What A F**king Day!!

So there I was on Saturday afternoon boarding the Tri-Rail in Hollywood for the pleasant one hour ride back to West Palm Beach … I arrived 7 hours later! I love riding the train in Florida if for no other reason then to just gaze out the window and marvel at all the beautiful scenery going by. I also like to give thanks I no longer live in Winnipeg at this time of of the year. I was kinda sitting there daydreaming when all of a sudden I heard what sounded like a big explosion from up front as the train suddenly lurched violently which threw me out of my seat into the aisle. I smelled smoke and could hear loud banging and even louder screeching noises as the train started to bounce up and down like it was trying to come off the track. I managed to pick myself up just before being trampled on by the people who were running from their car up front into ours. I decided I better join them even though I had no idea what the hell was happening.

The train finally slowed and came to a complete stop with loud sirens and alarms all going off together. It turned out we had hit a Range Rover at full speed. I can only assume the driver was trying to beat the train across the tracks and failed fatally. We hit the SUV so hard it managed to weld itself to the front of the train so we dragged it for the nearly half mile it took the train to finally stop.(you can see it a little hanging from the front of the train in the picture) People had been freaking out because of all the noise and confusion and some had even kicked out the emergency windows to jump through.   Now what happens I ask myself. Nothing, was the answer. No announcements, no communication of any kind. No nothing! We just sat there while the Tri-Rail staff and the police did their investigation. Finally three and a half hours later they pried the SUV off the front of the train and we slowly backed up to our last stop which was Deerfield Beach. They loaded us on buses and took us to the Boca Raton station which was one stop north of the accident. We all assumed they were going to send a train from West Palm Beach to get us. Nope! Once again we just sat there waiting for over two hours with absolutely no communication from anybody. At long last a train from Miami finally showed up because they had opened up the tracks again so we finally got to continue on our journey. It was like Tri-Rail never noticed us the whole time, they were too busy talking on cell phones and covering their asses and making sure every little detail was written down showing it was in no way their fault so they couldn’t be sued. They could have cared less about us as they were already into overtime pay. We had to sit on the train for hours because the police told us it was against the law to walk alongside the tracks. What a f**king day!

A few days ago I mentioned the bad news that the hunny bunny was long gone but the good news is I’ve already had three ladies offer to replace her.

Is there ever any better lovemaking than the love you make after a big fight. I’m pretty sure Georgina knows all about this and what she knows of it I’m willing to bet would put “50 Shades Of Grey” to shame.

It’s a hell of a lot easier to figure out what you did wrong rather than what you did right.

Tom Skinner asks … How come when you’re having a hot affair with a beautiful Woman which of course involves wonderful naughty things, all talk about the fun intimate details suddenly disappear from her vocabulary not to mention her memory when you make her your Wife. Tommy you sound like you know of what you speak. (-:

I think the folks in California are in for a rude awakening because of consolidation. The kind of money the folks who live there make a lot more money than people doing similar jobs all over America which of course leads to higher prices for homes and lots of other things priced on ability to pay. The reason may be as Jerry of Jeff ‘n Jer explained to me when I complimented him a few years ago about their outstanding new contract in San Diego … It’s chump change compared to what the Hollywood crowd makes. Hey maybe that’s how it worked in California just maybe Hollywood pay was the standard. Hell even Little Tommy their producer made more money than any jock in Miami. Those Radio days are of course are now over in California because of consolidation. I predict it will be coming soon to other industries as well because no New York based company is ever going to pay an employee in California more than they pay one in New York or elsewhere. Oh Oh! Look out housing prices.

I had mentioned sometime ago that spell check got me to start writing. Now if they ever get punctuation check I will be after Hemingway’s ass.(-:

Tom Hoyt claims though that I need to first edit like “Papa”  Tom, I’m thinking it’s easier to learn how to drink like he did then we can pretend. But lets leave the guns at home!

I was always in trouble in my early years because I never knew my place. Later on though it became the asset that helped me become fairly successful.

Linda Stein says we all spend a way too much time in our past and our fearful future and because of that we miss opportunities in the present moment!

Has anybody else noticed 3-D TV didn’t make it.

Just saw a great line on a t-shirt “Don’t Bro Me If You Don’t Know Me”





26 thoughts on “What A F**king Day!!

  1. George, the guy in the SUV died.. being now a traffic homicide investigation, it usually closes the road and in your case the tracks for hours. Being it happened on a weekend is probably why there wasn’t more of a response from the TriRail peeps. That still doesn’t make it right, but why don’t you tell us all the real reason you were on that train. I know it wasn’t for the view. There are no sports big screens on those tri rail trains.


    • No problem with why I was in Hollywood Robin. A beautiful young blonde drooped me off there after she was done with me. I had to find my own way back home.

  2. Also, the reason your train backed up to the last stop is they have to have the tracks inspected because if they got bent or out of alignment it can cause another train to derail.

  3. You didn’t mention how the driver of the SUV ended his day. Somehow I think he might top you for ‘Worst Day Ever’. Want to write like Hemingway? Cut all your sentences in half. Simplify. If you can say it in one sentence, use two. Avoid unnecessary phrases. Avoid any need for punctuation.

    • My day which was a way too long still ended much better than his. It’s hard to win the battle of metal with a train coming at you doing over 70 miles an hour.

      • Also Allen thanks for the Hemingway lesson, I’m sure they taught me all that in English class back in high school but I was too busy writing songs to notice. Damn!

  4. Yo George
    Save your ticket stub, call your attorney, and claim whiplash! Tri-Rails lack of concern for the passengers should eventually provide you with at least a nice bonus check! As for the moron that lost his life…so what! It’s nothing but a case of natural selection!

  5. While the Tri-Rail story was riveting, the advice at the end of your blog was BRILLIANT!!! Clearly you are upgrading your Blog!

  6. The one time I travelled to LA to visit Jill FM, I took the train back to West Palm from FLL. 4 hours from LA to Lauderdale (2400 miles) . 3 from FLL to West Palm Beach (43 miles). And that day there was no crushed Land Rover involved.

    That said, as much as I think Tri Rail is a great idea executed by bad methodology, it sounds like you got tripped up by the classic Florida “Everybody But Me” affliction. ‘The rules’ are for everybody…..but me. In all the places I’ve lived it was worst in South Florida. A person’s inclination to use common sense, reason and good manners in their decisions are easily disrupted by that person’s bank account balance , car brand, color of credit card, body fat percentage, suntan depth…or the time they have left on vacation. A Range Rover can get you noticed in certain locales around those parts. If it’s the right model it may even up your chances of getting laid. But one thing it can’t do is defy physics. And if Range Rover driver is too inconvenienced…or rattled or angered or stoned or whatevered…. by that crossing gate….nature, in all her brutal simplicity, takes over.

  7. Its public transit in general that has this attitude problem..far worse in dc where on any given day the escalators or elevators are out of service..pentagon metro always was out think it was a dod thing to keep you fit by walking up the non running escalator.

  8. I keep telling people real life is better than anything a Hollywood writer could make up. My life keeps proving that and obviously yours proves it this week-end. Glad your all right.

    • I don’t know why I have such an exciting life Alex, I just want to be a good lover which takes practice and I am willing and able to put the time it will take.

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