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One of my all-time favorite consulting gigs was in Riverside/San Bernadino at a Joe Amaturo owned radio station called KFROG. Every jock had a frog name making an already amazing station very unusual, but what I liked most was hooking up with my old pal Tom Hoyt who was the station’s longtime GM. (pictured above) Tom has always been a classy guy who likes to do neat things like when he renovated and expanded the KFROG facility; he had Bishop Gerald Barnes bless the new digs. This dude was all decked out in the usual exotic robes for the occasion, but check this out; he was also wearing cowboy boots, how cool was that. Of course, we were #1, how could we not be.
Occasionally, Tom and I would go into LA for dinner, and I’ll never forget the time we hooked up with my beautiful friend, Joasia who was originally from West Palm Beach. Joasia and I had worked together at WRMF, but now she was working in LA and hanging with Hef at the mansion. Anyway, Joasia and one of her girlfriends joined Tom and me for a fun dinner at Spago in Beverly Hills. The dinner was great, and Wolfgang Puck even stopped by our table to chat with us about our mutual friend Charlie Minor. As we got ready to leave, Tom’s date asked for a to-go bag, and while waiting for it, Joasia says, “Hey there’s a hot new club just down the street, let’s check it out.” When our dates went through the front door before we could follow, two big bouncer types stepped in front of us and asked, “Where do you two clowns think you’re going?” As we tried to explain that we are with the two young ladies who just went in, their only response while staring at Tom who was standing there holding the doggy bag was, “This is a private club, you need a membership to get in here, they don’t.”

Part of the reason that we came to LA for that particular weekend was Tom had two special invitations to the Halloween party David Saperstein was throwing at his home in Malibu. The party was the next night, so we invited the girls to join us, and they promised that they’d be at our hotel by 7:00. However, when they hadn’t arrived by eight, we said the hell with it and left for the party. It was a madhouse when we arrived, and they even had police directing traffic and showing us where to park. Although, before letting us proceed any further, they double checked our invitations along with our IDs which they did again as we entered the property. On our way to the bar up near the house, we stopped into a tent to watch Frankie Valli and the 4 seasons sing a few of their hits. Then as we worked our way through the celebrities and towards the bar, all of a sudden out of nowhere, there are our ladies. (pictured on top with Tom and me) Shocked, Tom asked them how the hell they managed to get in, and Joasia said, “Well after a nice policeman parked our car for us, he also escorted us here because we told him that we needed a cocktail.” Beauty does have its privileges.


Who was the best president ever? I would think that it would have to be a non-warring president. I’ve got one in mind, who you got?

My liberal friends think of right wingers as mostly dumb out of work rednecks. I don’t know many rednecks, but I  know a lot of right-wingers who are not only not out of work, they’re also rich and smart.

More freedom does not lead to safer streets.


Why does my gas gauge seem to take forever to go from full to half and then to empty in a flash?

If asked by aliens from outer space why half of our people paint their face? What would your answer be?

Wisdom is the occupational hazard of a bartender.

You only get one second chance.

I’m not sure any of us can change, but we can all evolve to a better version of ourselves.

I have a lot easier time believing in God than the people who claim to speak for him.

You’ll never see the future if you’re living in the past.


I love when American Airlines claims they are changing their rewards program so I can get free flights faster but in actuality, it now takes twice as long.

I have equal love for Duffy’s when they bring out a new menu with some newer meals on it designed to hide the fact that they increased the price of my favorite dishes.

What I’ll never understand is why the fu#ked up people who cause nothing but heartache, get most of the love?

Why do so many people have to die to protect the rights of so few?

The scariest stories are usually true. I was congratulating myself the other day about how calm I’ve been lately until I realized that I haven’t been flying as much lately.


When I was a kid, the Dee-Jay on the radio was much bigger than any of the records he played. The Beatles changed all that when they became the first musicians who didn’t suck up to them.

Listen up, radio! Henry Ford and Steve Jobs were right; it’s not necessary to give the people what they want, just give them what you want them to have, then figure out how to make them like it.

When my buddy Reid Reker who oversees 1000 or more billboards in the midwest recently claimed that he missed radio, I told him, “No you don’t Reid, what you miss is how radio used to be.

Above is a short story about a couple of beautiful women who don’t want #Equality. Then we move to #Geo’sLifeLiners which are about the #President, #God, #Duffy’s and some #Wisdom. Even more, stuff is at On Twitter @GeoOfTheRadio. If you would like to subscribe to Geo’s Media Blog, just put your email address in the comment section below. Sharing and commenting appreciated.

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