We Are Becoming Animals!


Congrats to my long time buddy Reid Reker (pictured) whom I have known and worked with for over 30 years. Reid is leaving the Casinos of Vegas to become part of the radio work force once again as he heads to Georgia to run a bunch of Radio stations for Cumulus. Good for him and good he’s pumped about what lies ahead.

I read somewhere that humans are the only creatures on earth who have hair. Everything else has some sort of fur.

Speaking of hair I think there is only about 3 or 4% of the people on the planet who have red hair. I think they should rise up and demand something. Hell only 7% of folks are Gay and look what a force they are.

If it was just as tough to get married as it is to get divorced I think a lot more marriages would work out a whole lot better.

I don’t think you grow more patient as you get older I think you grow less caring.

Life looks totally different to the person sitting across the table from you.

You can not afford to live on a half million a year in fact you’ll probably go bankrupt.

Sometimes the power going off can be a good thing right Hunny Bunny!

Is there anybody more famous than the replacement referees. But now that it’s over I doubt very much they can cash in on it so maybe they just better stick to their day jobs.

Reading Tim Moore’s excellent Blog today he wrote about Oscar Wilde’s quote that there are two tragedies in life … One not getting what one wants the other being actually getting what one wants. It reminded about once reading an advertisement in a an airline magazine (if you fly as much as I do you will read anything) The particular ad said this company could help you deal with very stressful times such as Divorce, Bankruptcy, Death of a loved one, Being fired, Becoming very ill, Losing money and Success. Success are you kidding me isn’t that what every American strives for. Yes that’s true they do but unfortunately they only prepare themselves for failure and actually have no plan for success so when it happens it soon turns into a tragedy.

In the 60’s the Lovin’ Spoonful had a hit called “Do You Believe In Magic” most adults answer that question with a resounding No! Children on the other hand believe in magic so are very bored by magicians, where as most adults are very mystified by them and exclaim loudly after each trick, hey how the hell did he do that! With that in mind please explain love to me.

Why are all the planets perfectly round. Even the Moon that supposedly just a piece of the Earth that was chipped off when an Asteroid struck us is also perfectly round.

Our goal as humans should be to separate and distance ourselves from the animal kingdom. But it seems to me that because of PC and Human Rights issues we seem to be actually moving in the opposite direction.

Let me see if I’ve got this right now … “Holding On To What You Have Keeps You From Having What You Want”

Wow it’s already a year ago that my Daughters Candis and Cami threw me a hell of a Birthday party in San Diego. I was humbled by how many of my friends showed up from all over North America but it has to end. These years are going by a way too quick, I have to put a stop to this nonsense this runaway train needs to slow down. From now on there there will be no more birthdays for me … They just make you old!

Speaking of Birthdays, The greatest Birthday gift I ever received was Candis Leslie Johns who was born the day after me. Happy Birthday Candis, I love you very much.

What I have never understood is how anybody could think that a record company actually deserved more money from Beatle music than the Beatles did. Hell you can go to school and learn how to become a Record Company. Show me the school that can make you a Beatle.

I just saw something on the History channel that claims the USA has enough evil stuff in storage to eliminate every human being on Earth. Wow no wonder we’re not the Soup Du Jour in most countries.

What I loved most about Reagan was he fixed the economy by starting a War but nobody got killed. What part of that doesn’t Bush and Obama get.

There are no rewards or punishments based on your behavior, only consequences.

As I write this at 38,000 feet a nice flight attendant has just bought me a Bloody Mary because she claims I have a great sense of humor. The Hunny Bunny agrees but she also thinks I’m smart but maybe that’s because I buy her drinks.

Speaking of nice ladies, Linda Stein says I shouldn’t listen to other people I should only hear what the people involved in the situation say. What say you about that phone girl!

Just saw a T-Shirt that read … “CANADA” – Living The American Dream Without The Violence Since 1867.

27 thoughts on “We Are Becoming Animals!

  1. Have a great birthday! I can identify with not wanting another year added and you may be done celebrating “another year”– but in several more years you’ll be “bragging” about celebrating “another birthday”!!! Cheers!!
    George Johns (http://s.tt/1oEQ4)

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  3. Best Wishes George! This puts you at 83% of “Life Expectancy” doesn’t it?

    Love the Canada tee-shirt! Sadly so true.

  4. Let me assure you, you will not recieve time off for good behavior!

    Only the good due young. Besides how old are you? Let’s let Hunny represent your “age.”.

    We accumulate our most precious gifts, our friends, as we age. When parents are gone and kids have their lives we have our friends. If we are good people.

    Broadcasters are always exposed for who they REALLY are. Usually they lack friends, much less ratings, if they have not practiced ethics. You are a

    You have had enough time to better many along the way. Dad, broadcaster and house-lottery provider.


    Say HI to Hunny!

  5. Well, what is the saying “Get ’em young & tell ’em nothing.” & you seem to be doing just fine. You’re Happy, Hunny Bunny’s Happy & all’s right with your World … Happy Birthday – Enjoy every Day.

  6. Happy Birthday, George!

    While I have no hair myself, our 2 dogs have hair, as do many other breeds. In addition to our Bichon Frise, Poodles, Afghans, and quite a few other breeds have hair…not fur. For that reason, they do not shed, and most people are not allergic to these breeds. I…on the other hand…shed all of my hair in Massachusetts many years ago!

  7. The plantets are not perfectly round, and fission theory that says that the moon once part of the earth is only one theory. The planets were superheated liquid when they were formed, thus the shape, but the gravitational pull of other plants keeps them from actually being round. The earth is actually an oblate sphereoid.

    OK, I’d rather discuss a Gretzky plus one.

    • Thank you for clearing that up Randy and you are absolutely right there are a few other subjects more worthy to discuss that are much more interesting.

  8. Randy is right.
    The BIG BANG happened approximately 13.8 billion years ago.
    It was a huge incredibly HOT explosion. Hot beyond imagination.
    As everything started to cool down the force of gravity being equal
    all over the universe pulled in the pieces of the planets with equal
    force in all areas. This is why the planets are round and the galaxies
    are circular. Robert Jastrow famous NASA rocket scientist from the
    60’s says our current high tech telescopes prove the universe started with a
    big bang just like it says in the Bible book of Genesis. God doesn’t care
    about time since he doesn’t have to worry about dying! Dying is a 100%
    human problem. Wisdom 1:12-14 “Seek not death in the error of your life, neither procure ye destruction by the works of your hands. For God made not death, neither hath He pleasure in the destruction of the living. For He created all things that they might be: and he made the nations of the earth for health: and there is no poison of destruction in them, nor kingdom of hell upon the earth.” There you have it!

  9. happy birthday george….all the best for many more….for both of us…..idea for a new ecumenical hymn…oy vey maria,,


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