485561_10151919013619307_247391053_n-1Rich Stevens who is a talk show host at 8-50 WFTL in Ft. Lauderdale told me that when he was driving  home on I 95 the other day and was getting off at his Boca exit he noticed two police cars behind him. As he continued to make his exit both police cars followed him and when they put on their flashing lights and burped their sirens he pulled of the road and stopped. Both police cars pulled in right behind him with lights still flashing so knowing the drill he put both his hands on his steering wheel where they could be seen. Then he heard the loud speaker say … Please exit the car and expecting to be asked for the usual paper work he brought it all with him and faced his car as he put his hands on the roof wondering what the hell he had done wrong. The first officer who approached him told him that there would be no need for that and that the only reason they stopped him was to shake his hand and thank him for all his support on the radio and with that they presented him with his own police shield. The only problem I see with all of this is Rich is the kinda guy who will now go around and arrest people.

My Daughter Cami told me that she learned in class that when asked to write down 5 characteristics about themselves whites are less likely to write down white whereas others usually begin with their race or color.

Speaking of Cami she came home from college for the first time this weekend and I when I asked her if anything seemed different she said … Nobody is here, they’re all away at college.

OK we tried the system where the company is always right which seems to be working for very few so maybe it’s time to try the people are always right just to see what happens.

How is it that women who have borderline personality or are bipolar manage to keep it together until you tell them you love them.

The reason people talk behind your back is because they are pissed they are back there.

If you think that your goal is reachable it’s too small.

Most people are fairly smart until they fall in love.

The only men you see in Malls are married.

So now that Drew Brees and his coach took all the money what are the odds that you’ll even see the Saints in the playoffs this year let alone the Superbowl. What say you Reid Reker?

The only way to achieve the impossible is by doing the impossible.

Challenges can be seen as stumbling blocks or stepping stones, it’s your choice.

Are pro athletes told to coast when they are leading.

How much is electric going to cost once we go “all electric”.

Did you ever notice how much better a radio station sounds after you notice it’s in the top 3.

A lot of women go through a “bad girl” phase and you can only hope you’re nearby when it happens.

Women are still a mystery to me but Mr. Businessman sure ain’t.

Is the reason there are no tapes of great radio stations floating around anymore because there’s no tape or no great radio stations.

I remember a time when there was “O” tolerance for dead air but research must have proved that the folks like it because I hear it all the time now.

I was once told we all heal ourselves and the only reason to get a Doctor is because we need a good assistant.

Who is it that decides how a word should be spelled.

Have you noticed that as you get a little bit older you also get a little more bitter. I must be ancient ’cause I’m pissed all the time now.

Most e mail addresses are much too cute to remember.

A lot of people prepare for the worst of times, very few prepare for the best.

There are no rewards or punishments just consequences.

I love all the things money can buy, not the money.

Education is what determines your standing in society’s pecking order.

Once everything is safe and all is well with the world … What then?

Your freedom ends at the tip of my nose.


2 thoughts on “YOU’RE UNDER ARREST!

  1. GEO said: “Is the reason there are no tapes of great radio stations floating around anymore because there’s no tape or no great radio stations.”

    George, they’re manufacturing audio tape again so it’s definitely that there are no great radio stations anymore. I’m sure there are somewhere, but in my opinion, they’re not in any major markets I’ve listened to recently.

    With consolidation, the competition has totally gone out of radio because the same corporation often owns the competition.

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