1187009_10152104993264307_1424002743_nI had already moved from Boston to West Palm Beach by the time Cami was born. Her Mother and I were going through a lot of legal issues and my Lawyer had highly recommended that I get blood test to determine if this child was indeed mine. One of the very few people who even knew of Cami’s existence was my old friend Reid Reker whom I took to the h0spital the day after she was born to have a peek at her. Before I could even point her out he said … That baby over there is either your Brother’s your Daughter’s or yours, if I were you Man I would cancel the blood test, you’re only gonna embarrass yourself. Thankfully as you can see, Cami eventually lost most of the Johns look that Reid had spotted so quickly.

Watching a lot of the stupid plays some NFL coaches send on to the field it’s fairly easy to figure out that though they may have coached at the college level it’s pretty apparent they never attended any classes.

Just an early reminder … There still is no such thing as a Rock&Roll Xmas.

Explain this to me … How come the Women you don’t want seem to be available all the time where as the ones you do want seem unavailable most of the time.

As preposterous as this may sound, there is somebody in Radio right now who is actually going to be inducted into the Radio Hall Of Fame in the future.

I’ve always contended that the most popular music will always be done by white folks trying to sound black or black folks trying to sound white. My best case in point is four scrawny Englishman from Liverpool who were only trying to sound like black chicks from Detroit.

I love the word yes because sometimes it leads to some of my dreams and fantasies becoming reality.

When Jo Myers’ book “Good To Go” first came out Jo asked me what kind of a sordid deal would she have to make with me to get her hooked up with my friend Delilah to get her to mention the book. I told her I now needed my sordids up front now because of all my collection problems. 

Joe Amaturo claims that when he first met me he knew right away I wasn’t mystical I was only logical.

Joasia claims Women talk about sex all the time unless Men are around. Damn!

I was reading an interview with Kenny Gamble of Gamble and Huff who invented the Sound Of Philadelphia. Kenny claimed it was very difficult to get white Radio to play black music. Not near as hard as it is to get black Radio to play white music I figure Kenny.

Besides the word no one of the other things I like hearing the least is “I don’t know anything about Radio but”

If an Alien from another planet showed up and asked you why on earth do your Women paint their faces, what would be your reply.

Have you ever noticed that the moment you start to complain nobody has a lot of time for you.

You always find time for someone you love.

If you’re not successful you’ve got to change something.

Sometimes the flaws actually make the art.

There are no young Sugar Daddies nor old Sugar Babies.

The toughest task you will ever take on will be your pursuit of happiness so you may as well relax and enjoy the chase because hunting for it probably will be as close as you will ever get to it.

When Winston Churchill was asked to cut funding for the Arts in favor of the War effort he responded with … Then what the hell are we fighting for?

Most Women fear young Women a lot more than they do beautiful Women because they know what they are willing to do to have a shot at what they have because they used to do it.

Hey I thought fast food joints were the places High School kids could go to get part time jobs and make a few bucks, not a career move.

I’m much smarter on an e mail than I am on the phone or in person.

My ego keeps telling me that I’m one of the best but never explains at what.

Women may forgive but they will never forget. Men on the other hand may forget but they seldom forgive.

Men are into “What It Is” Women on the other hand are into “Why It Is”.

Having talent gives you an opportunity to create your image and from that image comes your popularity.

Generally I’m pretty focused but if you put a beautiful smart Woman between me and a project, the project will be delayed.

It is said that for every hour you exercise you live 2 hours longer and I’ve already figured out what I’m going to be doing for those extra two hours.

Do we have the name and current address of the bastard who came up with politically correctness so we can all go over there and pay our proper respects. 

Radio if done correctly is simply the sound track of life.

Revenue eventually follows the ratings but seldom do the ratings follow the revenue.

I’m pretty sure that 55 year old Women like a lot of the same things 35 year old Women like but I’m not so sure the reverse is true.

Women never seem to go to bars where a lot of Men hang out but the reverse is sure true.

A lot of the e mails I send are actually intended for someone on the cc list.





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