“White Hispanics”

This is a picture of my new Facebook friend Emily Ratajkowski who also happens to be in my favorite music video of the moment “Blurred Lines” by fellow Canadian Robin Thicke. The video has been viewed well over 68 million times and at least a million of those views were done by me personally when I discovered the unrated version and immediately fell in love with Emily.

Being a Canadian living in a strange land sometimes I get a little confused. Lets see if I’ve got this straight yet … In America you only have to be politically correct if you’re “White” but now that they’ve labeled some people as “White Hispanics” will they also have to comply.

What does that make Aaron Hernandez or does no race want to claim him?

Is it politically incorrect to bring up how absurd being politically correct is.

If you have no idea what one is thinking how would one go about changing what someone is thinking.

Do you have to tell the truth if it’s politically incorrect to do so. 
Don’t and Stop are two words I hate almost as much as the word “No” but when they are combined I absolutely love them!

I’m not sure what the answer is but I do know for sure it’s not the Democrats or the Republicans.
Cami and I just got back from a couple of weeks in California where excitedly I thought all the servers were hitting on me. Turns out it was just called good service unlike what we get here in the east.

Even though it’s supposedly against the law, does anybody ever buy stock without some “insider” information.

Speaking of California, what do they know that we don’t. They are a way over taxed, the freeways are stopped down most of the time, they have all kinds of mud slides, wildfires and earthquakes but nevertheless everyone still smiles like they live in Disneyland.

Most Men are into Women where as most Women are into lifestyle.

In a Man’s world it’s about what you did, in a Women’s world it’s all about why you did it.
Wow the Zimmerman trial was very political, the Liberals thought he was guilty, the Conservatives thought he was innocent before anybody knew anything. Neither group changed their mind no matter what the evidence said. The only thing didn’t know was what the Jury knew.
Speaking of Zimmerman how do the Liberals and Conservatives choose which side they are on.

I don’t know why God punishes young Women each month only because they didn’t get pregnant but I do know if it was just a man made law, I don’t think it would last very long.

Seeing as Marriage in some ways is similar to a business shouldn’t we work out how it all ends before the wedding so the lawyers aren’t the only ones who get paid at the end.
The formula for Music Radio is easy, simply play the tunes the folks like more often than the ones they don’t like.

You can never overplay someones favorite song repetition begins the 2nd time you play the song they don’t like.

Your best stories always come from your worst decisions.
Just because it’s legal doesn’t make it right.
Things are what they are not what we wish them to be, but if you’re not working on what you wish them to be they for sure will never be.
If you work at Pizza Hut you needn’t worry about who owns it. The time to worry is when you hear that the new plan is to cut back on the cheese. Run!
Lots of schools can teach you how to do business but none can teach you how to do gifted.

The off button on a radio is the real enemy not your competitor.
On the other hand the scan button has always been Radio’s biggest friend.
Have you ever noticed when you’re talking with someone who went to Harvard it comes up very early in the conversation.
The thing that makes running different than any other sport is … You’re either running or your not.

Being in love means doing what the other person likes not necessarily what’s right.

Sinatra’s band leader Nelson Riddle once said, “you never retire from show business your phone just stops ringing.”
I’m not always sure what I want but I’m pretty sure what I want is not what the person I want, wants me to want.

So it turns out Cory Monteith (Glee) was mixing Booze with Heroin and everybody but us knew about it. 







6 thoughts on ““White Hispanics”

  1. – Great! The little woman just told me I have to leave the computer alone from now on when she isn’t home. Thanks a lot. Talk about blurred lines… WTH!?!

  2. I wonder why the Government wants to keep all these races segregated? I get a feeling that it just enjoys segregation and the make work projects it creates. Where would we be without riots?

    • Bruce I think it’s because there seems to different rules and laws for the different races so they need to know to know how to deal with us.

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