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While dating the Hunny Bunny (above right) for a couple of years, not only did my friends rag on me about our age difference, but they also didn’t want me bringing her around their wives because they would no longer be allowed to hang out with me.
So, even though she claimed that age was just a number, and we had a couple of great years together, I decided to move on. (Man, do I miss her!)

Obviously, I didn’t learn my lesson because here I am again, back at the bars again, playing the fool again
This time I’m excited about Sammanthia (above left), who is turning 21 and seems very interested in a little plan I’ve put together.

First, I explain, we go shopping at Victoria’s Secret, which I’m very excited about because I know what Victoria’s secret is. (they encourage the ladies companions to join them in the dressing room)
Next, we board a plane bound for Malibu Beach, where after a few fun days in the sun we then slip over to Tahoe for even more fun.

At some point, Sam asked, “Aren’t I a little young for you” and I responded with, “When I was 15, I loved twenty-year-olds and still do.
What I’m thinking now is, maybe the real problem with the Hunny Bunny was, she may have been a little too old for me?

Oh, by the way, Samantha, I also promised to make you famous didn’t I, well, now you are. Happy Birthday!


In my day when you bought your first guitar, as soon as you could play “Louie Louie,” you started a band. What’s the entry-level tune today?

Men and Women are nothing alike but we’re all pretty happy about it.

My Daughter Candis once said to me, “Dad, the Women you get involved with all seem to get your money, but none of them get you, do they?”

Speaking of money, how much a person makes is not the proper measuring stick to judge how talented they may or may not be.

If it’s politically incorrect to say it but it’s true, do you still have to keep your mouth shut?
OK how about if it’s politically incorrect but you are under oath, what then?

How come at most restaurants you never have to get anybody’s attention to take your plate away?

When you hear the words “I wonder who she’s sleeping with,” accurately describes the activity they were wondering about?

Speaking of that special kind of activity … Hey guys, if in the middle of making love you wonder if she’s sleeping with anyone else, it’s your last chance to run.

You may be only one more try away from succeeding.
There is a list of people in our heads that consists of some folks whom when you hear they died before their time you’re not shocked.
Your kids will never accept nor want to meet the next love in your life after you and their Mother split up.
So if in school they don’t let men and women shower together because of the sexual ramifications, how does that work with gays.
I was at Duffy’s tonight when Sheryl Crowe’s ” Are You Strong Enough To Be My Man” came on the speakers. No problem baby, unless of course that means physically pushing you around?
It doesn’t matter what you think, it’s what you figure out that matters. 
Sometimes the closer you get, the less you see!
The reason a lot of very successful people aren’t happy is because they are so busy succeeding that they don’t have the time to enjoy it.

You become smart right after you figure out how stupid you are.

Speaking of stupid, most of the young ladies who appear attracted to me are the damsels in distress types, and the Women I’m attracted to are broken. So when we come together, we produce a new strain of stress!

There is absolutely no correlation between your need for money and what you’re being paid.

One of the first stressful things you’ll ever do is take that long walk across the dance floor and ask a girl to dance while all your buddies watch you. Once you do that you can do anything.
I am currently writing a story about the legendary Kay Ville and even giving up some of her secrets. One of them was the hiring of great talent and the Texas Hall Of Fame agrees with our hires because most of them are in there.
My Daughter Cami told me that not everyone gets my humor, including her.
Even though I’m a better Father than my Father was, I’m not even close to being as good a man as he was.
When I was a kid the Dee Jays were much bigger than the music. So I’m wondering if they’re less talented today, or did the music just get better.
Have you ever noticed how forgiving businessmen are of each other’s evil?
Unfortunately, most Doctors did not graduate from the top of their class.

Never forget the fact that the dark side is at least 10 times more powerful than the bright side”

Most leaders of most countries are measured more by their charismatic attraction than they are by their deeds. Isn’t that right, Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Trudeau.

Why are most condo boards filled with people who have never been in charge of anything in their entire life?

My #2 All-Time Blog, Friday.

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  1. Cool! When you are going to be in Laguna, Newport or around there…..we gotta get together….somebody I want you to meet!

  2. George – please register for Google Authorship so you get all the credit for your great articles. Also, consider having your commentaries videotaped for higher rankings. Find out more about what Google wants – and how Google rewards you for your contributions. Like my Facebook page and stay up to date at:

    • No you didn’t Bobby, You, Reid and Bill Stairs thought she was God’s gift to me for some good deeds I had done in the past which of course I no longer can recollect.

  3. I think you just talked me out of buying a condo. I had forgotten about all those little Hitlers in the making. When they get bored, the board resorts to all sorts of ridiculous and strange maneuvers. They must have a reason for being.

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