Chapter XLVII (Once Accused You Lose.) 2/01/23 (47)

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Loved living in South Florida
a new Daddy again
Until a lady scammer
tried to serve me up
some pain

Reading that Movie Star Kevin Spacey was acquitted of four counts of sexual assault reminded me of Jian Ghomeshi in Canada and Brett Kavanaugh, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court in DC, and my tale of woe in West Palm Beach.

Jian was a popular radio host on the CBC who, like Kevin, was also accused of four counts of sexual assault.
And, like Kevin, was also acquitted of all charges. 

Brett Kavanaugh was accused of molesting a woman when he attended college.
However, his accuser now says that she never even met him back then, let alone he molested her.

I bet all these men were excited about their acquittals, but it looks like only Brett came out of it unscathed.
Kevin and Jian’s careers are in shambles, so my question to you is, what should happen to these false accusers?

My part of the story began at the corporate headquarters of Fairbanks broadcasting, where, being their in-house consultant, I had an office.
One day, the receptionist called me to say that there was a woman here who wanted to meet with me about a program on WRMF.

Not being busy, I told her to send her back, and when she entered my office, she introduced herself as Dee.
She told me that she had an idea for a Delilah-type show for younger women that she wanted to talk to me about.

I told her she was talking to the wrong guy and that the guy she needed to talk to was Ken Payne, the Program Director of WRMF.
I then called Ken, who said to send her right over. I later heard that Ken had hired her to do some part-time.

The next time I saw Dee was when she made another surprise visit to the corporate headquarters, but his time, she was bearing a cake.
I have no idea how she knew it was my birthday, but as the corporate staff gathered around, she unveiled the cake.

The top of the cake featured a naked woman, complete with pubic hair.
It was the kind of thing you’d expect to see at a stag, not at a corporate office.

The next time I heard anything about Dee was when the station lawyers informed us that she had accused me of sexually harassing her.
The charges were ludicrous, not to mention that her story kept changing, but nonetheless, the case dragged on and on and on.

Her lawyers must have smelled big settlement money because they’d take her case on a contingency basis.
As I said, Dee’s recollections were ever-changing, and each time her story unraveled, her latest lawyer would be gone.

However, another one would pop up, and we’d start again.
I guess they hoped the company would eventually tire of the case and settle. 

What I thought was weird was when the cake story came up at one of the depositions, the lady lawyers, including my own, didn’t think it was a big deal.
I, on the other hand, thought that it proved that she was the pervert, not me, and I can only wonder what would have happened had I been the one serving up that cake.

At the final deposition, for some unknown reason, Dee’s newest lawyer wanted to depose my daughter Cami’s mother, Kari.
I had no idea what to expect because, at the time, Kari and I were on again, off again.

I’ll never forget Kari’s answer when she was asked how she felt when she heard that I was sexually harassing her client.
Kari claimed she didn’t feel anything because she didn’t believe it.

When the lawyer asked her why she was so sure, Kari pointed across the table at Dee and said, “Look at her; now look at me!” (Kari is pictured below)



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