You Were An Idiot Joe Pa !

This was the first year that Cami went to California without me to visit my side of the family. My favorite moment each trip is when I actually get to see my two beautiful Daughters together. This year all I got was this picture.

The 1st time I ever met Garth Brooks he actually thanked me for putting Country music on the air in Boston which blew me away. I only bring it up now because I remember him also telling me that when he went to school he was pretty wild but not as wild as he wanted to be be because he was too afraid. Well we must of got rid of that kind fear in our schools because now some creep in Colorado wasn’t afraid to shoot 58 people and kill 12.

Recently a pretty young thing informed me with real conviction that she was definitely not going to sleep her way to the top. I told her she really had no choice because the road to the top is pretty well paved with “Gay” guys now. Marilyn Monroe would have had a tough go of it today.

Same girl claimed my Blog was perverted but I say nay to that because I would have a hell of a lot more readers if it was.

What’s cheaper do you suppose being a Daddy or a Sugar Daddy ?

Geri Jarvis commented on my last Blog that I was a SENIOR STATESMAN of the Radio industry and should act accordingly. Is she saying I’m an “Old Guy” Damn! Is it out?

If you’re not selling direct or doing promotions where you need people to actually show up you dont really need a strong Morning Show.

Not breathing is only one of the 4 signs that tell you if your dead or not.

What institution ever thought a person was important. It’s always been about the institution, who are they kidding. They only pretend to care about the individual when something like Sandusky and Paterno who was protecting the institution gets in the spotlight. Why would any fool protect the institution, you’re just shark bait to them. You were an idiot Joe Pa that’s why both your legacy and your statue is gone. The real sad part is your family has to live with your cowardice forever.

When someone says the last thing they want to do is hurt you doesn’t mean its not still on their list.

Have you ever noticed the anchors begin the TV news with ‘Good Evening’ then proceed to tell you why it ain’t.

There’s a Woman behind every successful Man just as there is behind every Man who has fallen except she is referred to as “The Other Woman”

I think the perfect age for Women is 30, that’s when their brain becomes as interesting as their bodies.

Jo Myers talent extraordinaire, told me that we have a special relationship mainly because we don’t have any naughty secrets together. Wait a minute I don’t think thats the special I was looking for Jo.

Just cause it ain’t illegal don’t make it right!

Radio just like all of show biz only has about 50 great jobs. Unfortunately there are thousands of talented people trying to get them.

Isn’t it amazing how fast gas prices rise compared to how slowly they come down.

When you’re dating somebody and for the first time and you even wonder for a moment if she is sleeping with anybody else … Well my friend that’s the last time you’ll ever have a chance to run for it.

What would you rather be … Better looking in photos or in person.

I figured out that the only time I like been told what to do is when I’m completely naked.

It really doesn’t matter who you know … It’s only who knows you that counts.

I wonder who decided Irish names are the best for Dee Jays.

You know you’ve been in Radio too long when not only do you know who the Magic Christian is but he also worked for you several times and you still remember most of his lines.

Women may forgive but they’ll never forget. Men may forget but they’ll never forgive.

Discreet infidelity may be forgiven but indiscreet infidelity is unforgivable. Right Jesse & Tiger!

I don’t know any wise young men but I know a couple of young ladies who are wise beyond their years.

A lot of people ask me how can I write the stuff I write. You mean besides the fact I’m a single red blooded Canadian/American?

I think James Bond in 1962 paved the way for The Beatles. Before him we just thought all Englishman were crude like Benny Hill.

When ever you read some thing about a great leader you always hear the words used to describe them as being somewhat child like.

If Obama gets reelected It will be fun to hear him bitch about the mess he left himself.

7 thoughts on “You Were An Idiot Joe Pa !

  1. …speaking of “MAGIC”, as you know, he always claimed a kaleidoscope of ailments. One day, at KLZZ San Diego, he came into my office and anounced that he would have to leave right after his shift to go to the doctor. I said: “Magic, you told me yesterday that you’ve never felt better in your life”. Not missing a beat he replied: “Yes I did and when I told my doctor how well I felt he said he wanted to see me immediatally!”

  2. Magic once claimed he was recovering from heart surgery and they put him in a dark hospital room with a whole bunch of other people who weren’t moving. He decided to see if they were alive, so he told one of his jokes. He claims one of the patients laughed so hard he actually died a few minutes later.

    The joke was: A woman goes into a hardware store, and the salesman asks: Do you want a screw for that hanger.? She said, “No, but I’ll blow you for a toaster.”

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