521405_10151829899739307_1529956757_nThrough the magic of Facebook I have reconnected with a few folks including some former lovers which always proves quite interesting. One of the reconnects is with Ron Paley from my old band days back in Winnipeg.
Ron had a group called The Eternals and like The Jury they also recorded a few hit records. Ron’s band was a little younger than my own so he was still going after I left The Jury to pursue a Radio career when my Daughter Candis was born. Radio eventually took me to California where I ended up forming my own company so I kinda lost track of all the band guys. Ron it turned out started his own company by buying up most of the equipment his band recorded on which they used to build their own recording studio in Winnipeg. Ron since has gone on to building some sophisticated automation equipment for Radio which is far to complicated for me to even begin to describe. The other day on Facebook Ron and I were reminiscing about the fact that we had both recorded some tunes at K-Bank Studios in Minneapolis and I was telling him that I have a much better appreciation for my band days now because unlike Radio they last forever or as Sir Paul said it better … The Beatles are a bigger deal to me now than they ever were when I was a Beatle. The thing I’m most proud of is the fact that there must be a couple of thousand people who live in my gated community but I doubt any of them have records hanging on the wall.

The person you are angry at is the one holding you hostage.

If you worry about what other people think about you then you’re living in their prison.

Vengeance has patience.

I wonder how many people could hold their heads up high after heard a tape of the words you thought were being said in private.

You are who you are when no one is watching.

There must be no Spanish word meaning surround was overheard being said at the American Consulate after repeated escapes of high ranking Drug Cartel members during raids by Mexican authorities.

It’s never been about whether or not you are a crook it’s always been about getting caught.

Crazy money makes some people crazy. Right Donald!

Speaking of Donald, I hope the Commish has the basketballs needed to hold the players to the same standards because he is standing on a very slippery slope.

I understand this Donald enjoys litigation so buckle up.

Freedom of speech is merely a figure of speech.

Your freedom ends at the tip of my nose!

Duke Ellington once said that he didn’t need anymore time what he really needed was a deadline.

I envy Men who can hit on Women without the fear of rejection.
Long marriages only work when the bride only married for love like the groom did.

It’s not the talent you have it’s the talent you use. 
The time has virtually disappeared from Radio.
Do you know anyone of significance who came from a warm and loving not to mention a well balanced family.
Sometimes the further you are away from some things the clearer they become.
When you get to re tune the peoples ears like Elvis, The Beatles, and Dylan did you have the whole game to yourself for quite a while.
Nobody is all bad but then again if that’s true then again nobodies all good either.

Humans hunger for significance.
For some reason in “Game Of Thrones” they keep killing of the main characters where as in “The Following” they keep bringing them back to life.

Some sins are more delicious than others.
having long term goals keeps the setbacks along the way from looking larger than they really are.
It used to be that the marketing was 70% of the whole deal and product was the rest. Now I’m told the reverse is true.

What I’ve never understood about Women is why shortly after meeting me some of them need my money for the rest of their life.


8 thoughts on “VENGEANCE!

  1. George you definitely meet or look for the wrong women. I married at 18 , married happily for 46 years till my husband died. Now I enjoying the single life and don’t need a man in my life.

    • I definitely get involved with the wrong Women Irene because I am attracted to the broken ones and they are attracted to me. I’m doomed but it is kinda fun.

  2. George – I used to worry about what people thought of me. . . .as I got older I realized – they weren’t thinking about me at all!

  3. Geo: I am truly honoured to be mentioned in your blog and finally after many many years we find out how close we were to each other in the CKY Winnipeg days yet, so far apart. It wasn’t until we got together in West Palm for brunch in 2010 that we met again for the first time since the early 60’s. Your achievements in radio are to be admired and thanks again for the posts on Facebook and mentions in your blog. Ron Paley

    • Ron, Every one I know is in Jeopardy of being mentioned in my Blog. Who would have thought that two guys like us from small towns in Manitoba would have amounted to very much. I’m surprised myself(:

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