Guitars Radio & Wild Women! (Who Ya Gonna Call) Chapter XL (edited March 31/16)

1391519_10152262591074307_1940714010_n-1With Cami going to college at USF

Shes majoring in psychology plus signing to the deaf

So it may be the 1st time in almost twenty years

That I’ve thought about changing up some gears

After taking Cami back to college in Tampa for her sophomore year I was reminded of the time I had to fly to New York for business. The good part about this trip was that I got to have dinner with her sister Candis who was also in her sophomore year at NYU in New York, and the even neater part was we were going to dine with my old friend Rick Moranis. Rick hadn’t seen Candis since she was going to nursery school back in Toronto when Rick and I had worked together at CFTR and he was looking forward to seeing how she turned out. Candis was delighted but had a small problem because her boyfriend Luigi had recently told her that Rick was his all time favorite actor and when she told him that Rick was a friend of mine he sarcastically said … Right your Dad knows everybody doesn’t he. Dad you’ve got to let me bring him, it will just blow his mind she pleaded.

1174558_210405975791969_1274043569_nRick met me at my hotel and because the weather was nice and the restaurant was close we walked and found Candis and Luigi already seated. Candis later told me that on the way over Luigi still thought this was all just a prank.
When we walked in and Rick went right over to give Candis a hug, his mouth fell open in total disbelief.
What a fun night it was as Rick entertained us with all his inside stories about the making of Ghost Busters, Little Shop Of Horrors, Honey I Shrunk The Kids, Space Balls, My Blue Heaven and countless others. He told us that set for Ghost Busters was always filled with nervous energy because most of the folks who were in the movie were writers so you never knew what to expect when the cameras were rolling. He also surprised with the fact that in Little Shop Of Horrors they had several guys pulling the ropes that made the plant move and talk. But because they couldn’t do it fast enough, they had to double the speed of the film on playback which meant that whenever Rick was in a scene with the plant he had to move his mouth at half speed then dub his voice in later. When I asked him how the hell he did it he claimed it was easy, they just put a guy on the other side of the camera who held up his paycheck.

Eventually we got around to reminiscing about our time together in Toronto where we had actually launched the world’s first AC station and Rick graciously told Candis that I had actually given him his first break in showbiz when I put him on the radio on a weekend shift. That weekend show made him decide that he was going to pursue a career in show biz instead of going to medical school like his parents wanted him to. Rick also claimed he was writing a script about the strange times in the world back then which he wanted to look at through the eyes of all the crazy characters we had working at CFTR when we were both there. What a great night it was, except Luigi never said a word and hardly touched his food causing Rick to lean over to Candis and say … It’s pretty obvious that your boyfriend can’t speak, can he sign?




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