Yesterday Today & Tomorrow.

Around 1971 the Canadian government told broadcasters at least 30 % of the music they played must be Canadian. I wonder if that put more or less Canadian music on the Winnipeg charts that were already jammed with Winnipeg acts like, The Guess Who, Neil Young, Terry Jacks, The Deverons, The Jury, Burton Cummings and Bachman Turner Overdrive.

Speaking of Winnipeg a bunch of us head back there in May for the CKY reunion and get to hook up with a few of the legends who introduced us to some great radio which changed a few of our lives. I doubt very much the sweatshirt that I so proudly wore back in the day still fits but the memories of wearing it still live on.

April 19th in Indy the new shorter version of Naptown Rock Radio Wars plays on Channel 20 at 9:00 PM.

It used to be that at least half the listening to a Radio Station was because some people were listening to their favorite Radio Personality. These days most Radio Stations are mostly systems so I wonder which system is the most popular.

Sales folks it seems have always possessed the innate ability it to always know what was going to happen before it happened. I have noticed though that they never tell us about it until after it happens.

Have you ever noticed that the only people who ever leave are the ones you don’t want to do so.

I think the reason Women don’t leave some of us a lot sooner may be because they haven’t yet found the new errand boy to do the “Honey Do” list.

A couple of weeks ago I was mentioning names you only have to hear once like Elvis, Wolfman Jack, Madonna, Scruff Conners, Bo Diddley, Wade Boggs, Tebow, Conway Twitty, Englebert Humperdinck, Fats Domino, Chubby Checker, Mick Jagger, Ringo Starr. Johnny Cash and Lady Ga Ga

Even if you’re not into it how can you resist reading your Horoscope on your Birthday.

Does it irritate you like it does me when a well thought out plan or idea gets shot down immediately by someone who has spent less than a minute thinking about it.

I’ve asked a few experts how I would go about making my Blog financially successful. A lot of them said to just put links to porn sites on it!

Doing your best or doing your worst never goes unnoticed.

We all kinda know what other people should do with their life it’s what we should do with our own that’s difficult to figure out.

Men are into what things are Women are into why they are that way so I guess our Government must be Feminine in nature.

Is it just me or have you noticed that more and more bartenders are saying that they are going off shift so would you mind settling up your tab and starting a new one with the next bartender. What’s up with that?

In 1966 Jim Hilliard invented a contest at WFIL called “Don’t Say Hello” which became so powerful the FCC figured out a way to stop it. I’ve figured out how to start it up again so let the games begin.

If the government takes credit for the recovery of the economy shouldn’t they also take credit for the failure.

It is so difficult to figure out what the people want to hear on the radio that by the time I get it all on to the best of my ability I’m out of time to get on what Sales, Management and the Personalities all want on the air.

Most of your peers will prevent you from doing something new and different on the Radio mainly because if it works they have no idea how the hell to also do it.

Why do people who have never made anybody laugh their whole life go on the air and tell jokes.

Anybody can sell tickets or time to a hit show it’s the people who can for a not so big deal that get my attention.

In show business “The Play” is the whole thing.

Speaking of show business radio is supposed to be a part of it but follows different rules so of course it has different results.

My Daughter Cami thinks mostly about today and tomorrow she rarely thinks about yesterday. When do you start thinking about yesterday I wonder … Could it be when you have more yesterdays than tomorrows?

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