Those Were The Days My Friend. (new geo Blog for the week of May 07/18)

 A few years ago I found myself flying back to Winnipeg for a long over due reunion at CKY and accompanying me on the flight was Jim Hilliard.(pictured above with Deno Corrie, me, and Burton Cummings) Jim was the station’s program director back when I beginning my radio career at the station as a board op. Not only was jim the PD he was also the big time afternoon drive jock known on air as Jimmy Darin. Unfortunately, as exciting as the reunion promised to be, I’m afraid that they had waited much too long because most of the first team like Daryl ‘B’, Chuck Dann (Riley), Jack Wells, Frank Roberts, Jim Coghill, Bill Trebilcoe, George Dawes, John Pierce, and Mike Hopkins, were already gone.
When our plane touched down in Winnipeg, we still had a few hours before the big event to kill, so we decided to revisit all the places we used to hang out at including the drive-in movie theatre where we discovered James Bond. Some 50 years later Jim and I continue the tradition by seeing the latest James Bond flick together. When our reminiscing tour of Winnipeg was complete, it was time to clean up and head for the reunion. Once there we got to reunite with the few folks from our era who were still around which included Em McDermid, Deno Corrie, and Warren Cosford. Also in attendance, were some of the guys from my band the Jury, Ray St Germain, Winnipeg’s first rock star, and Burton Cummings who even sang a chorus of our first record which he claimed he bought with the money from his paper route.
As I said, when I worked at CKY I was just a board op, but as I look back, I now realize that those days were probably the most fun I’ve ever had working at anything. At some point in the evening, Burton came up to me and asked if Jimmy Darin was there and when I told him he was, he excitedly asked if I would introduce him. When we caught up with Jim he was talking to a few folks, and when there was a lull in the conversation, I said, “Jim do you remember Burton Cummings,” he said, “Of course I do.” After shaking hands, Jim said, “Hey Burton I don’t want you to think I’m a star-fucker or anything but my wife Barbara told me to say hello for her If I saw you. She still remembers when we picked you up years ago when you were hitchhiking.” Burton responded with the line of the night when he said, “I understand you’re not being a star-fucker Jim, but perhaps Barbara is?”


 I recently read somewere that the first Irish people who came to America came here as slaves and were even cheaper than their African counterparts.

Speaking of slaves, how about the Chinese who built the railroad across our great land?

Life is a yin and yang thing; sometimes you give sometimes you get.
I guess PC is still alive and well in America, I’ve heard nothing at all about John Legend playing Jesus in the rebooted “Jesus Christ Superstar.” I doubt very much though that the same would be true if Michael Buble were cast as Martin Luther King in a musical.
Great men usually aren’t great fathers.
I wonder how many trees the internet has saved?
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they gave us some decent political candidates to vote for instead of who to vote against?
Do you find it as weird as I do that everybody talks about and believes in local radio but nobody does it?
Wow, now Pope Francis says that his words overrule the Bible, how Trumpesque of him.
The perfect combination for an on air person is a mature mind with an immature vocal delivery.
Almost anyone can learn how to play guitar, but unfortunately, you can’t learn to play it like Eric Clapton or Lenny Breau.

The peaceful majority around the world has always been irrelevant.

If I were a pedophile, I would think that becoming a priest would be the perfect job.

Radio’s real problem is the fact that it has no “afterlife.”Films, plays, and songs can be sold over and over and over again whereas radio needs fresh new product every day.

A friend of mine was recently offered a job in San Diego, and even though she was offered three times her present salary, she realized that she still couldn’t afford to live there.

Even if you tax the shit out of the rich, you still won’t have enough money to fix America. Ask Canada.

Why does it seem that the people most concerned about the environment leave a mess wherever they go.

Going against the flow may be the most heroic and difficult thing you’ll ever do.

Some loyalties last only as long as the money does.

Being an addict should give you fewer rights, not more.

Gas in Canada in some places is running at $6.00 a gallon. This, in a country that has more oil than we do with only 36 million people to use it compared to our 325 million. So much for the scam of supply and demand.

You don’t get over things you get through them.

As I told my grandson Nathaniel, “The secret to life is figuring out what you would like to do then find someone who will pay you to do it.” I love writing, but unfortunately, I have yet to find someone willing to pay me to do it.

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  1. Hey ! Just a terrific blog. I grew up with guys and Burton C. Back in those great days. We lost you to the states but got you back again witty and smarter. Great on the Canadian Shit. Keep it up my friend. Rob Woyna. Transcontinental

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