Guitars & Radio & Wild Wild Women. (inside the world of radio & records) Chapter XLVII Wedding Bell Blues Edited May 30/17

Candis-I-at-her-weddingAfter doing a little radio work with Jeff & Jer down in San Diego, I jumped on the train to LA to see my daughter Candis. It turned out that she had to work late, so she had her boyfriend Charlie pick me up. When I thanked him for doing so, he said it was perfect timing because he needed to talk to me anyway.
He started off by saying that he understood what a great relationship Candis and I had and that he would never interfere with that. Then when he started saying how much he adored her, I suddenly realized that he was asking me for her hand. I interrupted him and said that he should save all that adoration stuff for Candis because I only care about one thing. When he asked what that was, I told him to visualize the three of us walking down a street together in San Francisco that was at the bottom of a hill. Candis, of course, was too busy talking to notice truck bearing down on us out of control as she was stepping off the curb. Charlie, that’s when I need to feel your hand on my shoulder, and you’re saying, “Let me get this one sir.”Candis and Charlie were soon engaged, and all the wedding plans were underway. This was all very fun for me because whenever I traveled to LA, Candis would have me come with her to check up on all the wedding stuff. Everything seemed to be going smoothly enough until we hit the dressmaker. It seems that Candis had ordered a size 1 dress, but the dressmaker could see that she was easily a size 4. She tried in vain to talk Candis out of it by saying that you could always take the dress in but you couldn’t ever let it out. Unfortunately, Candis was having none of it and assured her that she’d be a perfect size one for the wedding.
What the dressmaker didn’t know was that Candis planned on running her way into the dress by training for a marathon that she wasn’t going to run. I just happened to be there for the final fitting. Not only was she a perfect size one as promised, but she also looked breathtakingly beautiful. (see photo above)

Cami and I have traveled together a lot, but for whatever reason, there’s always some drama involved. This time Cami who was the flower girl for her sister woke up the morning of the wedding sick as a dog. There was no way though that she wasn’t making that wedding, hey who else was going to sprinkle all those pretty flower petals down the aisle. It was quite a tussle getting Cami ready what with her throwing up every 15 minutes, but she was a trooper and looked amazing. (see photo above and below)The weather was just perfect for a wedding ceremony being done on top of the Verdugo mountains in a pagoda. As Candis, and I waited in the wings for our cue to head for the aisle, I said that most women love choices and that she still had two left. When we leave our position here I told her, you can turn left which will take you to a totally new life. Or you can turn right which will take you out to the parking lot where Dad could whisk you back to the exciting life you’re already living. When the “Here Comes The Bride” refrain began, we started our trek where Candis who was half carrying me because my legs had gone to butter, turned left. When we finally reached the rest of the wedding party up front, and I gave Charlie her hand, he said thanks for turning left Dad. I was told later that the giving of your daughter’s hand to the groom is not a symbolic gesture. You’re actually giving up all rights to your daughter but I’m pretty sure that I had my fingers crossed, so I’ll continue my watch over her.
Before Candis and Charlie led off the dancing with their spectacular ballroom blitz, Candis asked me if I wanted to say something to the guests. I started out by thanking everybody for honoring her mother Lana and me with their presence, then went on to say that I still remember the day that I met Candis. I was having a birthday dinner with my parents and my wife who all of a sudden went into labor, so we rushed her to the St. Boniface Hospital. I was relegated to the waiting room where I was in for a long night. I didn’t care about that because soon my son Curtis would be born and he’d be the perfect birthday gift. Imagine my surprise I told the wedding guests when after hours and hours of waiting they hand me this tiny little creature who they claim was my daughter. A daughter I remember thinking, what the hell do you do with them?
 Candis was a huge surprise to me that day I told them and every day since.
With that in mind, I guess I shouldn’t have been too surprised when she called me from her Honeymoon to say that she was pretty sure I was gonna be a grandpa. I told her that Charlie made quick work of it, so his job was done so now it’s time to send him back to the couch. She said not to worry; he’s already there Dad. Ya gotta love Daughters!



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