The Hunny Bunny Is Long Gone !

The best sales marketing plan I ever saw was done in San Antonio Texas on KLLS (Class FM). KLLS was the first Class FM Radio Station in North America and we used the name Class because it was the word I thought best describe the great sound of KVIL in Dallas. Class FM was very similar to KVIL and was sorta the Daughter of Kay Ville. The GM Jack Collins produced a special map of the city on which he had drawn a single line across the middle to separate the north from the south. On the upper half of the map were the words “Class FM Is Number One Here” We became the #1 biller long before we were ever #1.

Did Lance Armstrong use the same writers as Tiger Woods for his apology and I wonder who the person was that told them both they needn’t bother with sincerity.

How would we amuse ourselves if celebrities or near celebrities didn’t screw up.

There is always a ton of money available to pay famous people.

It was a sweet run but the Hunny Bunny is gone so it’s time to hunt for a new wild animal.

Blogger John Cole wrote … The glasses in my hotel room are so small I’m drinking Vodka Tonics out of the coffee pot. Indiana f**king blows!

Have you ever noticed when the Woman you’re involved with becomes the love of your life unusual love making in unusual locations begin to disappear. Right Tom!

It isn’t who I love that makes me generous it’s who loves me. If you can fake that you’ve got it made but I’d still suggest moving to Hollywood, it pays much more than I ever will.

The real truth is probably much easier for me to handle than what ever it is I’m going to imagine it to be.

Exclusivity is a necessity with me!

A Woman’s love for me is what obligates me to her not mine for her. That, I can walk away from!

While thinking big one should not forget to enjoy all the small pleasures in life.

Does anyone have a top 10 list of all the good things consolidation brought to the table. No! Ok, how about one thing then … I’m waiting!

Good GMs are good at firing people up but great GMs are great at starting a fire inside of people.

I wonder how pumped Nashville is about New York going Country. Look at them boots!

Your brain has only so much room for memories so in order for you to have a new one something must go. If you could choose, what memory would you let go of.

If I were the 49ers I would run right at Ray Lewis in the Super Bowl. Nobody retires from football before their time in fact they usually wait one year too long.

Doug Herman reminded me that George Carlin once said … Somewhere in the world is the world’s worst Doctor and he has patients.

Until we here the words cheaper gas prices I don’t think we should let the oil companies drill where they want to. North America already has enough oil.

What caused someone to become “Born Again” is what I want to hear about, especially from the ladies.

For the longest time I could never understand why women would hit on me when I was already with a beautiful a Woman. When I’m alone of course they mostly ignore me.  Finally one of them explained it. She said they knew I would never leave my beautiful date for someone else so that meant they could practice their flirting skills without worrying about consequences.

My own needs unfortunately sometimes interfere with my attending to the needs of others.

Even though their is nothing physical about the passage of time it still manages to change things. I don’t love my Father any less than I did at his passing but the mere passage of time has made it much easier for me to deal with and it gets easier each passing day.

Have you ever noticed when somebody laughs it is hard to resist laughing along even if you don’t know what they are laughing about.

Folks often ask me when I started writing. The answer is simple, it was the moment I discovered spell check on my computer .

When Doc Rivers of the Celtics was asked what he said different to the players after going from last place to winning the NBA Championship the next year he replied … I didn’t say anything different I just got better players. It’s that time again Doc!



30 thoughts on “The Hunny Bunny Is Long Gone !

    • Not you Tom, settle down. I would never bring up that Russian girl you bought a few groceries for and got to meet her teenage son when you helped carry the stuff into her apartment. That will always be our little secret.

  1. Hey George!
    What you really need to do now is to get onto social media, posting George Clooney’s picture as you. Maybe it’s time to turn the tables and get really stupid women to send money to you! You can then use that money to rent the hottest hookers in town every night, and never look back! WIN WIN!

  2. George…

    The passage of time “launders” the old times. We forget the bad and remember the good. If we remembered only the bad, we’d go nuts. Reflecting on old times, like school, relationships, jobs, parents, etc….with the passage of time, we think of those as good times. Probably why we go to “reunions”. God gives us memory so we can smell the roses in December.


  3. Hello from your KLLS Class FM San Antonio VP Programming for two plus years! You didn’t mention the fact that San Antonio clients would sometimes say that map had some subtle “racist overtones.” We’d have major retailers with multiple locations map out where THEIR stores were located in San Antonio and 80% of their stores would be on our side of the line! Also, when they’d say, “You’ve got a seven share, they’ve got an eight…the other station is really number one in town,” I heard some of our guys would say “Who would you rather have in your store, seven of our listeners or eight of theirs?”

  4. Hi George 🙂
    I am glad the competition is out of the way since the Hunny Bunny is long gone……
    I am sick and tired of the cold and lonliness in Buffalo and I am looking for a job in Florida…..
    So far Jacksonville has the highest pay for nurse practitioners in the country……..but that’s not close enough….and money isn’t everything.
    You’re the best

  5. I don’t think you had any illusions about your little Bunny, but you enjoyed the journey while it was happening & that’s what matters. I’m sorry the tattoo bit didn’t go your way, but you have some daughter (well actually I should use the plural) there.
    She didn’t do it out of rebellion, she thought it through thoroughly, she wasn’t testing you & was willing to do a lot of research. I’m sure for those reasons that will be the end of it.

    • No illusions at all about the Hunny Bunny Em and as young as she was she still taught me a few new things that will be useful. (-:
      As for Cami I’m sorry she got the tattoo but she did it for good reasons and she did think it through.

  6. George, sorry to hear about your hunny bunny. Could it be because you referred to her as hunny bunny? Eeewwwww………..just a thought………..

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