IMG_8942188363_1005482257752_8663_nLast night Cami and I saw a movie with Vince Vaughn called “The Internship” Look who kinda popped in for lunch with us today at “The Dish”(see left)

I was listening to a pod cast the other day which featured my old friend Rick Moranis.(see above) I worked with Rick years ago in Toronto when he was a super board op for CFTR. Rick of course went on to become a writer and a movie star but left show biz to raise his kids after the untimely passing of his wife.
On the pod cast Rick was talking about starting out as a board op at CFTR where we launched the first AC station in North America. He eventually moved on to become an air talent at CHUM-FM which was an AOR station that played “Stairway To Heaven” all the time. According to Rick it didn’t matter how often they played it because the requests for it never slowed down! One day while he was actually playing the tune, some dude called in to request it, when Rick explained he was already playing it the guy said he knew it but wanted him to play it again. Rick suggested he might want to consider buying the album so he could play it whenever he wanted and the caller claimed he already owned it and in fact was listening to it, but took it off when Rick starting playing it. “It Sounds Better On The Radio” was his explanation. I think the NAB should adopt his claim because he’s exactly right. I remember playing The Jury’s first release “Until You Do” on my father’s big stereo system over and over agai but it never sounded as good as it did on the Radio!

While Cami and I were up in northern California last week on vacation, we attended a wine tasting with Gordon Zlot and Tom Skinner. Following the wine tasting where Sue Bonzell over served us a wonderful Pinot Noir from her vineyard, we had dinner at the fine John Ash restaurant. The way they chose to do it was family style which meant all the guests sat with each other using a common menu. After sitting down Tom being a longtime sales guy introduced himself to the guy sitting next to him named Gerry. After exchanging some small talk with him we ordered our meal and while eating we started talking about all the nuances of PPM devices, encoders, drive by listening, and diaries etc. All of a sudden Gerry’s loud voice interrupts our conversation with … Who the hell are you guys, you’re scaring me! No matter how much we tried to convince him we were just radio guys talking radio, he wasn’t buying any of it! He even asked Cami if she understood what we talking about and when she told him she replied she did it only confused him more. I finally told him he had busted us and we really were with the CIA but if we explained what we were talking about he would have to be killed and Gerry seemed to like this explanation better so we all got to finish our meals in peace.

Alerting the staff that “The beatings will continue until company morale improves” unfortunately doesn’t work! 

Most folks hear what we say but pay more attention to what we do.

When you are not sure of anything then anything is possible.

Creativity begins the moment the first rule is put into place.

Becoming engaged to be married doesn’t seem to distract a Man from his work but I’m not sure the same thing can be said about a Woman.

There is no sense having an argument with a Woman because she has already taken an position and her mind is made up.

Most guys fantasize and are excited by the thought of a threesome until their lady asks who the other guy is going to be!

It is said that the only pain even close to be for a male to go through that would be equivalent to child birth would be for him to be kicked in the crotch for a few hours! So I’m thinking Men must have better memories because I know none who are ready to go through a crotch kicking session again after a couple of years.

Have you ever noticed the fewer customers in a restaurant the worse the service.

When I was a kid and got into Radio it was the first job I had where my boss actually encouraged me to sample the product.

I know of few Men who can walk away from the Woman they love not so true for a lot of Women.

How come black singers don’t have any white players in their bands but a lot of white singers have black guys in their bands. Whats up with that!

I think by mistrusting all authority you are getting closer to the truth!

Only after giving recognition to others may you expect to receive any of your own.


13 thoughts on “THE STARS ARE OUT!

  1. Good again George . Enjoy your blog. One point though I was told that if you want to experience The pain of giving birth, take your bottom lip and stretch it over the back of your head. Who thinks of these comparisons?

  2. George,
    Yes Rick was board op at CFTR…he fed off the humour of Chuck Christian. However you must have forgotten …Rick’s first On Air gig was on CFTR as Ric Allen, you gave it to him!

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