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Sitting here watching Jake Hoot win The Voice, (he gets a hundred grand and a recording contract with Universal for doing so) I suddenly realized that for whatever reason, I couldn’t even remember the name of last season’s winner.
Have you ever wondered why you seldom see any of the incredible performers from America’s Got Talent, American Idol, and The Voice ever again? The answer is simple; it’s the song, man! Just ask Burton Cummings and Randy Bachman of the Guess Who, “These Eyes” and “American Woman” were hits again when done by other artists which proved that they were great songs.
When the artists on all these amateur shows were singing their hearts out, they sounded and looked like true superstars. However, for most of them, that was as big as they would ever become. 
The reason we thought that destined for stardom was because they were singing some of the world’s greatest songs. Unfortunately, as they start their careers, they need to find some hit songs, which is almost impossible because the current group of superstars has already gobbled them up. What’s left may be pretty good, but we the fans only like the great ones.
The only two acts I know who could get away with recording so so songs were Elvis (Do The Clam) and The Beatles. (Yellow Submarine) Even Frank couldn’t pull that off.

Speaking of Jake Hoot, I wonder what his ex who left him, thinks now?

When in doubt, pause. 
The only way to break a bad habit is to cold Turkey it.
You can’t escape the past or your future. 
Success is a terrible teacher. 
Even bad radio formats do well, if well executed. 
The 2020 Corvette is so beautiful that it obsoletes all that came before. 
According to Tim Moore, leadership is lonely. 
If your troubles were funny, you’d be laughing all the way to the bank. 
Justine Trudeau is definitely his mother’s son. 
If we’re destined to all look the same, why did we start out looking so different? 
If you don’t know what it is you want, you’ll have a tough time recognizing it when it shows up. 
The only thing the world’s leaders agree upon is that they should live like Kings.
The only reason most people would go to w website is for greed, sex, or photos of them or their family. 
The thrill of victory fades fast. 
I would think that what’s in the best interests of radio listeners is what the FCC should be working on, not what the radio corporations want. 
Holding your tongue in a moment of anger will give you years of relief. 
In England and perhaps elsewhere, when things are going well, the folks want a socialist to lead them. However, when things start going south, they want a dictator.
It takes a hell of a lot of little things to make something big that’s worthwhile. 
The more freedom you have, the more freedom the psychos and bad guys also have.
Not knowing how it could fail is a sure sign that it probably will. 
You learn nothing while talking. 
I wonder how 4.5% of the population (LGBT) managed to get so much attention? 
The thought that went into a gift is usually much better than the gift itself. 
Sometimes you’ve got to stop preparing for a rainy day and start singing in the sunshine. 
America is now so cautious about being called racist that Black people no longer even come up in conversation. 
Whiskey never goes bad; it just makes you bad. 
Hockey is fast becoming another sport that only the rich can play. 
Nothing is mass appeal anymore. 
Other than big business and the government, do you know anybody else who supports drilling for oil in delicate places? 
The world will stop when we stop speaking out. 
One of the hardest things to do is to put aside the so-called emergencies so we can work on what matters. 

Seeing as you’re gonna think anyway, you might as well think big.

Not to worry, most of your missed opportunities will be gobbled up by somebody. 
Even though Asians are everywhere in America, you seldom see them on TV or in the movies? Maybe they need to whine more?
It’s fairly evident that women love showing off their cleavage, so I can’t understand why saying, “Hey, nice tits” is offensive? 
If “You are what you are,” is the answer, then, “What are you gonna do about it has to be the question.
I would think that most African Americans are better off than most Africans?
Good scripts can save bad actors, but good actors can’t save a bad script. 
You’re bound to lose at something, so you might as well figure out how to do it with style. 

Any progress is good progress. 

How come in Canada, Quebec only has twice the population of Alberta but has three times as many representatives in Parliament? 

On the 1st day of Christmas, I begin the countdown of my most read Blogs in 2019 with #12.

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8 thoughts on “Geo’s Media Blog (It’s The Song Man!) New 12/23/19

  1. George, the shows like American Idol, The Voice AGT show the reality of an age old question posed to the record companies, if only one in ten artists make money why not just sign the one. It is because nobody can forecast what the public will want…Hell the public does not even know what they want. These artists have viewers watching these shows and even getting them to do voting. Everyone that does that have their favourites…BUT…. what happens when the recording comes out… most fail. There have been a few big stars emerge but the percentage is just as bad as the record companies….hit records and hit artists are things of wonder.

  2. George, Tim Moore here. Jake has been on the sales team of one of our
    client stations. Great guy, and the team there felt that he would win it all.

  3. Frank did pull off the remake of a 1935 Fats Waller track, “Truckin’,” which he updated in 1962 as “E’v’rybody’s Twistin’,” with a smashing big band arrangement by Neal Hefti. But he didn’t pull it off by much – it lasted two weeks on the Hot 100, topping at #75.

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