Geo’s Media Blog. (Bucket-Listing My Life Away. ) Special Update 7/22/21

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I’ve just arrived back in Burbank after doing a week-long college shopping trip up the west coast on the train with my Grandson Nathaniel.
Nathaniel, who is an incoming junior at Polytechnic in Pasadena and I had a great time. (photo of us above waiting for the train in Burbank)

Our first stop was San Jose where the Hilliards picked us up at the train station and took us for dinner at BJs. (photo below),
The next day we had lunch with retired Marine Colonel Bill Peacock who wanted to talk to Nathaniel about going to Princeton when he graduated.

The Colonel turned out to be a great guy and I was proud of how my Grandson answered all of his questions.
Oh, before we left he gave Nathaniel the phone number of his best friend who is a retired General that served on the President’s staff and wanted to talk to my Grandson about going to West Point.

After lunch, we headed to Stanford (see above) where we drove around the campus for a while before heading across the bridge to Berkeley.
After checking out Cals football stadium,(see below) it was time to check out the Embarcodara Center in downtown San Francisco which Nathaniel just loved. The next day we got back on the train for a nice leisurely ride to Seattle that turned out to be anything but leisurely.
It seems that a bridge we needed to cross to go California to Oregon caught on fire so when we reached Sacramento, they put us on a 6-hour bus ride to Klamath Falls in Oregon in the middle of the night.

Talk about hell, it was the worst, and when we finally got back on the train again we were whipped. and when we reached Seattle later that night, it was right to bed.
The next morning good guy Ivan Braker picked us up for brunch and then took us on a great tour of the beautiful University Of Washington. Wow! (see N below in front of Husky Stadium)
Then after seeing the University of Seattle, Ivan took us to a park in the Cascades. (see below)
Oh, did I mention that it was sunshine, blue skies, and 80 degrees and when it’s like that in Seattle, you can’t help but say, “Hey, I’ve gotta live here?What a great time we had in Seattle thanks to Ivan and after he dropped us off we headed over to the Space Needle. (see Nathaniel right below)
Then the next morning, we were up bright and early to catch the train back to Burbank. However, looming soon was those dreaded busses. The plan after getting Nathaniel home and off to Cleveland with his Dad was to re-board the train again but with my daughter Candis this time and head back to Seattle. (see her with me below)
However, there was no way I would get her on those busses, so I canceled the trip.

Now my new plan is to hang out with her in LA and do some art things like visiting the Getty Museum. Then I’m gonna head up to Bob and Jan’s in Camarillo for a couple of days and drink Martinis. Pray for me.

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One thought on “Geo’s Media Blog. (Bucket-Listing My Life Away. ) Special Update 7/22/21

  1. Doug Herman: George, I know you grew up in Canada and now live in Florida, with some significant stops between the two. But deep down, you’re a California guy. You know you miss it! (Bucket-Listing Up Date.)
    Geo: I’m definitely a Californian, Doug, that’s why I never bought a place in Florida for 13 years. I always thought that I was going to go back. California was always a lifelong dream for me.

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