Who The Hell Are You?

I am continuing as you can see to do deep and extensive research about what women really want to hear on the radio. Just when I think I’m making some headway Russ Morely informs me that all women are exactly the same they just look different. The amount of hours I am putting into this project may be many but it has it’s rewards. Now my new mission in life is to try and disprove Russ’s theory.

Boy that John Elway is an ass isn’t he. Tebow takes the team into a tie for first place on Sunday and he doesn’t even come over to congratulate him or even give him an “atta boy”

So if its true that girls have the bridesmaids dresses picked out at 11 years of age than Tina Turner got it right when she sang … What’s Love Got To Do With It.

Being a concerned parent of a daughter I have uncovered that most nude dancers have tattoos and also a lot of them were recruited from Hooters.

If your an air talent you can double your time spent listening simply by using the YOU word 10 times as often as the I word

Both my Daughters still believe in Santa Clause because I explained to them when they didn’t it only cost them one gift but it was a BIG one.

In South Florida on the Atlantic side Canadians are not well liked because the only ones they see and hear are the ones who are ruder and louder than most New Yorkers. The polite Canadians you always hear about are on the Gulf side of Florida. Most of them are from Western Canada.

I’ve noticed the energy back stage at a Sports Talk station is just like it used to be in the early days of Rock&Roll. In fact I think Sports broadcasting is the New Rock!

Wow they are tearing up my all time favorite station the legendary KGO in San Francisco. I guess Dylan really meant it when he sang ” The Times Are A Changin’ ” but he never claimed all the changes were good.

Speaking of Legends I was on WFTL’s Joyce Kaufman show this week with “Rock&Roll Hall Of Famer” Dion who has a new book out called Dion The Wanderer talks Truth. What a thrill it was for me to swap old Rock&Roll stories with a legend like him. I explained to Dion that the first word I ever said on the radio was his name so it had come full circle. He is also coming out with a new CD in January called a “Tank full Of Blues” so its obvious the Dude ain’t Done.

In Denver and a few other places everybody agrees Tebow is the man except for John Elway, John Fox, and the entire sports fraternity. They all prefer guys like Michael Vic and Cam Newton who have no idea how to win anything.

When you lose to the Seattle Seahawks you know your season is toast. Right Philly!

I love the scam the gas stations are running. In huge numbers they display the price per gallon but in very tiny letters it says cash price. The real price is 5 or 6 cents more.

Ron Chapman told me that he was reading a book about the human thought process and the author claimed most people don’t know as much about anything as they think they do. Which means if his Idea is true, it’s false.

I remember when I got a new car in Toronto during the 70s and tried out the stereo radio that came with it. CKFM was playing 25 or 6 to 4 by Chicago and even though I worked at CFTR I instantly became a FM guy, I had heard the future and the future sounded better. That was the only time radio technically sounded better than it ever had before. Now in this high tech world other than convenience the only thing that has gotten better is TV. Radio actually sounds worse.

I was at my favorite watering hole the other night which is Duffy’s Sports Grill in The Village. I asked Sam the bartender if there was anyway she could try and find The Grey Cup in Vancouver and put it up on one of the screens for me. The Winnipeg Blue Bombers were in it and it would be fun to see it once again although not as much fun as it was when I got to do it in Canada with all my buddies. 15 minutes later there it was. Ya gotta love that black card.

Speaking of the Grey Cup it used to be a very intense rivalry between the East and the West. This year the teams were from Vancouver and Winnipeg. Wait a minute when I lived in Winnipeg it was located in the Midwest, what fool decided it was now in the east … Oh Mr. Businessman!

How do I explain to Cami these are her easy times, it’s all downhill from here.

Speaking of Cami she said she learned in Drivers Ed this week that when you run out of gas just open the gas cap and you can drive for two more miles.

I know for sure that I’m not a womanizer but I think I would like to be. Unfortunately I’m not in charge of that, women are.

I sure don’t hear any excitement about the NBA coming together.

It really doesn’t matter who you used to be it’s who you are now that counts.

There is a huge difference between a system and a process.

When I woke up this morning there was a very loving note from Cami lying next to the coffee maker. She wrote about how much she loved me and enjoyed being my Daughter. The PS read … There is a Concert today at the Fairgrounds today that costs $40 can she and her friend AJ go ?

26 thoughts on “Who The Hell Are You?

  1. Sounds like Russ is the king of narcissistic superficiality. Agreement could be made that women have physical female attributes, however, any stretch beyond that is nonsense.

    On another subject, Dion. Mr. DooWop finding new ways to reinvent himself. He is like the Eveready bunny of the music biz. After over a decade in the music biz, he reinvented himself with Abraham, Martin, and John. Fast forward to April 19, 1974. I was witness to one of the biggest musical trainwrecks ever. Dion unplugged on the stage at Grand Valley State College, near Grand Rapids, MI. Dion was the “surprise” warm-up act for Frank Zappa! Frank’s legendary sonic orgies fueled by his fusion of jazz, screaming Stratocaster arias to an audience predisposed to experiments with chemical auras led to the most outrageous vacant stare in music history when Mr. Dimucci quietly walked to the middle of the stage and sat upon a tall, gray, 4 legged stool. I thought to myself, this guy has got more guts than a government mule!

    What is Dion going to do to win this crowd of pre-lit college kids over? No horns, no driving beat? Dion with an acoustic guitar playing his biggest hits, and new socially aware tunes. He attempted to appease the crowd with a brief editorial about the fact that he was surprised to be there too! Unless that spruce top had a secret pickup, fuzzbox, and stack of Marshall amps connected, Mr. DooWop was going to find out the hard way when the music died.

    He left the stage after a couple of songs, with tear-filled eyes and a one-handed salute celebrating the smallest whole integer.
    Fast forward to December 2011, and Dion 37 years later is promoting a new album? Frank Zappa is dead and his legend lives on. Dion is alive and still trying for one more grab at the brass ring.

    Stranger things have happened, but you will know when Dion has arrived… when he does his first commercial for Colonial Life, or some reverse mortgage outfit. “I’m the kinda guy that likes hoveround…. “

  2. Yikes; Right Wing Hate Talker Joyce Kaufman is the new Rock & Roll? Come on Georgie…. everytime I hear her steal some Petty for a bumper I want to puke…


      • you are absolutely right geo……i was off topic..

        sports talk radio, where ex jocks who ‘speak’ english as a second language shine bright …..:)

        • No George it’s sports in any language that is the new rock. The media is after your wife because she controls your wallet but you don’t like what she likes but you are afraid to tell her Sports has no demos it has all demos and it could care less about what your wife thinks.

  3. Yo George!

    To clear things up…it’s the Canadians from Quebec who are the rudest and most arrogant. People from Ontario are reasonably polite, but the word “cheap-(skate)” originated in Ontario.

    Next, lets see…YOU, Joyce Kauffman, and the legendary Dion all on the same program? That makes the combined age of the show 312!

    Russ Morley is more right than wrong about women. Sooner or later, a woman will suck the life out of you…it’s just that it feels so good in the beginning!

    Paul Cavenaugh

    • Paul, You are supposed to be happy living on your yacht as it gently rocks you to sleep. But reading between the lines I think I detect some bitterness. (-:

      • Are you kidding? Since my trip to the Keys, and discovering that the reality of my retirement is even better than the dream, the attempt was to be as outrageous as possible, just for the reaction.

        Bitter? Never. Is it possible that my post-trip observations of life are now even more twisted than before? Oh yea.

        …or maybe I’ve lost my “touch”??? Maybe it was the Canadian joke??? Maybe it was the Old joke???

        My Goodness you “land dwellers” are sensitive.

  4. Ron’s reading books about the brain? So is his 2nd act going to be as neuroscience?
    Sports radio stations vary depending on the market..in DC both of them are boring..course one of em is owned by the owner of the deadskins but just saying

  5. Don’t you dare tell Cami it’s all down-hill from here – I can’t believe you said that. Sure the teen years are great, but there not the greatest for all teens,some have it very hard…regardless she has so much to look forward to – falling in love, having children, or/and having a career that she loves. Let her know that the world is there for her – travel, learning, experiencing…forming wonderful relationships – she is so lucky she has the father that can offer the right guidance and it’s not all about money, remember what you accomplished on your own, when she is ready don’t forget to let her make her own accomplishments. You can open doors, but they may not be her doors.

    • Em I should have said it’s all “Up-hill” from here because what I meant is she will look back on these High School days as easy times. Life gets tougher as you move forward as you well know.

  6. I should have known better, you would never put negative thoughts in her head – my High School Days were great & I’m still in regular touch with a lot of the Alumni.

    • I remember how tough it was to keep Candis going to UCLA. She complained to me abut how tough it was all the time. Now she says she wish she had those “tough” times back because compared to working it was nothing.

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