About George Johns

90's - Present. Talent Coach, Format Creator and Radio Advisor.
Late 80's - Principle in Radio Stations in Portland Org., Indianapolis Ind. and Milwaukee Wis.

Early 80's - Programming Consultant and Founder of The Class/Classy Format, Principal in Fairwest a Syndication Company of Music Of Your Life and Continuous Country Formats.

Late 70's - National Program Director Of Fairbanks Broadcasting with Stations WIBC and WNAP in Indianapolis, KVIL in Dallas/Ft. Worth, WVBF and WKOX in Boston, WIBG in Philadelphia, WRMF and WJNO in Palm Beach Florida.

Early 70's - Program Director of Radio Stations CKOM in Saskatoon, CKSO in Sudbury, CFRA in Ottawa and CFTR in Toronto.

Late 60's - Recording my own music with my band London Recording Artists, The Jury

Early 60's - Making my own music with my own bands. The Devines, The Rebel Raiders and The Phantoms.

Late 50's - Playing Football and Listening to Music in Transcona

Born - Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

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