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After listening to all the debates over the years about who should pay more taxes and who shouldn’t, I think I may have come up with the perfect solution. A giant sales tax.
This one and only tax when collected, would be split in proportions yet to be decided, between the federal, state and local governments. No income tax, no property tax, no corporate tax, no inheritance tax, no tourist tax, in fact, absolutely no other tax. You buy something, you pay taxes, you don’t, you won’t.
We’ll no longer have to worry about offshore accounts, or how much money a corporation is squirreling away without paying any taxes on it, or where the cartels and churches are hiding their cash. Hey, now they can hide it in their local banks where it can go to work at home in America.
If the government needs more money, all they have to do is encourage us to buy a lot more. Now, with no reason to cheat on your taxes or hide money, not only do I see fewer government agencies and less law enforcement people, but I also see crime going down. Now tell me this Mr. Financial guy, how do you think that will affect the economy?
“Geo’s Giant Sales Tax” I like how it looks and I like how it sounds.


Spending your life making mistakes, is still better than sitting around doing nothing.

What people say doesn’t mean much, what they do is what counts.

I think that like the Ed Sullivan Show killed circuses, HBO and Netflix are killing stand up comedy.

How come if you even hint to your mortgage company that you may be interested in refinancing, they pester you night and day with phone calls, texts, and emails, but a simple question about making a change in something, gets no response?

I just realized that the first three letters of consolidation spell Con!

A man is nothing more than the sum of his memories.

How come it’s good to say that you’re for women, gays, and all the minorities, but saying you’re for men, is politically incorrect?

The moment you stop trying to be a better person is the moment when you stop being a good person.

Speaking of good, are the people who decide what the greater good is, good people?

You never know when you’re going to draw your last breath so make all your breaths last.


Dave Charles: I first met Daryl B at CFOX in Vancouver through Roy Hennessy in the late ’60s. Soon as we met, we got into a vicious game of Ping Pong, and he kicked my ass. One of the best talents of the Drake radio era ever! ‘B’ had a presence on air that was magnetic. (Remembering Daryl ‘B’)

Terry Kenny: Cami, I have known your Dad for many years, and as a father myself watching my own two kids grow into productive and exceptional human beings, I know how proud your Dad is, and I wish you God’s very best for your life and your future, my prayers are with you and your Dad.
Terry Kenny. (The Jury)

Bruce Walker: Hi Cami, way to go. Onward and upward. It’s not your fault that my buddy George is your father, but it looks like he did a great job of helping you along your way through life so far. I’m afraid I can’t go into the great times that the Jury enjoyed, but I wish you well on your future endeavors. One of these days I hope we can all get together.
Take care
Bruce Walker. (The Jury)

Bill Gardner: Congratulations, Cami, and welcome to the grown-up world. Not always easy. But when you’re making future choices and wonder whether to “turn left, turn right, or go straight,” pick up the phone and ask your amazing Dad like I did many times. You are wonderfully close to some of the greatest wisdom possible.

Reid Reker: Cami, Happy Graduation Day!  I moved all the way from Phoenix to West Palm just to be a part of welcoming you into the world and, as your Dad said, was fortunate enough to see you on your 1 day birthday.:) As I read the comments posted here, I’m not sure I could say it any better than Bill Gardner did…so I won’t try. Ditto for me. Congratulations Cami!
Geo: Thanks, guys! (Camera Anne Johns Summerfield Graduates Today)

Jim Harper: Great story about your Dear Mother, George. The woman who brought you into the world deserves a lot of credit. I’m willing to bet that most entertainers who were lucky enough to have a Mom around, would have great stories about how they inspired and advised them in their careers. I know mine did. I was a 20-year-old night-jock who took a job 2500 miles from home and wrote my Mother a letter, whining about how hard it was to get this career going and how lonely I was. Her response was, “Do you think Johnny Carson just woke up one day and was asked to host The Tonight Show? Anything magical takes hard work and sacrifice.” She was right…Moms usually are. -Jim (Cat Women)

Norm Wilkens: George:  Your article on Herb Alpert brought to mind a story in my past. A good long time ago, I was working at an Agency called Handley and Miller. Former Indiana Governor Harold Handley was in charge of lining up music for the 500 Ball, and he wanted Pete Fountain from New Orleans, but Pete wasn’t available. Someone suggested Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass, and he wanted to know if any of us young guys had ever heard of that Mexican group. We couldn’t contain the laughter. The Brass played for the event. Norm Wilkens (A Taste Of Honey)

Randy Michaels: Damn! I’ll hire her into sales, although the tat is still a stupid idea. As Paul Harvey said, tattoos are the permanent expression of a temporary emotion. She makes a good case, though. It will be interesting to learn what you do. (To Tat Or Not To Tat)

Deno Corrie: Hey Geo, Jay Black still going strong at 75! The original “Jay,” John “Jay” Trainor passed today (January 2, 2014) of liver cancer. He was 70. For the past few years, he toured with Jay Siegel’s Tokens. Deno Corrie. (Sex & Shoes)

Peter Proskurnik: Keep them coming, George. Great stories about growing up and facing life, especially with a young family. We just got back from Seattle at a Music Jamboree, where I played and met some guys that played with Carl Perkins, The Crickets, and too many others to mention, none-the-less three days of fun and music. Take care, Bro.

Geo: Wow, the guy who got me into music when I was fourteen, thus changing my life, checks in. Thanks, Pete. (Where Are You In The Pecking Order)

Dana Horner: You and Steve Dinkel, KLSI, blazed a trail that was pretty easy for KLSY to follow — having Chris Mays as our PD was another bonus. One of the topics you covered on our cruise from Seattle to Victoria, BC, which I have never forgotten was your explanation of what the role of the GM was at a Class/Classy radio station. You said, Dana, consider your self the “keeper of the park” and what the park keeper does is run everything through the KLSY filter. Disney was your example.
That advice worked well, depending on the “park’s” format…country, rock, CHR…just understanding that there was a filter for everything, made decisions easy for the staff to understand. I also remember you stated emphatically that the “muses” only fly in first class.
Geo: I still remember that cruise to Victoria Dana, that’s where we explained the Class/Classy concept to the staff. We were hoping that the environment would maybe open their minds up a little because our going from AOR to AC with the same airstaff, was going to take everything I had to get them excited. Tough duty explaining to them that the Carpenters were good now!

I finally resorted to saying, “If you do everything I tell you to do, I promise that you’ll soon be driving Mercedes.” And with that, I had their full attention. As I recall Dana, you got the first one. (Thank You)

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