Bad Cops! (new for Feb 08/16)

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I had a very nice evening recently with Tim and Heidi Reever whom I haven’t seen in quite a while so we spent most of the night at dinner just trying to catch up.
Tim who now works with Legends Radio in West Palm Beach used to work with me for Jim Hilliard at WKLB in Boaton. As we enjoyed dinner with the ever beautiful Heidi and chatting about all the fun we had running and skiing together when we were all hanging out in “Bean Town”Boston Tim started laughing about when we first met. He knew I was a good friend of Jim’s so he asked for my help in telling Jim that the ratings didn’t justify the billing that Jim wanted him to do and he remembered my response being that it was a hell of a lot easier to give Jim what he wanted than it was to talk him out of it. As long as I’ve known Jim he’s always believed that good ratings only help make the sales task a little easier but the number still remains the same.
Necessity being the “Mutha” it is Tim quickly caught on to the concept and before long used the station as a megaphone for a ton of money making promotions. One of the most successful he ever came up with was the day he walked into Jim’s office and asked for 50 grand to rent the sidewalk in front of our building for one day. The 100th running of the Boston Marathon was coming up and the Pru Tower where the station was located happened to be real close to the finish line and seeing as the Boston Marathon folks were not very sponsor friendly Tim came up with a way to give them what they really wanted which was sampling and signage. Tim got his 50K for the day and at the end of that very day he handed Jim a check for a half a million dollars and we hadn’t run one spot.


There are only two types of people in the world, those who make promises and those who keep them.
Marriage seems to be a much easier step for women to take than men.
No matter how badly things are going they can get worse.
Karma is always watching you.
You’re only what you remember.
Nothing is as scary as you imagine it to be.
I’m a very curious person except I resist being taught.
It takes takes a maybe to turn a no into a yes.
Have you ever noticed that no demands an explanation but not yes.
If you eliminate the box there is no longer a reason to think outside of it.
Is it just me or are there a lot more pauses on the radio now than there was when we were using carts.
Brent Farris claims death is like a surprise party except the guest of honor never hears anyone shout “SURPRISE”.
Overthinking always leads to sadness. 
Being able to look fear in the face makes you very scary.
I think I’ll vote for whatever party Mr. Business man’s against, wait a minute they contribute to both of them so we may need a 3rd party.
In order for a guy to get married he must be smitten because he is gonna have to give up most of his friends and hang with hers, live mostly like she does, give up the sports car for a more sensible car that would be better for the kids she has planned and oh yeah, turn the TV down.
History is not made by the winners it’s made by the person who wrote it down.
As Morgan Freeman said … Racism begins to stop when I no longer call you white and you no longer call me black. 
Success is the result of you doing more than what’s expected of you.
I wonder how women’s lives would go if men weren’t stupid.
All policemen know who the bad cops are so maybe we should treat them all badly until they themselves turn the bad ones in.

My daughters frighten me more than the law does.

Manning over Newton who would have thunk it.

I have no time for anybody who thinks that they deserve free money for whatever reason.

I wonder how long Cam’s arrogant attitude will continue after he finds out how much money Peyton makes doing commercials.

Speaking of money not for free, the Canadian government recently advised that the cost of living had gone up in Canada so the people who receive Social Security benefits would be getting a raise but here in the US our government claims that our cost of living remains the same so no raise. Hmmmmm!

I guess John Scott proved at the All Star game that there’s not that much difference anymore between the best and worst players in the NHL.

I still hear the phrase … I heard it on the radio!

Who would ever put up with musicians if they weren’t talented.

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5 thoughts on “Bad Cops! (new for Feb 08/16)

  1. George , don’t sweat not getting a raise in Social Security. Our OAS (Old Age Securirty) went from $569.95/mth to 570.52/ mth.

  2. On a recent visit to our marriage counselor, the counselor asked me to apologize to my wife for something. I started sincere and then added my defense with a But…
    The counselor said it was a good apology, up to the But.

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