179713_10151919139994307_515901215_n1A couple of years ago Reid Reker a very good friend of mine who was working for CBS in Las Vegas, sent me a dimly lit picture of him and some other guy standing in front of the slot machines in a Casino. Reid wanted to know if I had any idea who his new friend was and I told him he looked an awful lot like the guy who used to play catch with Joe Montana while they were winning a few Super Bowls.

Reid claimed his photo op with Jerry Rice came about while he and his date were strolling through the Wynn Hotel on their way to dinner. Suddenly she says … Hey Reid look, there’s that guy from “Dancing with the stars” then immediately rushes off to say hi to him. Jerry it turned out was more than pleasant to her as he patiently answered all her questions about the very popular TV show he recently appeared on. When asked about what else he did when wasn’t dancing, Jerry replied he used to play a little football. She immediately returned the conversation to the important stuff, more questions about “Dancing With The Stars”.

It’s a hell of a lot easier to piss people off than please them.

It’s never too late to become what you’ve always wanted to be.

When Alan Freed cries out “Who’s Your Daddy Bitch” Rock & Roll will always answer … You are Moondog, you are!

In the early days of Rock & Roll if you were even lucky enough to get one hit you were a star.

The only tickets worth giving away on the Radio are the ones you can’t buy.

Isn’t is strange all the words you tolerate from someone you love but if spoken to you by someone else may result in their death.

You can always find a lot of reasons not to do something but it only takes finding one good one to do it.

When you look at Radio as just part of show business what to do with it becomes so much simpler.

We need to become more water like. No matter what you do it always finds a way in.

Life is measured by it’s breathless moments and I need another one right now.

I heard Joyce Kaufman recently say on WFTL that her white friends sure don’t say the things about Blacks and Hispanics that they say about them.

If your competitor is just good enough you’ve got a mountain to climb baby!

What should you do if all your friends tell you … “She’s the one” but they’re talking about two different people.

Can any NFL team stop Tebow in the Red Zone, yet most coaches say he doesn’t belong in the NFL. I know at one time they must of all coached at the college level, but did they ever attend.

I had drinks with my old friend Paul Cavenaugh the other day aboard is new yacht where he gave me his own version of America’s economy. He told me to look around at all the empty boat slips. He claimed a few years ago you couldn’t get a boat slip where he docked, but now they are 3/4 empty. America’s middle class can no longer afford a boat.

No matter how strong somebody looks on the outside I’m sure on the inside everybody is fighting a demon they are very afraid of.

One of the great promotions you no longer can run was … Friday at 4 PM WIBC becomes a “Thing Of The Past” and of course you roll into an oldies weekend. If you ran a promo like that today the folks would beat you to the punch by taking you off their Radio dial immediately.

Once you utter those three famous words … I love you!  Your life immediately becomes a lot more loving but also a lot less exciting.

The more unique your programming the more people will move or drive closer to your transmitter in order to hear it as they must of done when Top 40 first hit the airways on all those low powered AM’s.

Why does the government believe in big business when most of the rest of us don’t.

Most people don’t recognize opportunity because it just looks like hard work to them.

The first rule of Showbiz is … Ya Gotta get their attention first! Come to think of it that may also pertain to life. If a Priest doesn’t get the flocks attention they don’t come to Church, the Priest is fired. If a Band doesn’t get the fans attention they don’t come to concerts, the Band is fired. If a team doesn’t get the fans attention they don’t show up for the games, the coach is fired. If a Teacher doesn’t get the students attention they get bad bad grades and the Teacher is … Wait a minute the teacher isn’t fired, what’s up with that? Oh yeah I forgot it’s the Parents fault and you can’t fire them either.

Just ’cause you can’t prove it doesn’t mean it’s not true.

You are a prisoner and a slave to what ever you are addicted to.

Because folks are politically correct at all times it kinda leaves the impression that America is no longer racist. I actually believe it’s worse now than it’s been in a long time.

My daughter Cami doesn’t have a racist bone in her body but she also knows who all the “Ghetto Kids” are and stays completely away from them.

Talking about Daughters,  I remember going with Candis for a learning session on how to audition for visual things like Movies, TV, Commercials, and Videos. At one point the instructor says …  Ok what we’re going to do next is have you audition for a TV commercial. The script calls for you to sing these words who wants to be first. All you hear are protests from the students whining about the fact they can’t sing where as my daughter was elated because she is a great singer. The instructor put up his hand to get silence and said this is the most important thing you will learn at this class so listen up. Your job as actors is to try to do everything the director wants you to do without question. They may actually be looking for someone who can’t sing and as bad as you are may be a good thing.

As The Stones often sing “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” which is very true, but what is even truer is you ain’t never gonna git any of the good stuff if you don’t ask for it.

If you have to explain who you are, you ain’t.

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  1. George… after all these years I still can not figure it out. Is there a lot of Stephen Wright in you or a lot of you in Stephen Wright? Good Stuff!

  2. Excellent..always wished I had the opportunity to work with you! Big John invariably brought you up in our conversations! I miss that guy!

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