Who Decides How Much A CEO Should Make.


Thousands of women are looking for the Fathers for their unborn children but I know of very few men looking for Mothers … That’s when the real dance of life begins.

I think our natural tendency is to like people who like us but I’m not sure that’s true for love.

Beware of people who always want to give you unsolicited advice. Most of it is very self serving.

Frank Zappa said Art is making something out of nothing and then selling it.

Seeing as Radio is the only part of show biz where the sales department has any power maybe we can just blame the whole mess on them.

Joe Amaturo told Bob Christy he never made any real money until he was 65.

According to Doug Erickson … In the 60’s CEO’s made 40 times as much as the company’s regular staff. Now they make 400 times as much. Is there something wrong with this picture or am I just blind to the obvious.

Who is it that decides what CEO’s make? What’s that you say … Oh they do. Well there you go then.

You will never make a decent wage until your forty and even that may be a little early now if ever.

Marty Callner said “Living in California is like being in High School with money”.

Air talent need to spend more time dreaming about becoming as good as they already think they are.

Every bit on the radio needs a startling opening, a drama filled middle part and of course big climax. I only hear the middle part without the drama on today’s radio.

Paul McCartney’s Father in law once told him, “Never invest in anything you don’t know”. I think there may be a message in there somewhere for radio’s bankers.

Leno and Letterman combined have less than half the audience Carson had.

I read somewhere that Celebrity is just Obscurity biding it’s time.

When I recently introduced my tax accountant Cindy Adair to Delilah as the woman who was keeping me out of jail. Delilah responded that she was pretty sure if I ever had the misfortune of going to jail she doubts the reason would be financial.

Back when Jim Hilliard was selling WRMF one of the people looking at buying it was Frank Osborn. I remember Frank turning to me at lunch and saying “George if I buy this station I only have one request … No barking dogs at Christmas time, other than that you can do anything you want”.

Speaking of Christmas, I used to attend some Radio Station Christmas Parties that were so good marriages broke up because of them.

When I asked my Grandson Nathaniel what Santa brought him for Christmas he excitedly responded with “exactly what I asked him for” I still don’t have any idea what he got.

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve noticed at all the warm Christmas and seasonal wishes women have been sending to each other on Facebook. I’ve also noticed that all the discussions seemed to be only about Sisters, Mothers, Grandmothers, Girlfriends, Aunties and Daughters. Hey maybe if we cut off the money supply they’ll notice us again.

I’m an expert on a very limited amount of subjects, but the same as most folks I have a uneducated opinion on all the rest.

The thing I hate most in the world next to the word NO is when after noodling for weeks our next big promotion and ironing out all the kinks to make sure nothing will go badly is the instant reaction of what’s wrong with it from some expert at it’s first ever presentation.

On Christmas Day, Robin Garrett invited me along with her friend Dan for dinner at her French Canadian neighbors house here in South Florida. The evening started off well enough but as time went on all the neighbors from the North soon abandoned English and switched to French. All I could think of as I finished my desert was … I wish my good friend Jim Quail from Transcona was here with me. He would have known exactly how to address the situation.

There is a saying that you can lead a horse to water but you cant make him drink. I’ve always felt my real job was to make the “Studs” thirsty.

I’m only attracted and distracted by smart strong beautiful women. Thank God they are not attracted to me because I can no longer afford them.

If the pursuit of happiness is happiness why isn’t the pursuit of money, money.

There’s a lot more happiness waiting for your from chasing your wants rather than your needs.

We are all gifted at something, figuring out what that is and finding out if there is a market for it is the quest.

I think women are much more selective about who they fall in love with than we are. We just pray the woman we fall in love with turns out to be a decent human being.

Joe Raineri told me now that he has the secret formula he’s all set. Hey maybe 2011 is going to be his year.

I bet if they took the face guards off of football helmets that would eliminate most concussions.

In radio too many people can say no. When said by even the least informed person and untalented person in the work place it can still kill most deals.

It’s pretty easy to make money you just have to dedicate your whole life to it.

I had many many jobs before I got one in radio. Most of my Bosses knew my Father and would all say … If you work half as hard as your old man you’ll fit in perfectly around here. My Father never knew anyone in radio.

When I started my radio career my first great discovery was my Boss’s name was Jimmy, not Mr. Darin.

I think all of this stuff would make more sense if I wrote it before having a glass of wine.

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  1. I see my brother has stepped up his game. We’re taking the show out of the basement and onto the stage with lights. (I don’t know, seems to be a lot of glitter for a Transcona boy).

    So I’m assuming, now that it looks nice, we will find the content to be ever inspiring – yes?

    Welcome to the Internet

    You go Bro!

    • Bro as you know, The Devines, Rebel Raiders, Phantoms & Jury had pretty fancy garb. Just bringing a little of that to The Blog(-:

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