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The other day I was writing about being at the press conference in Winnipeg when they were handing Bobby Hull a million dollar cheque. (see picture above) Bobby had just signed multi-million dollar deal with the Winnipeg Jets, but the league kicked in the extra million hoping his jumping to the WHA would encourage other NHL players to also do it.
I doubt that the NHL players of today realize that it was Bobby who got them the huge salaries that they now enjoy. Anyway, Bobby was smart enough back then to deposit that million dollar check into an American bank account. Had he deposited it in a Canadian Bank, the feds would have taken 90% of it.
I became very familiar with this situation when I jumped from Ottawa to Toronto where they doubled my pay. However, when I opened up my first paycheck, I was horrified to discover that my take home was about the same as it was in Ottawa. Unbeknownst to me, I’d moved into a new tax bracket reserved for the rich which I indeed wasn’t.
Jim Hilliard is also very familiar with what I’m talkin’ about because when he first became the PD of CKY in Winnipeg, I know for a for a fact that he was a card-carrying Democrat. However, after seeing what the Feds did to bonus cheque he got for producing a good rating book, Jim said, “Now that I’ve seen the future as seen through the eyes of socialists, I know exactly where the Democrats are headed, and I’m not going there.” Hell, when I lived in Canada, even I voted for the NDP.(socialist party) As I’ve always said though, “That free health care sure is expensive ain’t it, eh?”


Do stars only desire those they can’t have?

I’ve been in love with six different women but I’m still alone. Hey, maybe I’m the problem? Nah, couldn’t be. 🙂
The biggest mistake rich people make is thinking that they’re smarter than everybody else which makes them very vulnerable.

I wonder how the pay thing with the Eagles works now? A few years ago Don Henley and Glenn Frey decided to take a more significant share of the revenue because as they claimed, they were, The Eagles. (can you imagine John and Paul saying that to Ringo and George?) Does Don now get to take most of it home because he no longer has to share it with Glenn?

I dislike confrontation mostly because I can’t trust myself in the situation. So when someone begins to drift away, I don’t deal with it, I just bid them “Bon Voyage.”

Aaron Rogers may go down in history as the first pro football player ever to sleep with an Indy driver.

As legendary UCLA coach John Wooden said, “Failure is not fatal, but failure to change may be.”

Speaking of basketball in LA, the good news is that Lebron James is going to the Lakers, but the bad news is, LeBron has to face the Warriors more often.
As you may or may not know, there is no cure for addiction so choose yours very carefully. 
Why does America choose to attack its leaders, other countries have the same rights as we do but they seem to respect the office more. Once they all leave office, they’re fair game, but for now, we should show a little class.
To err is only human, but figuring out how the error is someone else’s fault is not only human, it’s very creative.
How many people do you suppose would pay for today’s radio? Hopefully, we’ll never find out.
If you’re a runner, like everything else, only the first step is painful.

I still don’t get the connection between football and police brutality?

The stock market needs to grow some cajones.

Is anything changing slower in the equal rights movement than women picking up a tab now and then?

Who’s safer, a white guy in a bar filled with black folks or a black guy in a bar with whites? Only asking because racism needs to be thrown out of both bars.

I don’t know of any politician who runs for office so he can give away free money to foreign countries. Where do they learn that shit?

Some of the people who are not in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame are a lot more interesting than some of those who are.

Speaking of the Hall of Fame, why is the press afraid to call out Jann Wenner, he’s the one blocking deserving artists from getting in the Hall for personal reasons.

I just read an article which claimed that whatever song was #1 on your 14th birthday would define your life. Mine was “The Yellow Rose Of Texas” and even though when I was 14 I had no idea where Dallas or San Antonio was, nothing changed my life more than those two cities did.

Is there anyone more fun than a little girl? Unfortunately, when they become women, not so much.

I need someone to explain to me what a good economy is? For eight years I listened to Obama brag about how good the economy was and now Trump claims that it’s even better. All I know though is that the prices keep going up but no extra coin is rollin’ in.

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8 thoughts on “Geo’s Overtaxed Blog 7/9/18

    • No that was called Fairwest AC Jed and was done by Jim West and I believe Michael Hedges. I wasn’t involved. Bill Lacy owned the station but Hilliard wouldn’t let Jim West have me but by the time Bill bought KZBS in OK City, I had left Fairbanks so West cut a deal for me to do that one.

  1. What make Jann Wenner qualified to be a judge for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ? I do not recall ever seeing his name on the back of an album cover with a musician credit, or a “thanks to…” or an “inspired by…”. Just because one is a publisher of a culture magazine does not make one an “expert” to render judgement, or does it ? – Jed

  2. Oh boy George, the # 1 song on my 14th birthday was Brenda Lee’s “I’m Sorry”. I guess that makes me a typical Canadian, since we’re allegedly always apologizing.

  3. I agree about the Hall of Fame lacking some very good artist ie: The Guess Who (because Wenner does not think they are Rock ‘N’ Roll but the Mamas and Papas are). Why does he get to choose … because he started it as a TV show and it grew … he owns it, it is not an industry property.

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