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The first time I ever played what-if was in Toronto at dinner with Ted Rogers (2nd from the top) and his CEO, Keith Dancy. (3rd from the top) I’d just told them that becoming their Program Director at CFTR wouldn’t be a good career move for me so I would have to pass. Keith then said, “Lets play What-ifs, what if I told you that Ted and I both agree with you about CFTR being a terrible radio station, and what if I told you that we would let you do anything you wanted to fix it, and what if, you accepted the challenge and took  the job, what would we have to pay you?” Not expecting that question, I quickly just doubled my current salary in Ottawa and blurted it out. Ted Rogers, who hadn’t said much at dinner, leaned over and said, “May we throw in a new car?”
The next time I played what-if, was a couple of years ago when I was visiting Jim Hilliard at his home in Redwood City (Jim pictured with me on top) and said to him, “What if you hadn’t made me the Production Director of CKY before your return to the US or Daryl ‘B’ (pictured on the bottom with me.) hadn’t talked management into naming me the Music Director before his leaving for Vancouver. Or, what about the scariest what-if of them all, what if I’d returned an album to the on-air studio a minute later and hadn’t overheard George Dawes (pictured on the bottom) saying, thanks but no thanks before hanging up the phone. I wouldn’t have known that CKOM in Saskatoon was looking for a PD but he wasn’t interested. He would have never called them back and told them about me when he found out that I was interested. Think about it Jim, I wonder what I’d be doing now had I walked into the studio one minute later, I certainly would have never become the PD of CKOM.” 

Jim just looked at me for a second before saying, “Hey buddy, I knew from the moment I first met you that you had it. In fact, you may have jumped too early, there may have have been an even better opportunity waiting around the corner.”


There’s no sense having big-time on-air personalities if you don’t get them to endorse stuff. I’d begin by having them endorse the radio station first.
There is no such thing as AC music, no artist ever goes into the studio to cut an AC record.
Great radio stations not only get great ratings they ring the cash register too.

There’s a big difference between people who listen to the radio and those who only hear it.

The fewer tunes in your library, the less money you’ll need in your promotion budget.

Maybe the Radio Hall Of Fame should be as hard to get into as the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. The Rock& Roll HOF demands that you be different.

Someday does not exist, check out any calendar.

Have you noticed that watches are only jewelry now?
Education is expensive but not as costly as ignorance.
Paul is a liberal; John was a conservative.
Being gifted is not necessarily a gift.
The wall in Berlin was put up by the Communists to prevent the East Berliners leaving for West Berlin. Now that the wall is down, my question is, why does Berlin now resemble East Berlin?
I believe that your being a Democrat or a Republican has more to do with the way your ancestors voted than your intelligence.

Why is it easier to get free money in California if you’re an illegal alien than it is if you’re a citizen who lives on the street?

Maturity is realizing that you can’t do that shit anymore.

The Red Sox continue to have the best record in baseball and my grandson’s team the Indians still lead their division comfortably so all is well in the sports world.

When Jim Hilliard owned a bunch of radio stations in West Palm Beach, and I was on the corporate staff, occasionally I would take Cami with me to visit them during the weekend. Cami who was very shy would make me carry her around, and if anybody spoke to her, she would bury her head in my shoulder and ignore them. After one of our weekend visits, she asked me if I knew the names of all the people that we saw there? When I admitted that I didn’t, she said, then how come they all know your name? I said, “One of the things about being boss honey is that everybody remembers your name.”

It’s much too hard to organize a parade, just find one and jump in front of it.

Almost 45,000 people died from suicides last year making it one of the leading causes of death in the US. Unfortunately, the media would rather report on what sports team will or will not visit the White House.

Do I dare mention that we’re halfway through hurricane season here in South Florida?

If you’re not a little bit frightened about what you’re doing, you’re not living up to your full potential.

The only good thing about turning forty is that they’ll finally pay you.
If Jesus were alive today, I wonder what he’d be driving?

Everybody is gifted, all you have to do is figure out is how many of the seven intellectual gifts you possess and then use the hell out of them to become successful.

There is no tomorrow, it always turns into today, so you might as well get on with your life.

A man dies twice, once when he takes his last breath and then once again when the last person to remember him takes his.

When I worked at Fairbanks, we didn’t have any budgets for programming. If you had a great idea, there was always some money for it. However, sales had a budget, and that budget was about how much money they were expected to bill every year. I’ll never forget the year my counterpart, Dick Yancey was given his new yearly budget and said, “Jesus Christ Jim, what if we don’t get good ratings?” Jim replied, “Yeah Dick, that will make it tougher.”

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