Breathless Moments!

I believe that children should sample as many activities outside of school as they possibly can. Their participation in numerous kinds of things will give them a decent shot at finding something they really like to do. Who knows it may even lead to a great career.
With that in mind Cami has had lessons in Tennis, Skateboarding, Horseback, Acting, Singing, Music, Snow Boarding, Ballet, Tap, Karate, Art and Gymnastics only to mention a few. So when she sent me pictures of her and AJ Kayaking in California this past summer(pix)you can imagine how excited I was. Hey maybe she finally found something she liked doing. Being the assertive type I immediately checked out and found where she could do the same here in Florida. When she got back from her vacation I excitedly told her about my finds only to hear … Oh Daddy that was just a one day thing, I’m not planning on making a career out of it.It just made my arms tired. So once again I have the same old tired question, just what kind of a career does texting lead to. Whats that you’re trying out for the Lacrosse team. Great!

The 3 most visited places on earth are #1 Disney World, #2 Disney Land, #3 The Pyramids in Egypt. Walt Disney blew away the 7 wonders of the World and the way he did it was by making the customer #1. The Employees #2. and The Company #3. I wonder why companies today think their reverse plan of Walt’s is better and I wonder how it’s working for ’em!

The more breathless moments you share with your special lady the harder she is for you to leave, let alone ever forget.

Einstein said we cannot solve our problems using the same thinking we used creating them.

People who overuse the words You Cant & You Wont are usually the ones very afraid You Will !

You are who you hang with!

The window of opportunity does not open by itself.

Seeing as most anger is based in fear ya gotta wonder just how much the terrorists are afraid of us.

Speaking of terrorists somehow that word used to be used to describe a lot of folks in Ireland.

Only a few losers are looking for followers the World is looking for leaders.

How do you figure out which end of a half truth you are on.

According to Cris Conner only 12% of America is Black, but they have managed to become 18% of the Federal work force. How did they do that?

I wonder why the Cavemen when they hunted just didn’t cook it up out there instead of dragging it all the way back to the cave. Maybe it had something to do with what the Woman who was waiting in the cave whispered in his ear about his reward just before he went hunting.

Years ago when I was the National PD for Fairbanks Broadcasting out of Indianapolis I was summoned to a meeting being held in Jim Hilliard’s office. Already present was Cris Conner who was the PD and Afternoon Drive Jock of WNAP. Jim said, George I need your help with this one, Cris has just discovered that Don Seeley (the Sales Mgr.) makes more money than he does and I brought you in here to help me explain the why of it to him … Hell I wanna hear the answer to that myself Jim!

I’m not sure I’m for all this Human Rights stuff. When my parents were growing up they didn’t have as many rights as I do but they also didn’t have to lock their doors, live in gated communities or fear walking the streets at night.

The Hunny Bunny continues to be a mystery to me. Sometimes that’s good, sometimes that’s bad.

Matt Greeney told me you never see good lookin’ chicks at a bus stop.

Our whole lives we’ve been told that we need to think about and take care of the future. The other day I realised I no longer have one so why am I worried about it or even working on it. If I can shut down that behavior from my past and just live for today I’m having a hell of a good life. But I do have to admit the future looks pretty bleak.

As far as the Indians are concerned this Country has been filled with illegal aliens since 1492.

If you want bigger ratings on the weekend simply make your Monday through Friday ratings bigger.

Speaking of ratings we tend to celebrate bad ones 10 times as long as good ones.

A good attitude is not enough you also need a little aptitude. The reverse is also true.

Even I can sell great ratings.

Women make absolutely no sense unless you love them.

There are basically two types of Women those that want children and those that don’t.

There are usually two things a Women says to you after you first declare your love for her. “Turn Down The Music” and “Let Me Explain PMS To You”

So far 4 phenomenons have occurred in my lifetime. Frank, Elvis, The Beatles and Women. I have the first three all figured out.

There are 3 types of people who work in Radio. The Gifted, The Creative, and All The Rest.

Only 2 types of people make decent money in Radio … The ones who figure out how to get the folks to listen and the ones who figure out how to sell the fact that the folks are listening.

When a gifted person starts getting creative just put a fork in the rest of us. Thank God they are usually lazy.

If your on air promotion doesn’t excite the air talent and cause talk in the Market Place it’s probably really a sales promotion.

I was just telling Burton Cummings that life is going by a way too quickly. Hell when I was with the Jury I had gigs that lasted longer than the last year did.

6 thoughts on “Breathless Moments!

  1. Retirement can be a bitch. Shakespeare had it right when he wrote, if holidays were every day, they would be as tedious as work” I’m not sure I got that entirely correct, but it is close. Keep up the good work George.

    • I hear ya Bruce. Luckily for me I date younger women so I cant afford to retire. Sounds like our Jury days huh buddy, except I’m still out here(-:

    • Boot camp for owners huh Doug I doubt I can speak their kind of numbers nor can they speak mine. Maybe you could be there to translate and turn the swear words into useful conversation.

  2. I would never put ownership and Hunny in the same sentence. Hunny may need help translating me but I dont need any help translating Hunny, the Demons do it for me!

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