To Tat Or Not To Tat … That’s The Question.


What with my daughter, Cami’s 21st birthday coming up soon I’ve been thinking a lot about some of the memorable moments we’ve had together. One of these was when she had to write an essay for her AP Language and Composition class which had to be in the form of a letter asking her parents for something she already knew they didn’t want her to have. Some of the radio folks who have read her presentation have already offered her sales positions at their radio stations and as I was and still am against her having a tattoo you can see by the picture above that I obviously caved. Not only did I pay for the tattoo but because she was only 17 I also had to drive her there so I could sign the release. Damn! geo


Camera Johns Summerfield
Mrs. Rigolo
AP Language and Composition
November 11, 2012
Dear mom and dad, I’ve looked up to your guidance while growing up and you’ve never
let me down or let me go askew. Your opinion has always been the most important
so your permission and acceptance means everything.  Which is why this is such a meaningful topic to discuss, in detail, with the both of you. I understand both of your views on tattoos already, and the way they come across to other people, which I know
also concerns you. I’m hoping though to wane you away from those thoughts for a
just a few moments and listen to mine. I desire this specific tattoo because it is sentimental to me, it’d help me through my anxiety and depression, and it is small and elegant.
There is usually a reason or a story behind someone’s tattoo. Sometimes it is really
inspiring and meaningful, and other times it was just an excuse to add another
to their collection. Since it has become so common for people to get
meaningless tattoos it has slowly ruined the reputation of them and has taken
away the beauty and art of the ones that do represent something significant to
the person wearing it on their skin. The main significance behind the tattoo I
want relates to you, daddy. Most people have a prominent memory from something
that was reoccurring in their childhood, like a place, or a smell, mine is a
song. Remember all those days driving around while you played your CDs trying
to teach me the “good old music,” like Fats Domino, The Beatles, and The Beach
Boys. Especially The Beach Boys. You’d quietly sing “Don’t Worry Baby” while
casually looking back at me in the back seat, like self-consciously reassuring
yourself and me, that everything was going to be alright. But back then that
constant reminder went through one ear and out the other, and I paid no
attention to it, it was just an everyday routine. So now, I realize all that
time I was trying to grow up as quick as I could and I began turning off The
Beach Boys and replacing it with the newest pop song, I was turning that
routine into a memory.  As time goes on we are both growing older, and time to relive this memory is running out. So, having the phrase “Don’t Worry Baby” tattooed on my wrist will keep the memory with me forever.
During the time I would hear this repeated phrase I was little and still learning
about life and all that it comes with, as I still am today, so I didn’t know
much about stress or what to worry about, making the valuable reminder
meaningless. Now that I’m learning of and dealing with the stresses of life,
worrying will get the best of me. Both of you have held me together to the best
of your ability, with your open arms on a weekly basis for my sobbing self,
mom, and you being there as fast as you can with just one phone call, dad. But
as I grow older and continue to struggle with my anxiety and depression I
won’t always have the comfort of your arms to go to, and the distance will
become too far to travel no matter how many phone calls. I know you both feel
helpless sometimes, watching me go through things either because of my
depression, or just regular teenage drama and not knowing how to help or what
to say but I do need to slowly learn how to deal with incidents on my own. This
phrase would be more than a childhood memory since worrying is the core of my
anxiety. Every time I would look down whether I’m about to have a breakdown or
am having a good day, it’d still be a reminder not to worry, and everything
would be alright.
The meaning and significance of the tattoo is the main portion of the decision making
of actually getting one but I also believe that the price and visibility are factors. The price of a tattoo depends on many different characteristics of it such as color, location, size, and complexity.
Since I am still young, and this would be my first tattoo I would want
it done very simple. No color, and quite small, also for issues concerning
visibility. A brightly colored tattoo tends to cost more than just a solid
black being used like I want.  I understand the difficulty of covering up a wrist tattoo for a job, or any professional setting but it isn’t impossible. For instance, it’d be small,
elegant and simple so easily hidden by a couple of bracelets or long sleeved
shirt. I currently don’t have a job though and during the time it needed to be
bandaged I would not participate within settings where visibility could cost me
something important.
You both are probably thinking about my blood and needle phobia and wondering how I
could even withstand the process of getting a tattoo. I have learned though
that the needle of the tattoo gun only goes in 1/16th of an inch,and the little to no blood that is produced gets wiped away before I probably could even realize . Also, everything the tattoo will mean to me after the frightening process is over will make it worth it.
In conclusion, this tattoo would be more than just some ink in my skin to be
“cool.” I have put a tremendous amount of thought into this, especially for
being my first tattoo. It would represent a memory in my childhood, it would
help me to continue moving forward, and it would be simple and easy. Thank you for
giving me these couple of moments to share my insight on this.















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