Where The Hell Is The 60 Million Going?

It was wonderful growing up in the 50’s when Rock&Roll first hit Radio and shocked our ears with legendary artists like Elvis, Little Richard, Fats Domino, etc. But it soon smoothed out and came back closer to the middle again. Next The Beatles hit us with the British sound and shocked our senses again but it also returned to middle ground. Then Rap was all over us but has been mellowed by Hip Hop. What’s next and when?

Speaking of shock when my Wife and I separated years ago my Mother in a state of shock said to me … It’s lucky your father’s not alive because this news would have killed him.

I wonder what kind if any research the author E. L. James did to write “50 Shades Of Grey”. Women are always trying to convince me they don’t like that kinda stuff, obviously she didn’t listen.

Of all the Women I have known other than my Mother and Daughters only 4 so far have had much influence on me.

When driving to San Diego with my Grandson Nathaniel to visit Cami who was on vacation at my brother’s place my Daughter Candis said Nathaniel spoke up and said “Auntie Cami can’t be my Aunt Mommy she’s too young”

Speaking of Candis and Cami they couldn’t be more different. Candis has always been very outgoing in fact when she was a child and we moved into a new neighborhood she went door to door asking if they had a little girl living there she could play with. Cami is much more reserved but they both have that Johns intensity burning deep inside of them.

I’ve noticed lately more and more people seem to be adding “And this isn’t for publication” to our conversations.

Only victims should be allowed revenge so where is that 60 million dollar fine from Penn State going? Surely not to the NCAA, what the hell do they need it for, aren’t they just another institution.

Do you think you can or do you think you can’t both answers are correct.

Not breathing is only one of the ways you die another is when you let the child in you die. I don’t think I will ever be accused of that.

The 3rd way of dying is when you stop learning just like all the experts have done. Meanwhile I’m still out here still trying to learn how to be a better lover. I love the homework.

The 4th way of dying is when you stop making love. My goal is to die while making love.

I don’t know which one of my smart assed friends keeps signing me up for these matchmaking services but I keep getting these e mails that say so and so would like to meet you, she has similar interests as you do … You mean she’s interested in beautiful young Women too.

I used to advise young people in our biz that if they wanted to make any real money they had to make management afraid they were going to leave. Not sure that’s true anymore.

Have you ever noticed that small children always tell the truth but once they grow up they have to be drunk to do so.

I have never received a phone call from someone saying I’m sending you some money but I have had many of calls asking me for some.

Looks to me like Bear Bryant was one of the smarter football legends. He climbed down off of his tower retired, and almost immediately died thus keeping his legacy alive.

Most of the Womanizers I know are hit on by Women rather than the other way around.

One of my favorite things to do is get on one of those floating mattresses in a pool and just lie there relaxing doing nothing, but I never do it and I have no idea why not.

A 20 year old bottle of Wine is supposed to be excellent but so are 20 year old Women. I’ve already made my choice.

When something is too good to be true it usually isn’t but in my case I’m hoping an exception can be made.

Good news is easily handled by everyone but some of us we need a of a lot more training on how we’re supposed to handle the bad news which seems to show up a hell of a lot more often.

It’s a pretty well known fact that I’m not a big fan of Radio Sales People but even they have to admit I’m pretty sales friendly.

6 thoughts on “Where The Hell Is The 60 Million Going?

  1. George, it occurs to me that if I’d had the good sense to follow you around, taking notes, the world would be beating down my door about now.

  2. At the Lake last weekend – seemed I encountered a lot of women reading 50 Shades – I’ll be next in line to read. I read a lot from which I learn a lot…& I’m told this book has a lot in it.

    Speaking of 20year old Wine & Women – can’t you have both?

    • I can only hope Em that not only have you done everything in 50 shades but you also have another chapter to add to it. I’m thinking a good night would be to have a 20 year old bottle of wine and be surrounded by a 20, a 40, a 60, and an 80 year old to talk about what ever came up.

  3. Hi George:)

    I am not sure about the 60 million, but what I can tell you about the NCAA (from personal knowledge) is that they have a fund for athletes and they pay for books, school supplies and clothing for college athletes that otherwise could not afford them.

    Maybe they will set something up for the victims, or take action to prevent this from ever happening again. Perhaps my thoughts are lofty, but I know what they did for my son.

    Great article, you keep us all thinking George……MM

    • Margaret I think they need a better PR department. All I ever hear about them is they are fining somebody or saying you cant play in any Bowl games etc. Nice to hear they do some good things too.

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