I’ve known Joasia (pictured above) for over 25 years now but I had no idea that she was this naughty.
Had I known, I would have been all over her a long time ago. Check her out on the link below.


The wonderful world you live in may, in fact, only be a figment of your imagination.

Greatness is usually accomplished by a person who is out of time.
The only thing that really makes life worth living is dying!

I wonder how different the world would be if it were against the law to lie at any time.

One Man walking the talk adds up to more than the 50 who are talkin’ it.

I have finally figured out you have to ask for what you want because seldom does a nice surprise ever show up.

Isn’t it strange when some women you thought were beautiful when you first met them become less attractive as you get to know them whereas some of them are not so attractive become beautiful during the same time period?

One must think about the future to have one.

Just ’cause I don’t say anything about it doesn’t mean I don’t know all about it!

Everything already exists; we just haven’t discovered it yet.

Why would I care what some groups calling themselves minorities want? I only care about deserving individuals, not a bunch of people who became part of a group to be noisier.

Why would the press interview the V/P of marketing about anything? I wonder what kind of spin they would try to put on this year’s Boston Marathon to try and discount the bombings.

Most women have about a 10-year window to find the Man of their dreams because they are at their best and then they are not.

Well, it looks like Obama is afraid of the same evil characters the Presidents who came before him were, so don’t expect the Banks, the Oil Companies, and the Pharmaceutical companies to get warm and fuzzy anytime soon. 

I knew I was in trouble the day Jim West said … I know you’re already overbooked, but I just received a large certified check asking if you had room for one more client, and from where I sit, you look like you’ve got the room. The real problem was I agreed with him.

If you don’t believe in magic, I’ve just gotta hear your explanation of love.

My Nephew Jamie Boychuk, a “suit” in the railroad business, says that unlike Radio, which uses inspiration as motivation, we just pay our people a lot of money and kick their ass to get things done.

Bruce Munson told me the more you deal with banks, the more you understand why John Dillinger became a folk hero.

Instincts are not all good.

I think you could quiet a large room by simply explaining the theory that pointing out what’s wrong with this picture pays a dollar an hour, whereas fixing it pays a thousand dollars an hour.

Does anybody know if they still have an ethics class at Harvard, or was it canceled due to lack of interest?

Speaking of ethics, there, of course, is no such thing as business ethics, only ethics.

Some women don’t realize they are only who they are, not who they married.

Why do the less talented have bigger egos than the gifted?

When the sales folks don’t like the music, you better book a bigger room for the rating party.

When talented people appear to be normal, ya gotta wonder what else they are lying about.

The people who appear to be the happiest in the world usually come from the saddest place.

When the creative department of an advertising agency runs out of neat things to say about the Big Mac, McDonald’s solves it by hiring a different agency.

As impressive as seeing someone working really hard, they seldom produce anywhere near what a person working smarter does.

My Brother Reg once asked me why I continued to date the Women who threw gasoline on my fiery rage rather than finding one who could calm me. Someday I’ll tell him, but until then, he’ll just have to use his imagination.

If you don’t have anymore more questions than answers, you’re not really living.

When I first moved to America, Jim Hilliard told me that we needed a 24-hour rule, meaning I couldn’t quit nor could he fire me for 24 hours after we became extremely distraught with one another.
He later changed that to a 48-hour rule claiming that he needed more time to calm himself.

Originally they told us that the reason for consolidation was to save local radio. They wouldn’t lie to us, would they?

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