this from the bottom of my heart, this blog. Finally, I know. (Character!)
Geo: As I recall, Bobby, you were a bit of a character too. Loved your show, Man!

David Carfoite: In Philly, I recalled Bill Bircher on WCAU doing “The Trading Post,” a sort of garage sale done on evenings that brought the entire Delaware Valley together like a small town. Bill left WCAU to join Tommy Roberts on WTMR in Camden. He had over 200 carts for sound effects he used liberally on his shows. (Character!)
Radio Geo: Ahh, the old “Tradio” I remember it well, David.

Jack Schell: Hey, George!  I am one of those who forward to your notes and Life-Liners all the time. Your Flanders Fields reference reminds me of one of my all-time favorite songs (“Marieke,”…one of Jacques Brel’s compositions), as sung by Elly Stone.If you would care to hear it, just CLICK:,vid:o_wHuw9ze4Q  Meanwhile, keep up the good work and words! (In Flanders Field)
Geo: Beautiful, Jack.

Hugh Whaley: Enjoyed this post immensely, Geo! Thanks for the shout-out to my friends Buster Bodine and Orly Knutson. They were characters then, both on and off the air, and they are characters still. (Character)
Geo: Writing this piece, Hugh brought back a lot of memories.

Bob Glasco: I always like your stuff George, but this was the most entertaining so far. As for radio today, the talent seems to be focused on nothing but their internet presence and the next concert coming to town. Few seem to realize their listeners will bond with them if they give them something they can’t get anywhere else; their unique take on the topics of the day. (Character!)
Geo: Exactly, Bob.

Dave Charles: This creative radio gallery of talent it the reason that you had a brilliant career George and you knew a favourite of mine Cactus Jack Wells. What a voice presence.
Seeing all of this great talent inspires me!!! Thanks, Dave Charles. (Character!)
Radio Geo: Not only did I know Jack, Dave, but I was also his board op.

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  1. Bruce Munson: George, you know I love you, and I love your blog. But. (You knew there’d be a but.”) You seem to have run out of keystrokes to add space between ideas. I have a few extra; here you go:
    Radio Geo: That’s what you get when you sneak backstage before the play’s done, Bruce.

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