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IMG_595811While going to USF in Tampa, my daughter Cami would occasionally come home to West Palm on Amtrak for the weekend. On this occassion, while patiently waiting at the Union Station for the always late train, she struck up a conversation with a fellow passenger who was on his way to Ft. Lauderdale.
When Amtrak finally arrived, he invited her to sit next to him so they wouldn’t get stuck having to talk with all the weird people who were also on the train to South Florida. Cami claimed that he was an interesting conversationalist so she was glad that she had chosen to sit next to him and enjoyed chatting with him. Then about halfway through their journey he excused himself and went to the restroom, when he returned, he looked like this. (see photo above)


My daughter Cami has a friend named Jackie Sanchez who we went to see at the Improv in West Palm Beach last night.
Jackie who is very funny said a couple of things that really cracked me up like when she opened with, “Hi I’m Jackie Sanchez from Wellington and you just don’t f**k with a Wellington girl ’cause our fathers will sue your ass.”
Oh, and no, I’m not a lesbian either she went on to say, “In fact, I’m not only into guys, but I’m mostly into older guys. I guess it’s because my father is such a super guy that I thought, why not have two?”

The only time you ever hear anybody say anything positive about a radio station is when the new hire utters them.

The long journey towards becoming wise begins at young and stupid.

Adversity teaches you patience and courage.

My parents always believed our nation’s leaders would never lie to us. I, for whatever reason, do not hold the same belief.

A lot of what our parents and teachers taught us was not right, so just like with computers, garbage in garbage out.

Rivalry makes the world go round!

If you have to use a funny voice to make something funny, it ain’t!

It’s tough enough to make good radio without also worrying about a subplot going so forget about all that drama. But then again, “What have ya heard?”

Pessimism is a natural state, whereas optimism must be conjured up.

You only win arguments by being skillful, which is impossible when your in the middle of a rant or tantrum.

You can’t fake courage, you’ve got to manufacture it.

The first radio station I ever consulted was in LA and when the Sales Manager picked me up in his fire-red Ferrari on my first visit, I thought, “Maybe this market really is different?”

People call all the things they don’t like on the radio, commercials, so when you go commercial-free you have to leave that stuff out too.

There’s nothing fine waiting for you in the fine print.

My Daughter Candis told me that an organized student will always get better grades than an unorganized and smarter student. My Grandson Nathaniel doesn’t have a choice.

The Exodus story has about as much chance about being true as does the story of Noah’s Ark because there are no artifacts from either event, only movies.

Did anyone ever call you up to actually give you something?

Holistic healing only works if you believe it does.

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers are still leading the western division of the CFL. Are we thinking Grey Cup Yet?


Gary Donohue: You hit the nail on the head! Does anyone remember what radio was like when John Lennon died?  Elvis?  Are you all kidding, no not really, most of you just haven’t lived long enough. And speaking of living, I love those focus groups of yours. Keep on livin’ large George! You are an inspiration! (What The Hell Was Whitney Thinking?)

Geo: Gary, as I’m sure you know, those focus groups are very time consuming but I’m hanging in there as best I can.

Bruce Devine: You’re right, I think a lot of low power FMs do sound better than their big brothers and it may be because if the lack of processing. I suspect the smaller FMs didn’t have the cash have a lot of cash to invest in processors. The beauty of FM has always been that it was clean & quiet with perfect frequency response, never needed all that cooking the old AMs that most of us came from did to get above the noise & stand out. (If you have to explain who you are, then you ain’t)

Michael O’Shea: Cami, I’ve known your dad (and your uncle Reg) for perhaps 30 years…and while I like Reg a little bit more, I still think the WORLD of your dad. While we have never met, I follow your dad on Facebook, so I feel like I know you, through so many wonderful photos and terrific tributes from him to you. It’s so obvious that he’s very proud of you and his love for you is precious and real. Congratulations on your graduation, and on whatever your future life-paths will take you. Enjoy the ride. And, when you face speed-bumps or difficult decisions, just ask yourself “What would DAD do?”. Then, be sure you do the exact opposite. (Camera Anne Graduates Today) 

Dave Spence: George – I don’t know who Hollis Duncan is and he certainly doesn’t know me or the story he attaches to me. While I was there, we never charged for parking. What he is referencing was when we went up on the cost of cold drinks (5 or 10 cents as I recall) from the “Coke” machine. The note was on newsprint which was only used in the- wait for it – newsroom. I agree that Andy was a great newsman. Very well educated, expansive vocabulary, and voice inflection that left no doubt what side of the story he was on. (News To Me)

Ray Pettinger: Daryl was a very good friend but we partied together too many times. He helped many musicians and turned me on to one that I recorded on my label. Daryl produced the first demos for me and one release. The artist was Richard Stepp and he was the first signing to the Rising Star series for a major US label. Daryl had the “ears” as well as the golden voice. RIP Daryl. (Remembering Daryl ‘B’)

Geo: I had a similar experience Ray, not only did Daryl produce my first record, but he also got me the Music Director’s job at CKY which kick-started my radio career. 

Don Walker: George, something I learned in a timeshare. If you ask a room full of adults what they like about a vacation, they will answer …no stress, see new places, relax, etc. Ask a room full of kids, you get one answer…Because it’s fun…When I was a kid I loved listening to the radio because it was fun…Can anybody say that today? (Radio & Records)

Paul Goldstein: Well you George were certainly a big inspiration to me all those years ago! Sports radio is definitely happening, but I also see a lot of excitement w/these amazing audio media startups these crazy kids are building – like Spotify, Turntable.FM, Songza, obviously Pandora, etc. Dazzling original content will be audio media 3.0 – the kind of content I talked about in my All Things article – Sadly, at a time when broadcast radio needs to be playing OFFENSE, they are mostly playing defense w/weak investments in original content – I’m not sure broadcasters understand the radical change that is upon them…the stats about the migration of listeners from broadcast to online is astonishing… (The Beatles, Every Song They Ever Made)

Greg Byers: Hi George, this is T.J Byers, son. Yes, my Father dealt with depression for many years and we as a family did everything we could to get him better, but it was not in the cards. We are so glad that people are now talking about suicide more open. Dad always had good things to say about you, Jim Hillard, and Mr.fairbanks. (Depression Didn’t Get Rick Hallson)

Geo: Thanks for reaching out Greg, and know this, your Dad was one of the great ones. Some of my fondest memories are of me and him mixing up some award-winning promos in the WIBC production room.

John Walton: In 47 years of competing in good markets on fine radio stations (and still at it), nothing was ever so daunting as trying to pierce the impenetrable legend bubble of KVIL while at 106.1 from 86-88. You knew you were in trouble when you found yourself listening to the competition, not for reconnaissance, but because you liked it. I was actually sad when heard that somehow the legend had slipped into history. Success is fragile and fleeting…even for the best. (Kay-Ville’s Obituary)

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  1. George: I agree with Joe Walsh. Further, I believe that the greatest century of music was the 20th Century, because, so far, I haven’t heard that many new tunes that have the impact of most popular songs of all genre’s from the previous years, 1901 to 2000. I do hear great musicians today, but tastes and formats are so specific and fractured, that achieving critical mass is so much more difficult. I could be wrong, but my aging ears don’t hear it. – Jed Duvall

  2. It always comes back to black people imitating whites and whites imitating blacks, Jed. Neither quite get it done but their attempt produces what is commonly called mass-appeal music.

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