What About The Nuns? (new geo Blog for the week of July 03/17)

I gotta mark this one down as “The Times They Are A Changin’. A couple of years ago we celebrated both Candis’ and my birthday at Bob and Jan’s place in Simi Valley where Cami was also in attendance. It’s very special for me when both my daughters are around, so I was having a great time. At some point though Candis came up to me and said, “Wow, Dad you’ve gone through some pretty big changes huh?” When I asked what she meant, she told me that she noticed that her little sister (19) must have a magic wine glass because it was never empty. She then went on to say that she remembered once being at a party with me where I asked her what she was drinking. When she told me it was white wine, she claimed that such a horrified look came over my face that she was forced to say, “Dad ya gotta lighten up, I’m 35.”
Positive things may feel good, but it’s not a learning experience.
When the radio brass starts cutting their salaries, we’ll know that then and only then that they are beginning to get serious about their debt. Until then, I predict they’ll just continue tap dancing for the banks and investors as they to hold on to their enormous salaries.
The Beatles never dreamed they’d be as successful as they became so consequently they had no plan ready and flamed out early.
I know a whole lot about a little, but like everyone, I have an opinion about everything.
Every city in the world is fantastic If you have rich friends living there.
The biggest risk of all is not taking one.
I think that the old rule that you should never spend more than 30% of your income on your mortgage still stands. Most people though ignore it which is why they find themselves upside down most of the time.
You will never be happy until you’re able to say what you mean and mean what you say.
I think having a daughter changes a man more than a wife ever does.
Isn’t it still racist if you cut someone slack because of their race?
Change does not come about without some inconvenience.
How do college athletes afford those hair extensions?
Speaking of sports, how many games do you think a kicker in college or the NFL should play before somebody explains the game to them?
You can play any song you want on the radio as long as your explanation of why you’re playing it is interesting.
I think that the only thing going on in radio today is figuring out how to be the “last man standing.”
Most radio station promotions sound like they were created by the sales department which is a problem because listeners don’t care about what’s good for the client.
If were serious about climate change don’t you think we should be ragging on Mexico, China, and India rather than beating ourselves up about it all the time?
The real money comes from getting more people to like you, not love you.
There are six sides to every argument, but unfortunately, most people only see things through their Republican and Democratic eyes.
The way the brain exercises is by solving problems.
Action eliminates all doubt.
To have a better tomorrow, one must forget about all the shoulda coulda woulda’s.
After discovering that a lot of Priests were perverts, what have they found out about the Nuns?
What do people who weren’t abused use as an excuse for their bad behavior?
If society is responsible for those who went bad then it must also be responsible for those who went good?
Sensitivity and sensitive are light years apart in meaning.
The problem that I have with Muslims is a lot of them look like terrorists.
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  1. In a big hurry at the moment, but one of my comments is -“you don’t marry somebody to change them”, you marry them because you like the way they are.

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