What The Hell Does Poked Mean!

One of my best friends Gary Russell is driving across the Motherland at the moment with his new bride young Joan staying at camp sites. Gary who is in the Radio Hall Of Fame now was my first hire when I became the PD of CKOM. Gar as I nick named him has managed to escape the Radio battles and is living a life of leisure unlike myself. I’m trying to figure out how to join them for a few days when they hit Halifax. It’s on my bucket list!

Possibly the worst sales promotion we ever did at Fairwest when my Brother Reg and I were doing the CLASS format was we got our very own Visa card. We were very excited about all the possibilities because not only would the card have each of our consulted Station’s call letters on it in each market but the station would also receive a % of all the money spent when their listeners used that card. Fairwest also got a taste of course but what we Radio folks never realized was that most people who qualified for a card already had one. The listeners who applied instantly for our card were people who couldn’t qualify for any other card and ended up being pissed at us because it looked like it was the station that turned them down. Yikes!

This is a rather scary week for me because I put Cami and her friend AJ on a plane for her annual trip to California where they are going to stay with my Brother and Cami’s special Auntie Savvy. They are also going to attend the Warp tour their plus go to the Del Mar fair and visit with Cami’s sister Candis who is bringing her nephew Nathaniel down to San Diego to visit for a couple of days. All fun except for the part that this is the first time Cami has been on a trip without me and she is handling it much better than I am.

Speaking of Cami I just saw a T-shirt with DADD on it “Dads Against Daughters Dating” The mission statement of DADD is … Shoot the first one and the word will spread.

Bobby Cole claims the only way to get over a Woman is to get under one.

Women love Men they love the most. Men love Women that love them the most.

My most favorite thing to do is grab a yellow beach towel and head for an expensive hotel with a beautiful Woman in a Bikini and hang out by the pool drinking Adult beverages all afternoon. That’s the real meaning of life here in paradise.

What the hell does you’ve been poked mean on Facebook.

How Bout Dem Heat!

Ronald Reagan didn’t waste anytime whining about what kind of shape Jimmy Carter left the country in he just got on with the fixing.

Reid Reker once told me if a Woman kisses you in public she is really into you.

Hunny Bunny claimed when she tried on her new dress it made her “Booty” look like it should have it’s own zip code which made her comings and goings look very exciting.

Radio is now just an extension of the company’s digital platform.

I love having the opportunity to tease a lot of different women but still can only handle one at a time

I’ve got a lot of buddies who are Womanizers so I don’t know what the hell happened to me as I said above I can barely handle one, and most times I cant even handle that.

I’ve been in love 3 times in my life and the only thing I learned was you can get over it. Oops maybe that’s 4 and I’ve miscounted because I’m not over it yet.

Hearing any other words other than yes usually means no.

You seldom get mad at people you don’t care about.

David Fulton’s Naptown Rock Wars Movie/Documentary ran on TV again in Indy last week only this time it was followed by a 30 minute piece consisting of out takes which was so good it looked like part 2.

Radio’s big plan is to try and turn Radio into a digital company which is worth 20 times cash flow compared to Radio’s 8 times. They are already selling clients their digital products and matching the buy with free spots on the Radio. The money then is allotted to the digital department of their companies which is worth more over there.

Tim Moore says … What You Tolerate You Encourage!

Is anybody really in control of a beautiful Woman.

I think there are absolutely too many choices in America today which just leads to confusion rather than customer satisfaction.

I was thinking about research the other day and remembering back in the day when KVIL through various sources had access to all the research done against it. Most of it was all the same saying our music was a little weak but what the folks really liked about KVIL most was we always knew what was going on in town. Much later under new owners they finally fixed the music but no longer sounded like they knew what was going on and immediately fell out of double digits never to return. But the music was perfect and still is.

16 thoughts on “What The Hell Does Poked Mean!

  1. You are very lucky to have fallen in love 3 or 4 times, a lot of people never find it.
    Sometime it’s lust not love…& it takes time to know the difference, but it can be fun I guess finding out.

  2. I have no idea what “poked” means on facebook! I do know that “poked” usually means you’ve been poked. Probed. Prodded. Porked. Do I need to be more graphic?

    Imagine a superior digital platform, served “locally” by a KVIL or WRMF in each market? You need the winning digital platform first. Today’s digital world is the new TV. The new Newspaper, and the new Music Source all in one! It better be better than good. No one has created that yet. What other chance does radio have by itself?

    Lust is Great!

  3. Paul, Digital companies are worth more than Radio companies. I predict Radio will soon be hiding behind a faux Digital Company where they will use Radio as the added value.

  4. yellow towels who knows? its all good you a real great man and they love you real talk like the radio…………………… your a bossssssss all the way……xoxoxoxo

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