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Why does everything but the bad stuff fade away in our rearview mirror look at life?

The thing I notice the most about air and train travel is that the staff doesn’t have any sense of urgency.

Unfortunately, eventually, everything will fail.

What the airline industry needs to learn is “Communication is the beginning of understanding.”

To be successful, one must be passionate about persevering.

There is no such thing as dying of old age, something kills you.

The drummer is the only member of the band who needs a band.

It’s not the booze or drugs you’ve overindulged in that make you look old; it’s your sobering up and realizing what a fool you’ve been.

Why do my days seem to last longer than my years?

Everybody’s good at something.

Remember when everything was about the customer?

Becoming happy is the most complicated thing you’ll ever undertake.

I think the Republicans hate Nancy Pelosi as much as the Democrats hate Donald Trump. Having them both gone would be a good thing.

I’m not sure what words I dislike more, no, never, or, that’s not my problem.

Reasons and excuses are not that closely related.

I guess Musk has pretty well proved that you can’t be a genius at everything, huh?

Rules are made for those who’ll follow them.

Other than in the music business, contracts usually favor the underdog.

Bobby Cole claims that there is no such thing as a real phony.

Does anything ruin your cool look more than a missed belt loop?

Thinking that prayer will solve everything is rather silly; a person is usually the answer to every problem, not God.

Wow, on my Thanksgiving adventure to California, I had the opportunity to fly Alaska Airlines a couple of times. Nice attitude.

Steven Stills may have sung it a long time ago, but that’s where we still are; “Nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong.”

Why do they think we know where the venues are by​ only giving us the stadium name?

Wow, Gisele’s already got a new boyfriend.

The more frightened Mr. Businessman becomes, the more he listens and cooperates.

Even though the word, eventually, isn’t very optimistic, I like it more than the word never.

Do you think that any talk show host or celebrity has gotten even one person to change their vote?

Why are people who believe happier than those who don’t?

I wonder why folks find it so hard to say thank you.

Progress, no matter how slow, is still progress.

​How come everybody but women understand, “He with the gold rules?”

Sex only becomes important when you’re not getting any.

Whenever you stop learning, the end is near, my friend.

Every time something becomes popular, something else becomes unpopular.

When your best days are behind you, sometimes your best hours are just ahead.

Buzz Barnett: Good Night, Detroit! Dave McBride snapped that photo, btw!
Coming from Dallas to WPB after a 5-year battle with Kiss & Kraddick, I complimented everything that Chapman was doin’ completely unaware of the George Johns PHENOMENON not only in Big D but in South Florida!! And, You & amp; Morley give Me a “buzz” driving thru Mobile into the Florida panhandle regarding my air name! I was somebody ELSE before I even knew who I was!! Hilarious! However, getting that ocean-front condo on Palm Beach was about going to lunch in that cozy Lake Worth diner with Jim Hilliard & His Son, Ric Hindes, Matt Greeney, & of course, YOU, Radio Geo!!
That’s When & Where the real “consulting” was goin’ on! & it was like “Cheers” with Norm, except everybody shouted George! & amp; All You characters, including Tim Reever, had been together in Boston! How else could I get a jet ride, hotel & tickets to see Clemens return to Fenway in pin-stripes? Holy Hell, as I sat front row along 1st base close to My Beloved Red Sox! Well, Hilliard & Hindes & You eventually ditched little Ole Buzzy for that $86-million Sale to some Boston group. I was very sad, but what you showed me & told Me in a short period of time carried Me thru decades of delivering remarkable ratings’ for life on that island. Sweetness, indeed, & amp; then the Boston Red Sox won the World Series in 2004 as if “Moneyball” had already been released! Outside of My Dad, Mom & amp; Sister, You, George Johns, have made the greatest impact on My Life & Career. God’s Abundant Blessings to You & amp; your Daughters. (Character!)
Radio Geo: So good to hear from you, Buzzy. It’s been a minute, huh? What a ride we had; Man, I loved it all.

Chris McCart: I grew up in Dallas and listened in my bed to a transistor radio when I should have been sleeping.
It was 1963, and the year I performed in “Auntie Mame” at twelve in my first professional stage play at The Dallas Theater Center and also waved to President Kennedy on the downtown parade route just moments before he was gunned. I listened every night to Wolfman Jack, who took his act to the border when Inter-American Radio Advertising’s Ramon Bosquez hired him and sent him to the studio and transmitter site of XERF-AM at Ciudad Acuña in Mexico, a station across the U.S.-Mexico border from Del Rio, Texas, whose high-powered border blaster signal could be picked up across much of the United States.
Now that was a true radio character! (Character!)
Radio Geo: True Dat!

Bruce Munson: George, you know I love you, and I love your blog.  But.  (You knew there’d be a but.”)  You seem to have run out of keystrokes to add space between ideas.  I have a few extra; here you go:
Radio Geo: That’s what you get when you sneak backstage before the play’s done, Bruce.

Reid Reker: Geo- Loved every bit of this piece. I have also not listened to the radio in years for the same reason – no characters. You put it so well…as you always do! (Character!)
Geo: Good to hear from you, Reid. As you well know, you found a lot of those characters for me, and I thank you for it.

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