About George A. Johns. (6/18/21)

Born and educated in Winnipeg, Manitoba – Canada.


THE ’60s
Shayne and The Devines – Vocals, and Guitar.
The Rebel Raiders – Lead Guitar and Bandleader.
The Phantoms – Rhythm Guitar and Bandleader.
The Jury – Rhythm Guitar and Bandleader.

Recordings by The Jury:
Until You Do (London Records)
I Tried To Tell Her (London Records)
Back In My World (London Records)
Please Forget Her b/w Who Dat? (Quality Records Canada, Port Records in the U.S.)


Board Op – CKY Winnipeg
Production Director CKY Winnipeg
Music Director – CKY Winnipeg
Program Director – CKOM Saskatoon
Program Director – CKSO AM/FM Sudbury

THE ’70s
Program Director – CFRA Ottawa
Program Director – CFTR Toronto
Station Manager – CFTR Toronto
V/P of Programming – Fairbanks Broadcasting:
WIBC/WNAP Indianapolis
WKOX Framingham
WIBG Philadelphia
WRMF/WJNO Palm Beach
KVIL FM and AM Dallas

Studied with Mike Vance, Dean of Walt Disney University

THE ’80s
Became an American citizen.
Formed The Johns Company which advised radio stations in the US and Canada.

Merged The Johns Company with Fairwest which was a syndication company that syndicated:
Continuous Country
Music Of Your Life
The Class/Classy format


KLLS San Antonio
K103 Portland
WZPL Indianapolis
WMET Chicago
STAR Milwaukee

THE ’90s – NOW.
Radio Advisor and Talent Coach
Writing  Weekly Blog Entitled, Geo’s Media Blog @ GeorgeJohns.com
Also Writing Three Non-Fiction Books:
Guitars & Radio & Wild Wild Women.
50 Ways To Keep Your Lover.
Geo’s 1001 Life-Lines.


Played on stage with bands such as The Guess Who, Bachman Turner Overdrive, and Neil Young when Winnipeg was the Rock&Roll Capital of Canada.

The Jury’s “Please Forget Her” was the #1 Canadian record in Canada. On the flip side, “Who Dat?” became a cult favorite covered by several grunge bands and was recently listed in a publication as being 50 years ahead of its time.

The Jury opened for music legends Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash, plus early British Invasion acts such as Peter & Gordon, Manfred Mann, and The Zombies.


Created the first-ever Adult Contemporary music format at CFTR in Toronto in 1972 and then put it on KVIL in Dallas.

Created the nationally syndicated “Magic Ticket,” which was a very successful sales and programming promotion.

Co-Created “Fantasy Park,” which became nationally syndicated.

Created the first Class/Classy format on KLLS in San Antonio.

Syndicated ‘Class FM’ on over 40 FM radio stations in North America.

Owned and syndicated Music Of Your Life which was on 100 AM radio stations in the US.

Co-created WKLB, Boston’s first Country station.

Email: radiogeo@gmail.com. On Twitter @GeoOfTheRadio. Cell 954 868 6759


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  1. George, at least in the field of entertainment, you rank with Clive Davis, David Geffen and Barry “Killer” Diller, as among the world’s most interesting men !

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