Women With Balls!

Every year around this time I get to spend a few days in Palm Springs with the folks from Santa Rosa who run KZST, KJZY KTRY and the WOLF. We spent a lot of time discussing where we thought Radio was going while drinking some excellent Mojitos expertly prepared by GM Tom Skinner.
The good news is Tom, Gordon Zlot, Bobby Cole, Brent Farris and I actually came up with the answer. The bad news is we can’t remember what it was.

I love strong Women who can still be soft and warm.

Nobody likes an expert, we just need ’em sometime.

A lot of musicians don’t have the privilege of growing old.

It’s what a Radio station doesn’t do that usually makes them great.

I learn more from the questions people don’t answer than I do from the ones they do.

 Has anybody ever learned anything on all those free Webinars other than where to send a check.

Jim Hilliard Jr. claims that it isn’t about race it’s more about your Socioeconomic Standing. You’re mostly afraid of anybody who is two levels below you in economic standing. Are some black college guys coming towards you really more frightening than a bunch of skinheads.

How do we shut off all the stuff the government uses to watch us as easily as they did on that missing plane. 

It takes balls to be the type of Woman who invites herself to dinner where she spends the evening drinking and eating on your tab while telling you that the Women you adore including your Daughters are just using you.
Just kidding is another way of saying “I’m not kidding”.

Just because it’s not against the law doesn’t make it right.

I feel about the same as I’ve always felt but when I look in the mirror I wonder what the hell happened.
When you’re the smartest person in the room it’s the start of a very long and boring day.
If you wanna learn something new you have to ask a few new questions.

Most of the people who have nothing to say take sooooooo long to say it.

If you’re not a very powerful person you better have a great attitude coz you’re gonna need it.

The best way to teach someone is to simply assist them in discovering something they were previously unaware of.

I’m sure glad Frank Elvis And The Beatles didn’t do a research project before they began to do their thing.

Speaking of research, Henry Ford claimed had he done any the folks would have just asked for faster horses.

 It’s tough to fail at doing what you love to do.

 If you can’t dream it you can’t do it.

As difficult as it is to make yourself happy it’s still a hell of lot easier than finding it elsewhere.

Men who work with their hands are called a laborers.
Men who work with their hands and brains is called a craftsman.
Men who work with their hands, brains, and heart are called artists.

Pointing out the blemishes of another does not hide your own.

The average Woman owns over $500 worth of clothing she has never worn but then again I don’t know any average Women.

You only make the same mistake once, the next time is by choice.

According to H Jackson Brown talent without discipline is like an Octopus on roller skates. Lots of movement but much of it ends up going in many unneeded directions.
Everyone is gifted it’s figuring out what gift(s) you have and what to do with them is what should become your life quest.

Speaking of gifts there are 7 different intellectual gifts but SAT’s still continue to only measure 3 of them … Reading, Writing, & Rithmetic.

Love is only just a word until you find someone you want to say it to.

Before music research there were a handful of Radio Geniuses who knew exactly what music to play on the Radio. Research found out they were right but it also found out that Radio no longer needed them.

Unfortunately most Women who are fantastic lovers are also in some kind of therapy.








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