You’re My Inspiration Baby – Brent Farris.


George, your quote in one of your recent Blogs was, “As easy as this sounds it’s not done on most radio stations … Simply do more of what people like and less of what they don’t like.” Reading your quote got me thinking about what radio people believe the listeners really like to hear on the radio, so I asked!

Sales – “Most people like live remotes.

PD’s – “Most people like great slogans like … Today’s Hits & Yesterday’s Favorites.

Jocks “Most people Like it when I TALK MORE.. and repeat my name so they can write it down.”

Sales Managers – “Most people Like 12 spots in a row and of course​ live remotes.”

Music Directors – “Most people only like songs that test well but of course we only test the songs we like so it turns out well for everyone.”

Owners –  “Most people Like it when we say the company name in the top of the hour ID with passion.​”

Traffic Reporters –  “Most people Like  it when I tell them​ there’s no traffic and then begin to chit chat with the morning team with some funny stuff that just popped into my head.​”

Weather ​F​orecasters – “Most people Like lots and lots of detail and cool weather words like barometric pressure and all the stuff that only pilots understand but make me sound smarter than them.​”

Production​ Guys – “Most people like lots of Zaps, Booms and Zips between all the words.”

Consultants – “Most people Like what I tell you they like.” Promotion People – “Most people like ticket give aways and more ticket give aways​, what they want are tickets.. and if they​ can WIN EM  before you can buy em … It’s orgasm time baby!”

The all​night guy – “Most people like it when the morning guy is sick and I finally get the chance to fill in for him and do all the stuff I’ve been saving for this very moment.”

News People – “Most people Like politics and more​ politics’s with a little​ sports thrown in to use as a buffer”.

The Engineer – “Most people like.​.. I don’t care what most people like.. I am really busy.. don’t talk to me.. aren’t you gone yet?”

General Managers – “Most people like voice trackers they’re so efficient and work so much cheaper … I mean they are soo professional, and ​oh yeah the folks also like 12 spots in a row.”

Researchers – “Most people really Like NUMBERS.. They just love numbers a​n​d even like them more when I explain what the numbers may or may not mean​.”

Listeners – “Most people know what they like and like what they know but I have no Idea what that is because I only like what I like which changes every single day.. good luck “




4 thoughts on “You’re My Inspiration Baby – Brent Farris.

  1. This is the greatest thing I’ve read on this simple topic in a long, long time.
    Especially the last line. Radio is partly responsible for the massive invasion of web & streaming forms of entertainment, by virtue of huge companies owning so many properties they can only manage them by standardizing policies and playing it safe. That slowed Radio’s innovation to a crawl and made Radio an easy target for anyone doing something new and creative. If the “listener answer” to the question in this post was revealed BEFORE everyone else answered it, their answers would show much more promise and possibility.

    • There you go again Jim I see what you’re doing, you’re trying to get me worked up again so I’ll pull out my sword and go kill a few radio stations just for the hell of it.

  2. Is it any wonder once users, listeners and viewers began to receive choice, then “on-demand”, that they crave more and more options, available when each wants it ? Even the geniuses of our time have not figured out how provide unlimited bandwidth, unlimited programming choice and monetize it so that most can afford it…and at the same time sustain the costs of creation and production of the content. Although Gordon McLendon tried in 1963 (with F.C.C. approval) a station in Chicago with all advertising, all the time. He quickly found out that precious few radio listeners chose commercial broadcasting that was all-commercial. The closest to “All Remotes, All The Time”, was Lowell Paxson’s home-shopping radio station in St. Petersburg – Clearwater. WNYC’s “Radio Lab” spent a whole hour about how the freedom of choice affects the mind of the user / recipient earlier this year.

    • Sometimes not giving the folks what they want is the best choice. Elvis never did all his hits on stage, nor did the Beatles. Leave ’em wanting more may be the way Jed.

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