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When I was an aspiring young musician, the three great entertainers I was heavily influenced by were Elvis, The Beatles, and Ray Charles. Of the three Ray was the one referred to as “The Genius.” However, when his record company told him that he was crazy for wanting to cut an album of Country and Western songs, Ray paid for the recording session himself.
This is where Ray’s genius came into play, he knew that in order for the album to have a chance at being successful, it would have to be smack dab in the middle between R & B and Pop. The easiest way to do that he figured, was to use white musicians and singers with him on the session.
The album titled, “Ray Charles Sings Country and Western” went onto become Ray’s biggest-selling album of all time. Unfortunately, when they made the movie of his life, the always politically correct Hollywood crowd dissed Ray’s genius by incorrectly showing just black folks playing on that magical groundbreaking session.

The more special the people who you hang out with, the more special you become.
It’s easy to say something but a lot harder not to.
Talent usually comes from the dark side and unfortunately, sometimes the dark side wins.
Have you ever noticed that the radio promotions that were created in the conference room sound stupid at lunch?
White people ain’t the only racists.
I wonder if the first Elvis imitator is still alive?
I screwed up so many times that all I’ve got left is what I should have done. Wanna do it?
Justice is blind; she can’t tell the good girls from the bad, so you better wrap that rascal.
What’s more important, changing the world, or preventing the world from changing you?
History is creatively written by those who write the history books.
What if white supremacists marched and nobody came to watch?
To turn a no into a yes, first, it has to pass through maybe.
The word yes doesn’t need an explanation but no always does.
Removing the box eliminates the reason to think outside of it.
If you give up, you’ll never know just how close you were to success.
Just because it’s not PC doesn’t mean it’s not true.
Before you can successfully coach someone you need their permission to do so.
The geniuses who changed the world were first referred to as nut cases.
Is there any female more attractive than a recently divorced woman.
Everybody understands the media’s obsession with the 25-54 demo until they turn 55.
Other than irritating us, what you think and what you know has little to do with each other.
The only way to make huge amounts of money is by dedicating your life to the making of it.
Businessmen are just like sharks; they only fear bigger sharks.
It’s pretty obvious that smart phones scared off all the UFOs.
Everything but greatness can be done cheaper.
There is nothing more important to a human being than his name.

No matter how obsessed society gets about technology, it’s always gonna be about the artist.

Sad about Jerry Lewis dying. I heard that the reason Dean and him broke up was back in the day all the straight men got 60% of the split. Jerry was pissed about it, and because he wouldn’t let it go, they went their separate ways.

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4 thoughts on ““What I Say” (new geo Blog for the week of Aug 21/17)

  1. Some absolute gems of ‘truism’ today George. Especially this one…”History is written by those who write the history books.”

  2. I saw an article that stated only 30 some % of women listen to the radio… where did they go? enjoyed the read today, even passing a few thoughts along to my grandson… is that poaching?

    • Mister Below, I never see a woman who is not talking on her smart phone so I that’s where they’ve gone I would think. OK to pass along thoughts to your grandson as long as full credit is given to the author.:-)

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