Shown here visiting Delilah at her beautiful farm/ranch in Washington State where she told me she was actually born Delilah Luke. Her parents named her Brother, Mathew Mark as a bit of a joke and then proceeded to name her after the notorious lady barber from the Bible who sheared Sampson’s locks as a cheeky exclamation point!

The 50th anniversary of Kennedy’s assassination brought back memories of my first visit to Dallas shortly before we launched KVIL. Bob Hanna who was the GM picked us up at Love Field around noon and when he found out this was my first trip to Texas he said, well lets get this out of the way and off we sped in his white on white “Eldo” to the middle of town. When we reached the Plaza near where JFK was assassinated Bob pointed up at the window in the book depository building where Oswald supposedly took the shot heard around the world. He also showed us the grassy knoll where so many conspiracy theories have put another shooter. Then he turns to me and says … That’s the bad news George but this is the good news as he pointed out the beautiful Women walking (strutting) along the sidewalk on their lunch break. They all looked like Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders to me.

Even though as a child I lived in Australia and my sister Sandra was born there Lou Josephs claims my Blog for some reason is blocked down under!

All along the Players Union has been trying to claim the athletes were the thing where it’s always been the coaches. Right New Orleans!

I just read somewhere that even though they played together more than the required 10 thousand hours and had tons of talent that the biggest reason for The Beatles enormous success may have in fact been their arrogance.

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

As good as some athletes are they can’t be that smart ’cause they sure do a lotta stupid things.

Why are atheists always mad at religious people but the reverse doesn’t seem to be true.

I think one of the ways to stop those black punks who are going around knockout punching unsuspecting innocent people is if some bystander were take out his gun and blow one of them away especially the one who threw the punch. The word would get around quickly and it would be over. C’mon America get some balls! (there are some unconfirmed rumors that this may have already happened)

The biggest change in Radio is that there used to be a lot of stations that were terrible, some that were mediocre, and a few great ones. Now they are mostly mediocre.

Oprah claims that the the bad things that happen to the President happen because he is black. I believe the opposite to be true.

I’ve noticed that a lot of people in Florida cross over in the middle of the block instead of going to the cross walk where they don’t have to dodge cars. Is that a black thing or just a Florida thing.

Great people change the world they don’t let the world change them.

Figuring out how to have a good time while trying to change the world demands a little creativity! I’m on it!

Do young dudes of today dream about owning a fuel efficient car some day.

Asking why it is, is girly stuff dealing with what it is, is the stuff real Men think about.

It doesn’t matter how hard you work, what matters is how much you accomplish.

Mandela always claimed we were born very loving, we actually had to learn how to hate.

My friend Bob Christy told me that when he was a kid his Father ran a car dealership but he wouldn’t let Bob drive a muscle car because he felt it was too dangerous. Today Bob runs a driving school and has to explain to the parents that a Toyota Camry is faster today than any of those muscle cars ever were yesterday so they need to be very afraid.

I never got along with my Father but I sure miss him.

I wonder why Gay people insist you have to be for them or your labeled being homophobic I would think not being against them should be enough.

Just because it’s not against the law doesn’t mean it’s Ok.

Of all the Women I have ever loved I’ve never loved one enough to let her speak for me. Other than Nick Saban I know of no one who once being labeled as pussy whipped become very successful.

Drama Drama Drama! I headed to the Hilliard’s in San Francisco for Thanksgiving on the Wednesday before. Once there it started out wonderful until I got a text from Cami saying her Mom wasn’t feeling well so she wasn’t sure how her Thanksgiving was going to go. A few days later I headed up to Santa Rosa to do a little work and drink lots of wine before heading to LA to visit my Grandson Nathaniel. While at the airport waiting to board my flight I got another text from Cami saying her Mom was now in the hospital and there was no food in the house so would I send her a pizza which I did. Once I arrive in LA where I am to stay with my friends Bob and Jan the temperature starts dropping and I go to bed early so I can attend Nathaniel’s soccer tournament at the Rose Bowl the next morning. I am awakened by the West Palm Beach police calling me to tell me that my SUV was broken into where it was parked in the Amtrak long term parking lot. You would think that would be enough but it’s also raining which made watching Nathaniel in the cold drizzle not as fun as it could have been. Now I take the red eye home which I hate coz it’s hard to sleep only to discover my Ford Explorer won’t start. A couple of hours later and down 50 bucks I’m finally home. Turns out the only thing missing from my SUV was my special huge wine glass from Duffy’s which they love to fill up so I can pretend I’m only having one glass at a time. Damn!

Jerry Jones should just make himself the coach so we can put the blame where it belongs and maybe he should also suit up so he can show Romo how it really should be done.



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