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Growing up in Transcona, one of the things my Father used to say was, “If you’re not sweatin’, you ain’t workin’.”
It was just one of the many things we disagreed about because I think if you’re sweating while you work, it might mean that you’re not very good at what you’re doing.  (My Dad, Sandy Johns, pictured on top)

Gifted people, though, tend to go in another direction; they’d rather rely on their gifts and not do any work.
Not to worry, though, because most productivity comes from creative people, and you can learn how to do that, whereas you can’t learn how to be gifted.

Working hard is admirable, but working smarter gets you more places.
Once you learn how to be creative, your only concern is that the gifted people wake up and learn creativity too.

On the rare occasion of this happening, I suggest getting out of their way.
These folks, when they’re on fire, have the capability of producing some pretty magical things.

Unfortunately, many of them come from the dark side and tend to self-destruct.
When this happens, it’s time for the rest of us to get back to creativity again.

I wonder if Loren Michaels ever considered or cared how much work some of the cast members of Saturday Night Live put into a skit before he decided to cut it or not.

Speaking of gifted, Chuck Riley, back at CKY in Winnipeg, said to me just before slipping out the back Jack to the Criterion Athletic Club (beer parlor), “I like you, kid, so I’m going to save you a couple of thousand hours.
Always remember, “You Cant Splice Strings.” Then he turned on his heel and left me with, as we say in the biz, “A shit load of production.”


It’s easy to get someone’s attention; holding their interest is what’s tough.

You’re much happier when your giving than you are receiving. Who smiles more than Santa?

Laughter cures almost everything.

Without Radio, there’d be no Rock&Roll; without Rock&Roll, there’d be no Elvis or The Beatles.

Unless you need the government’s help, being accused of being prejudiced or racist doesn’t mean much.

I know a lot about a little and a little about a lot.

A desperate man is the most dangerous man of all.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if motivational emails actually inspired someone?

I never did like dealing with negatives, so whenever I thought the station sounded a little loose, I’d threaten the air staff with a “Jock in the box” session. (A random air check being played that would be critiqued by us all.) The mere mention of that usually tightened the station right up.

Keeping a secret is one of the most difficult things you’ll ever have to do.

Trying to make payroll tends to lower your standards.

Ain’t it funny how the new big new thing quickly becomes the “flavor of the week.”

Did you know that it costs two cents to make a penny?

Speaking of money, you rarely need anybody’s permission to do a radio promotion that costs nothing.

Speaking of promotions, it’s pretty easy to create a good one if you’re got a good budget; tough if ya don’t, but still doable.

Sometimes having a plan “B” keeps you from focusing on Plan “A.” There’s no such thing as too much praise.

At my age, many things that used to make sense no longer do.

When you’re no longer able to change things, change yourself.

Marc LaFrance: What a wonderful adventure. Always enjoy reading your blog. Merry Christmas, and all the best in 2023. (Bucket List Wrap-Up)
Radio Geo: Joyeux Noel et Bonne Annee Mon Ami, it was good to finally meet you.

Doug Thompson: George, re: WIBC transmitter site being turned into condos. I had the same feeling when CTV bought CHUM and decided 1331 Yonge street would also be turned into condos.  So much history in that building over 50 years at 1050 CHUM with Program Director Allan Slaight and later J. Robert Wood, General Manager Fred Sherratt, and Mr.  Waters for President. You couldn’t have had a more perfect group. Then there was CHUM FM with Ops Managers Bob Laine, Duff Roman, Program Directors Warren Cosford, Ross Davies, and many others over the years. As well as Roger Ashby’s amazing career on both AM & FM. As Chuck Riley once said in a voice track to a CHUM promo, “Time Marches On.” I also never realized that he had such cute knees after working with Chuck Riley on many projects. (The Great Gift)

Doug Herman: Many of us have similar feelings regarding a station that helped “make” our careers.  KCBQ comes to mind for me.  The station still exists (in a Salem right-wing and religious format with near-zero numbers), but the original building and the field with six towers that rocked the industry way back when are now a Lowe’s store. (The Great Gift)
Geo: Doug and Dougie, you’re both right; we thought the great stations earned the right to last forever. Sad!

Kevin Robinson: George Johns – Nazi!  🙂 (CFTR)
Geo: It does look a little harsh, doesn’t it, Kevin? I was much older then; I’m younger than that now.

Wendy Holmes: A new reply to your opinion of Pierre Trudeau!
Many years ago, my daughter Heidi and I visited Ottawa together. One of the high points was, of course, the Parliament Building. As we wandered down the hallway where all of the portraits of our Prime Ministers are, she stopped at Pierre’s portrait and gazed and pondered it for quite some time. She said it was so different than all of the others. In some way, it revealed the type of individual he was as he posed there with his French Tam pulled to one side and his sassy half smile. Interesting observation, don’t you think?? (The 1% Club)
Radio Geo: Very interesting observation, Wendy, and so true. In fact, the only thing Justin and his Dad have in common is their last names. The big difference between the two is that the whole world listened when Pierre spoke.

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