I recently discovered that even though I can remember Kindergarten plus 1st and 2nd grade I have absolutely no memory of the 3rd or 4th grades. It was during this time my Sister Sandra had died at the age of 4 from Measles. The only thing I can figure out is my brain must have erased the entire period from my memory but I still remember her vividly and fondly. What I remember about her the most is she was the first female to have me completely wrapped around her little finger.
My Mother never got over losing her which I can totally understand because I can’t even comprehend losing my Daughters Candis or Cami. It is so not supposed to happen that there is not even a word like Widow or Orphan to describe it. During her last few days on Earth my Mother was actually very happy because she was finally going to see Sandra again.

Watching the Olympics reminded me again about why I like America more than Britain even though I was born and grew up in Canada which of course has a strong ties to Britain. The reason I say that is because it’s pretty safe to assume that if you’re born in England you don’t have any shot growing up to be King/Queen unlike in America. Right Obama!

When you are in love with an Artist get used to always being in 2nd place because thats the only way it works.

Have you ever noticed you see very few Women in Clubs or Bars who are in there 30’s but see tons of 20 and 40 year olds.

The thing to do when you get famous is get that famous name of yours on other products as quickly as possible and make some real money.

George Martin never made any money producing The Beatles. He made all his money later because he in fact had produced The Beatles.

Wow 35 years ago Elvis died but 22 years before that he changed my life.

I always advise talent not to let what they were being paid have any effect at all on how they entertain their audience. If the Radio Station they are currently working for isn’t paying them enough the next one will but only if they sound great no matter what.

Sales folks don’t work for the Radio Station they work for the client. Their goal is to get their clients the very best deal they possibly can from the Radio Station. The Air talent also doesn’t work for the Radio Station they work for the audience and their job is to entertain them and protect them from the sales folks.

Survivors never get a chance at being in charge of anything.

Experts are people who have stopped learning.

I read somewhere that 50% of Americans work for a living and the other half vote for a living.

Change is a very difficult thing to do and so it’s not very popular but if change wasn’t absolutely necessary there would be no butterfly’s

The difference between Love Ya and I love You is night and day !

I only know two young ladies who are wiser than their years and I love them both.

I cant believe the guy who talked me into blogging, Larry Shannon just recently passed away. He told me he thought a lot of people would love to read what I thought about radio and stuff every week. I’m not sure you were right Larry but I’m still at it. Thanks for demanding it and RIP.

Do you think there are any Hitlers listed in the Berlin phone book.

At a recent concert that Cami graciously allowed me to attend with her Jason Mraz apologized for the language he was going to use in a song he had written and was was about to sing. The language he claimed may sound bad was not intended bad. In fact it was the only language he said that completely conveyed the joy and emotion he had intended for the song. The tune was called “You F**king Get It”
I was thinking he may be on to something and maybe we need to use more swear words in all our documents instead of the more legalese we seem to be slipping into. Swear words come right to the point and are crystal clear. We all know exactly what was intended. Swear words also eliminate a ton of those unnecessary words lawyers cram into all the docs. For example if someone were to buy a business from you and one of your requirements to complete the deal was the buyer had to put down a percentage of the purchase price as a deposit with the rest being due on a specific date. All you would have to add to the contract to make everything perfectly clear is … And if you don’t show up on the specified date with the rest of the cash ” YOU’RE SO F**KED ” What part of that statement don’t you think they would understand.

I think it is a lot easier to program the music on a Radio Station if you personally don’t like it.

16 thoughts on “YOU’RE SO F**KED !

  1. George, I don’t believe I ever knew about your sister. It is always interesting to learn about experiences that help make people who they are. I have a feeling that from where she is, your sister approves of what you’ve done on your journey through this world.

  2. I know this had a profound affect on you as it’s always there in the back of your mind & I am sure this is why you are so close to your daughters & you would have been your sister’s protector as well, but that was taken away from you.

  3. I never realized Em how much of an affect my Sister’s passing had on me until I discovered I have no memory of any events following her death for a couple of years. Very weird!

  4. George, what a great blog. Thanks for sharing the story of your sister…She’s still touching your heart after all these years. 🙂

  5. Well George,
    You’ve packed a lot of thoughtful, and some deep stuff into this short blog.
    I think you know that even though you keep hitting on my girlfriend, in
    the words of the great Billy Stewart, ‘I Do Love You’.
    Good job, pal.


    • Ken, In my next Blog I talk about how I am very flirty and suggestive with Women but instead of it meaning I’m hitting on them it actually means the exact opposite and tends to keep them at arms length. So if I am not flirty and suggestive must mean I am hitting on them. Wouldn’t a shrink have fun with that(-:

  6. George, you are developing into a great blogger. Very interesting, very perceptive , earthy piece. Keep writing and I’ll keep reading.

  7. George, you’re always fun to read, but this one is true greatness.
    However, I kept expecting the radio and legalese parts to be married together. “You want more money, but don’t sound great every day. You are so f**ked.”

    If every talent could share something deeply personal like you did about the way your mom reacted to your sister’s death, they’d never have to worry about making plenty of money. MATTER to the listener, and you will eventually be rewarded for it. Otherwise, you are so….well, you know.

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