Will That Be Cash or Sex?

For some reason beautiful women think my name is Mr Free. Somehow they always manage to find me at the time they need some help the most. I must admit though that I have learned the only way to get a beautiful Woman to notice you is to get in between them and their career. My latest story is Joasia! (pictured) who claims there’s nothing on nighttime radio she or her friends can listen to.

She says they want to hear a show that deals with the Women of today not yesterday with a today Woman as the host. She went on to explain she knows about this first hand ’cause she lives it. It turns out she was telling me all this because she thinks I’m just the guy who can put this show together so she can host it herself. My new response to these kind of queries are … Will that be Cash or Sex Mam?

 Speaking of beautiful Women, until recently I’d been lucky enough to be involved with someone special who is not only beautiful but also very smart. Some of my friends think she is a way too young for me and ask me things like, what are you thinking, where do you think this is all going, she’s just using you, what happens when she wants kids, aren’t you really just her Sugar Daddy, she must have some young guy on the side, etc. etc. Now that I have moved on the very same folks are saying … Are you crazy! How can you leave something that special. You just can’t win for losing!
Most of the lines I write in my Blog are from much longer stories about people I know or incidents I have been involved in. Writing them is great therapy and I thank you for indulging me.
Most Men love telling their stories to the Women who love to hear them but when a Man starts hearing … You already told me that story, he knows the end is near and soon he’ll need to find some fresh ears.

If you just live for today and today is not a good day, what then?
You have no past, it does not exist until you think about it.
You are not born courageous, you need to learn how to resist fear.

There is a business saying that goes “Old Age And Treachery Trumps Youth And Skills Every Time”.
A lotta people don’t understand what a lotta people are saying.
Women aren’t afraid of beautiful Women, they only fear the ones who are younger than them.

Is there anything more distracting than a beautiful Woman walking in on the middle of a very important business meeting.
I totally disprove the theory that you have to be rich or well endowed in order to have a beautiful Woman by your side.
Sometimes the only problem was you just didn’t dream big enough. I can attest to that.
My brother Reg suggested sometime ago that I give up my A** hole persona and go back to what I do best which was to nurture and inspire talent. He said he has met all the real A** holes in our business and I’m just not in their league so I should give it up. Hey maybe I could just be a P**ck.

It’s much easier to teach a talented person how to do it right than teach a person who does it right how to be talented.
Imagination is what we use to get a peek at the future.
So once again the only people in America who are doing better are the Rich and the Poor. F**king politicians!

The news on CNN’s Web Page is better than it is on their channel.
Cyber Lady claims I am the best she’s ever had and she has never had me.
Cyber Girl has kinda just faded away but I have a feeling she will be back ’cause she’s been to the top of the Mountain and she really liked it.

Bad Kitty just disappeared!

Most Women are up for almost anything as long as they don’t have to discuss it the next day.
Way back when a bunch of us worked for Fairbanks Broadcasting, Jim Hilliard gave us enough rope to either hang ourselves with or use it to create some superior product.

I did another check and discovered I’m still not mature enough to handle the word NO!
Am I being unfair when I say that the folks in radio whom are presently cutting folks pay would not in anyway be handing out bonus checks even if they were in the middle of a windfall.

If you are programming to the young they will find you but if you need some adults you will need to find them.
I just figured out why I like March better than February. It was because two very bad things happened in February, the Music Died February 3rd 1959, and Radio Died February 8th 1996.

The most important thing I learned growing up in Transcona was … Go South Young Man. Go South!
Don’t you just love the line … This is not personal it’s just business. I think it was created by some tiny business guy who was afraid we were going to hit him after he just destroyed our lives.

How much money would a Radio Group have to bill to make the stock go up. Someone must have that number but may be afraid disclosed it because it might show that all hope is gone and the only answer is bankruptcy.
Where did all the engineers that used to work at Radio Stations go and what did they do while they worked there.





9 thoughts on “Will That Be Cash or Sex?

  1. To: Bill Gardner
    From: Tom Hoyt
    Subject: CBS cuts in ’08

    I believe the actual number was 187. They were looking to cut 20M from top line expense by Q2 ’08…..187 at +100k….gets to the 20M. I was w’ you then but when we met in later years we never spoke about that…..we should have. Pardon the “memo” look…….I hated those. Be safe & well.

    • The Sugar Daddy routine is an easy one it’s only about sex, there is no relationship. It’s the relationship part where things get screwed up Brent. Thanks for the info on Rai.

  2. George, most of those engineers have either retired or been canned in the ongoing purge of radio people from the industry. And, because the industry has become such an employment trainwreck, smart technical people are staying away in droves. Also, fewer engineers are needed now. What they did in the old days was keep the radio on the radio. Some of it was FCC mandated; some of it was that thinks used to be a lot more fragile than a computer that plays music, spots and voice tracks. Remember carts? And cart machines? Remember equipment, expecially transmitters, with lots of white-hot tubes? All very maintenance heavy and prone to failure. And, in every station I worked at back in the day, the engineers were also responsible for the phone system, the station cars, the field where the tower(s) stood, changing light bulbs, setting up remotes, etc. A lot of this work is no longer needed, and the rest has been pawned off on somebody else, who works cheaper.

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