VALENTINES DAY INSIDE AND OUT… #8 of the most read Blogs of 2014

1238949_10152129405159307_1190815280_n10006422_10152907607584307_3467361228184251650_nThis is what it looks like inside and out of my condo in South Florida as I await Valentines day but I’m so wishing you were here.

Irene Nys Lester from Transcona claims that most guys my age are looking for either a “nurse or a purse”. Seeing as I don’t need a nurse yet Irene how does that purse part work.

If you take too long to decide what to do with your life you may discover you’ve already done it.

Surprisingly a few beautiful Ladies have mentioned to me that should anything happen to their significant others I’m next in line. I adore them all but I’m just praying it doesn’t happen at once. Meanwhile I’m standing by!

You only need one good reason to give you enough courage to carry on.

I must confess … As much as I adore most Women I only want to help the Women I love or maybe I should just help the Women who love me.

There is no good reason for a Man marry a Woman he didn’t love.

Why does a person have to die before you finally hear about all the good things they did in their life.

I’ve been in love 6 times and the only things the Ladies I loved had in common were they were all smart, beautiful, and me. Oops could that possibly mean I was the problem.

Carl Reiner once said that sometime you have to leave out the best stuff to make the show work.

Back in ’62 when Decca Records rejected The Beatles they claimed it was because Guitar Music was on its way out. After the Decca executives were fired I believe they may have gotten into Radio.

If you couldn’t run any commercials on a Radio Station would you really want one.

My new favorite HBO series is True Detective and the guy writing it claims he has the end of it written and is having what I would call an award winning time writing his way towards it.

Women have at least one thing in common … They all wanna lose 10 lbs.

15% of the folks driving cars claim they are having sex right now.

Does Mr. Businessman think that he has the Divine Right to cheat us. A pound of coffee is no longer a pound, the contents of most packages now have less in them and you don’t get as many fluid ounces in a bottle as you used to even though the prices are the same or more. They should check into how that Divine Right thing worked for all the Kings during the Crusades.

Anyone who thinks checking things off of a punch list is a career deserves what happens to them.

I think Americans are the most charitable people on the planet earth and I’m not talking about our government who give away our money for reasons only they and the lobbyists know. I’m talking about the regular folks who continue to pony up cash for disasters all over the world even though they are not loved back for doing so.

Just because it’s politically incorrect to mention some people are incompetent doesn’t in any way make them any more competent.

People who aren’t special shouldn’t have special privileges.

Back in Canada when I played Hockey the goal tender was the guy who couldn’t skate.

While walking through Macy’s one day with Cami I noticed they had some Ralph Lauren deck shoes on display. When I stopped to check them out and Cami said … Daddy if you ever wear something like that I will have to de-Father you.

The reason I have been fairly successful with the AC format is because I’ve never liked the music.

I’ve never heard the words slutty and beautiful used together to describe a woman of particular interest.

Income is not based on need it’s based solely on ability, perceived or otherwise.

The 3 reasons that folks will turn off the radio in order are. 1.Bad Music 2.Bad content 3.Bad Commercials.

I’ve always believed that if you are real good at something you should never do it for free.

Being an old Dee Jay or an old Athlete are very similar coz both end up in a bad place.

When Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops first played some Beatle tunes at the Hatch Shell he took the Beatles into a whole new world.

Mark Twain said he never let his schooling interfere with his education.

3 x Hall Of Famer Ron Chapman checks in with that he thinks the next “New” Radio Format will be. Ron claims the way to go is just play all the music that accompanies the Olympic Skaters.




15 thoughts on “VALENTINES DAY INSIDE AND OUT… #8 of the most read Blogs of 2014

  1. “You only need one good reason to give you enough courage to carry on.”

    I love the way you sneak these wonderful insights in between your palpable longing for women, George. It’s my favorite part of your genius.

      • As I’m sure you know Doug it’s either feast or famine and I must admit you’ve caught me in the famine part at the moment. But as my Doctor told me I have the testosterone level of a 35 year old so I have to get back in the game. In my next Blog I deal a bit with my love life or lack of.

  2. Back in the day the goaltender was the guy who couldn’t skate… and in the summer, the back-catcher was the kid that couldn’t run. But years later the best looking guys were the goalies/back-catchers, because they wore masks and never had stitches on their faces or broke a nose or lost a tooth.

  3. Well, there were a lot of years (oh, dating myself, but who cares) before Goalies wore masks…and mine was one of those pro goalies during that time … he also was a v ery good skater, and participated in speed skating races during High School. He had a few injuries, like a skate across the mouth, and in those days, they held up the game while they stitched you up and back on the ice you went. There were only 6 Teams in the NHL at that time.

  4. George, I sure hope you jotted down the geographical coordinates of the end of that rainbow. I’ll be happy to assist in recovering the gold when I’m in your neighborhood a few weeks from now.

  5. Lindy…”backcatcher”???????? hahahahahaha…..I haven’t heard that phrase in a thousand years…..You must be a woman…. (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

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