Ya Gotta Walk The Line Baby!

1236439_10151913438690030_1648889354_nWhen I was with The Jury we opened for “The Johnny Cash Review” which featured The Statler Brothers with Mother Maybelle Carter and The Carter Family along with Johnny. June Carter who was a back up singer had recently moved into Johnny’s suite and had also appointed herself the leader of the band. I overheard her telling the Statler Brothers how she wanted them to sing when they were backing up Johnny but The Statlers weren’t taking kindly to her creative instructions and were using the “C” word to describe her. Hollywood though painted an almost virgin like picture of her in the academy award winning film “Walk The Line”

You mostly want what you can’t have.

My friend Bruce Munson claims that as beautiful as fall looks what with all the changing colors it’s still only like a scratchy throat which is leading you on to something much worse.

An ugly personality soon turns a very pretty face ugly.

Legendary coaches like Bear Bryant and John Wooden achieved greatness it is said by some because they were good recruiters. I believe the reason they became good recruiters was because the players they were recruiting knew they were great coaches.

What if Mother Nature is counting on us to f**k up the planet as soon as we can so she can move on to what ever she has planned next for it.

The most devastating thing that ever happened to my family was the death of my sister Sandra at the age of 4 from Measles. Even though Sandra was named after my Father,(Sandy Johns) for years everyone only seemed to wonder how my Mom was holding up and I don’t ever remember anybody asking how my Dad was doing. How sexist was that?

When you’re from Transcona you inherently understand that if  you ever think you may have accomplished something a little extraordinary during your lifetime or may have become special in someway the folks back home will soon assure you that you haven’t. Right Willy, Ermanno, and Jimmy!

Any person who doesn’t think it can be done has the responsibility of getting the hell out of the way of the person who is already doing it.

For grins I just took this test which claimed once completed it would tell me what kind of a Woman would be perfect for me. It turns out my perfect Woman would be a Vixen, sure sounds kinda good but what the hell is it!

I can’t is merely an illusion.

Before you can even begin to chase all the things you want out of life you first must decide what it is you want.

My old friend from Transcona Ermanno Barone along with his CEO Hal Licino are working on a couple of projects that are breathtakingly exciting but I’ve been sworn to secrecy, only a beautiful Woman could get it out of me. I guess that makes me a pillow talker!

Things are like they are not necessarily how we wish them to be but if you don’t continue to work at how you want them to be they will never be.

Radio is so personal and is only really listened to by one person at a time. It just seems so wrong to waste even a moment of that time without some kind of memorable words done with some kind of emotion.

If TV was invented before Radio I wonder what Radio would sound like today.

A new study says Radio is a mood thing. The trick it seems to me would be to figure out what kind of a mood the listeners who would wear a PPM device are in most of the time.

Who was the last President to leave the White House without becoming a Millionaire ?

I happened to have used a land line last week and could actually understand what the person was saying, how bizarre!

At what age do Women who have been tired of being hit on their whole life go … Oh oh I think my dreams just came true!

If pitch count is so important, why do pitchers warm up for so long.

Most Women marry a less than perfect Man thinking with just a few changes they can make him perfect. Most Men marry their perfect Woman praying she’ll never change. Generally the opposite happens.

So I hear Obama has declared November Muslim appreciation month which is probably BS but I would sure like to see a top 10 list on what we appreciate about them the most anyway.

Sometimes in order to get what you want you may need to deserve it.

The only people making money from WEB sites is the Porn industry and the guy who designed and maintains yours.

Women control 73% of the spendable income in America which is why divorce is so devastating to them, they can’t live on 50%.

If he were alive today what current Radio group do you think Vince Lombardi would consider coaching for.

Has any government employee ever heard about multi-tasking let alone know how to do it.

Having just had another birthday, I was very happy to read that Edison did his best work when he was an old guy. So with that in mind I’m now looking forward to the future.

There is no rain check for sex.

Some may be surprised to find out I’m actually very shy but unlike Cami I don’t bother to show it.

10 thoughts on “Ya Gotta Walk The Line Baby!

    • Your gonna need it Baby ’cause I’m writing a book now about how to stop your Man from cheating! We aren’t out there looking for hugs and I guarantee if you do one of these mostly naughty suggestions each week only the Police will be able to take him from you! (-:

  1. re: If he were alive today what current Radio group do you think Vince Lombardi would consider coaching for?

    None. I think he’d be coaching for the Porn website guy. Go with a winner I always say…

  2. Love the observation about ‘pitch count’ and the excessive number of pitches thrown by pitchers warming up….haha….good point!

    • I think most politicians are asses Irene. It is so expensive to run for office that they soon sell out to the people who financed them and what those people need and want doesn’t usually match up with our needs and wants.

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