Where Are All The Decent Women?

970508_10152110011794307_670433441_nMy Father always told me that if you weren’t sweating you weren’t really working but perhaps the reason you’re sweating is because you really don’t know what you’re doing.

The tougher the rules the stronger the creativity.
Creativity begins when you leave certainty behind
Remember when we used to know the stock price of all the radio companies and whether it was going up or down.
Bobby Cole once told me that diplomacy is the art of letting you have my way.
A lot of women appear to be looking for the fathers of their unborn children but I know of very few men who are looking for mothers.
Our natural tendency is to like people who like us but I’m not so sure that works for love.
Unsolicited advice is usually very self serving.
Art is simply making something out of nothing then selling it.
Unlike the rest of show business, in radio the sales department seems to have all the power so lets just blame the whole mess on them.
In the 60’s the CEO’s of companies made 40 times as much as their staffs but now they make 400 times as much. Is it just me or does that also make you want to vote for whatever political party they are against like America did in the last presidential election.
For whatever reason decent wages never show up until you’re 40 if even then.
Speaking of money, Joe Amaturo claimed he never made any real money until he was 65.
Someone once said that living in California was like being in High School with money.
I would suggest that to all air talent that their first goal should be to become as good as they already think they are.
In the early days Paul McCartney’s father in law told him never to invest in anything he didn’t know. Obviously our radio leaders didn’t know him.
Letterman and Leno’s ratings at their best when combined were about half of Carson’s.
Celebrity is just obscurity merely biding its time.
I am a self proclaimed expert on a very limited amount of subjects but like everyone I have an opinion on almost everything.
Life usually turns out a lot better when you are chasing your wants rather than your needs.
Everybody is gifted at something so you just have to figure out what that is and hope its saleable.
Woman seem to be able to be very selective about who they fall in love with whereas men just pray that whomever we fall in love with turns out to be a decent person.
I think the way to cut down on all the concussions in the NFL is to simply take all the face guards off the helmets.
Unfortunately too many people in American business have the power to say no.
Having had worked at a lot of jobs when I was a kid I think I may have been attracted to radio because my Boss’s name was Jimmy not Mr. Darin.
Speaking of names, there is nothing more important to a human being than his name.
When radio reflects life with a slightly exaggerated distorted view it is usually very successful.
It’s a whole lot better radio when the air talent is more interesting on the air than off.
Radio like all of show business will never be about the technology it will always be about the artists.
Most accountants can’t tell the difference between good and bad talent. Need I say more!
All great radio stations had a “cause” but I doubt very much that paying down the debt was one of them.

Field goals only make sense to me at the end of the half or at the end of the game for the win.

Of all the things I have been accused of normalcy was never one of them.

In order to succeed one must use all the gifts God gave them.

When was the last time big business created any jobs.


8 thoughts on “Where Are All The Decent Women?

  1. You are so right George…”Most accountants can’t tell the difference between good and bad talent.”

    They only know how to say, “we’re paying this guy/girl way too much. Can’t we get someone cheaper?”.

  2. I always meant to ask you Geo, where do all the above sayings come from in your blogs? Hard to believe that one man has that much knowledge about the world…..original opinions as well! OMG so, so many!!!

    • I’m not sure where they come from Terry, maybe I read them somewhere or heard them but so many pop in my head that I I have to keep a little recorder around so I don’t forget them. Most of the one liners also come with at least an hour’s worth of discussion which I don’t bore you with.

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