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As they say, timing is everything and my timing was perfect when I took a job as a part-time board op at CKY in Winnipeg.
The station had just hired a new program director from America named Jimmy Darin (Jim Hilliard) who in turn hired several other talented individuals from the US so I got to learn firsthand how big-time radio worked.

Almost from the time we met, Jim and I have been able to finish each other’s sentences.
Unfortunately, though, years later when I joined him in Indianapolis as his National PD, this ability got dragged me into more meetings than I cared to attend.

All Jim would say was, “I  need you in here buddy, you’ll pick up on what’s going on real fast.”
Not only was he right about that, but occasionally, sometimes, surprisingly, I even helped bring the meeting to a successful conclusion. Hey, but then again, even the smoothest running machine has the occasional glitch.

One day, Jim’s secretary, Judy Ramsey came to my office and told me that Jim needed to see me in his office right away.
When I got in there, Cris Conner, the Morning man/PD of WNAP, and Jim were in the middle of a very intense meeting. (Cris, pictured above with me at his induction into the Radio Hall Of Fame)

As I sat down, Jim turned to me and said, “George, it seems that Cris here has recently discovered that his sales manager makes more money than he does so I need you to help me explain why that is.
“Hell, Jim,” I said, “I wanna hear the answer to that myself.”

I’m pretty sure that Psychologists would fix us a lot quicker if they weren’t paid by the hour.

So if we give up our guns who’s gonna protect us from the Russian, Italian, and Irish mobs not to mention the Black thugs and Latino gangs?

Who was it that decided that managing art should pay more than the artist who created it?

If there are extraterrestrials out there it’s gonna be like Columbus and the Indians but unfortunately, we’re the Indians.

Speaking of extraterrestrials, are we sure that the probes that the scientists are sending out are going to be answered in a friendly manner?

One of the most overlooked vices of all is unrequested advice.

I’m amazed that year after year Businessmen still get away with only sharing their downside.

Did you know that the life of the party probably doesn’t have a life?

Sometimes handmade​ doesn’t mean,​ well made.

If you can resist getting married, don’t do it.

One can only wonder how well the Russian Mafia is doing in America now?

So what was worse, slavery or the holocaust?

One of the things I’ve never figured out was how to provide a good life for my family and be there too.

I’ve always been envious of the guys who actually got to turn down pussy.

Is there anything better than being a young man in a warm-weather town?

The only thing that makes losing any good is when it teaches you how to win. 

Of course, there should be some kind of gun control.

Your image is your everything.

Embrace the negative, it’s your best teacher.

We’re all prejudiced about something.

I can understand why some poor people might steal but what I don’t understand is why they would think that they have a right to?


Jed Duvall: Unfortunately, after 1979, when Indianapolis’s Arbitron ratings periods went to quarterly from just the last two weeks in April and the first two weeks in May, WIBC found out that too-much Indianapolis 500 coverage (wall-to-wall) was not quite as golden and lucrative ratings-wise as it had been prior to 1978.  The on-air hand-wringing over the challenge by the newly-formed Championship Auto Racing Teams (C.A.R.T.) (the drivers and most of the car owners) against the Indianapolis Motor Speedway’s sanctioning body, the United States Auto Club, (U.S.A.C.) (Speedway President Joe Cloutier and Tom Binford, Chief Steward since 1974 as well as U.S.’s representative to the international Paris). C.A.R.T. wanted to take over the sanctioning and running of the 500 from the Speedway and U.S.A.C. and wanted more money from the Speedway, already the richest automobile race on the planet.  C.A.R.T. sued U.S.A.C. and the Speedway (which had NEVER accepted ultimatums from any team, driver, or outside racing interest since 1909).  The matter wound up in federal court.  The Speedway was forced by the court because of the accepted entry form language to allow C.A.R.T. teams to practice, qualify and race in the 500 for 1979.  U.S.A.C. withdrew, and the S.C.C.A. (Sports Car Club of America) sanctioned the race with Tom Binford as Chief Steward.  WIBC covered every blow-by-blow from gavel to gavel with disappointing results.  What we learned was that all the average Indianapolis metro area race fan cared about was Lou Palmer’s hourly practice reports, Lou and Donald Davidson’s qualification coverage, Donald Davidson’s nightly and weekend call-in programs, and the entire pre-race, race, and post-race coverage, including traffic reports from the 10-7-Oh Whirlybird! The U.S.A.C.-C.A.R.T. soap opera was of little interest to the average race fan.  After 1979, the intense interest in anything beyond the key coverage of WIBC’s highly-successful and lucrative “Thirty Days In May”, was, in my opinion, a tune-out to the vast majority of WIBC-AM’s listeners. Such are the trials and errors of a program director of a heritage AM full-service radio station. George:  As you always admonished us at WIBC in the glory days, “If it isn’t important and top-of-mind, wrap it up and play “Hey Jude”!” (Back Home Again)
Geo: Those were the days my friend, we thought they’d never end but end they did.

Wendy: Your buddy Big Bob has a disgusting attitude towards women, one that I don’t appreciate. I’ll bet he’s one of those Ice Age men who would want all women to be subservient to all men and he would most probably want abortions to be banned in America! Yikes, not someone I’d like to know. (Fairbanks Management Conferences)
Geo: Thanks for the read Wendy but a couple of things you may not have noticed is in the fine print below. That’s where I state that my blog is definitely not politically correct and is also written mostly for men.
With that in mind, occasionally a few folks are gonna find some things in my blog that they disagree with. I long for this because I believe that communication leads to understanding. Your comments are duly noted. Keep ’em comin’.

Bruce Munson: This blog is a glimpse into the radio equivalent of King Solomon’s mines. (The List)
Geo: Bruce you need to take a few deep breaths or get out more. Love ya, old friend.

Geo’s Media Blog is a politically incorrect inside look at Radio, TV, Music, Movies, Books, Social Media, Politics, and Life, primarily with men in mind.
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